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We need YOU as a host at your favorite game.  All games are in need of hosts, and the respective directors would appreciate having you on the host schedule.  Check with the directors of the games in which you are interested in hosting, and let them know you want to volunteer.  (Game hosts need to arrive a little earlier and be prepared to play with a person they have not met or played with before. Hosts are allowed a free play, and in the event a host is not needed that day the free game may be applied later.)

General Information
General Information About the Club

Birmingham Bridge has been in operation since before 1960, and has a long history of duplicate bridge. The club is a membership-based club, one of the few clubs nationwide that is a not-for-profit club. The club is open to all ACBL and BBA members as well as the general public. The normal card fee is $7.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members. Special games which the ACBL sponsors may have an additional card fee.

During the year many games, special or otherwise, have free meals provided by the revenue from the club. Numerous free partieis are provided by the club. In addition, pot-luck parties are given at various times during the year. Check the calendar for these events.

The club has been blessed with voluntary board members, elected by the members of the club. Membership dues are $24.00 per year or $2.00 per month for partial years. A Members's Policy and Directory manual is included in the membership. It contains detailed policies, by-laws, mission statement, game directors, board of directors, and a member telephone directory.

The club provides a viariety of speakers, bridge lessons, "Easybridge" classes, and other instructional events. Some games provide hand records similar to ACBL tournaments.

Partners are provided through the club's Host Program. Club members can participate in the Mentoring Program, which is held at various times during the year.

The club is a smoke-free facility, although smoking in covered areas outside the club is allowed. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.