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Hi y'all.. if you love competition stats, there are 2 new items on the list.. total wins by player and pairs.. have a look!

Here are listed amendments made after a session ( by checking the computer against traveller scores ) before finalising an event..

Weds 06th March 2019

B21 scored as 4H +1 to E / W for 450 ( duplication of board 20 ).. should be 4Hx -4 by W ( traveller correct ) for 800 to N / S.. now amended



Love Stats..?

Look under "Competitions" for stats back to when Bridgewebs scoring began..

Welcome to Blackheath Bridge Club
Welcome to Visitors and Members
Welcome to Visitors and Members



Scores for Thursday 18th April need amending.. A / S not entered for Bs 1 -6 at table 3 because of handset giving up.. will be corrected on Monday


We meet at Mycenae House near the Royal Standard on Monday and Thursday at 7:15 pm and Wednesday at 1:15 pm. Sessions last about three hours.

The club is affiliated to the EBU and master points are awarded.

We have a host for players coming alone on almost all Mondays and on those Thursdays when there is no special event. Dates when there is no host are shown on the Menu item 'Hosts and Special Events'.  On Wednesdays and when no host is shown our Pairing Officer can usually find you a partner.

On Wednesday and Thursday there is disabled access.

Most of us play simple systems (4 card or 5 card majors) though no systems are excluded.

Usually we play duplicate Bridge but see calendar for variations.

Click here for more details about the club and site including fees, transport and facilities.


Welcome to Blackheath Bridge Club

Experienced players always welcome.. if you need a partner please call Terry on 07854 488259 or Margaret on 0208 856 6804

Bridge lessons

Learn to play bridge.. New courses!!

Beginners Course - Tuesdays evenings at Mycenae House

First Session Free!  Then £5 per Session

Improvers Course TBA

Contact Ivy McGeorge 0208 293 5354

22nd April 2019
Easter break
Director: n / a
Scorer: n / a
Host: n / a
24th April 2019
Regular Duplicate
Director: Ron Andrews
Scorer: Terry Boyd
Host: no host on Weds
25th April 2019
Easter Chicago
Director: Ron Andrews
Scorer: Ron Andrews
Host: n / a
Beeny Cup #7
Director: Betty Marshall
Scorer: Terry Boyd
Regular Duplicate
Director: Terry Boyd
Scorer: Terry Boyd
Regular duplicate
Director: Betty Marshall
Scorer: Terry Boyd