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Oct 19, 2014 20:58 CDT
Special Games this week

Monday 10/20 Afternoon 99er Club Appreciation Game

Tuesday 10/21 AM 750 Club Appreciation Game

Tuesday 10/21 PM Open and 299er Club Championship Game

Thursday 10/23 1999er Club Appreciation Game

October is Club Appreciation Month


October is Jane Johnson Club Appreciation Month. Each game session can have 1 Club Appreciation Pair game and 1 Club Appreciation Team game during the month. Masterpoints are 100% sectional rated black and team games award 5% GOLD to a maximum .25 for winners.  Team Games are currently scheduled for the 49er Game on Wednesday afternoon 10/8, 8 is Enough monthly team game on Thursday evening 10/16, and the 299er Game onThursday morning 10/23.   Don't miss this rare opportunity to get GOLD points at the club.



From Larry Angell: Once again this year, the BDBC is holding a fundraiser to buy meals for homeless veterans in the Birmingham area. In 2011, I attended an orientation briefing at the Birmingham Veterans Administration Medical Center.  During that briefing, attended by approximately 40 veterans, one stood up and said that he was recently made homeless, and wanted to know what programs the VA had to support homeless veterans. After the briefing, I asked the moderator what the situation was here in Birmingham.  I was shocked to find out that we had about 375 homeless veterans in the area. 

I asked what might be done to assist, and he referred me to the Volunteer Services office. One item they said they needed was contributions to buy meals for homeless veterans who stopped by the VA needing a meal. Money contributed is used to give a coupon for $5 to a veteran to take to the VA Canteen (Cafeteria) where he can get a hot meal.  I brought this situation to the attention of the BDBC Board, and the “Meals for Homeless Veterans” fundraiser was started. That year, we raised over $1500 to buy homeless veterans a hot meal! In 2012 and 2013, we again approached that number, thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our members.

We are now ready to launch our 2014 fundraising campaign, and I again ask for your generosity. Many are suffering from severe physical and mental issues, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and are unable to work, even if they could find a job. A bit of good news is that the number of homeless veterans had decreased since 2011, but there are still over 200 living on the streets and in shelters, including some women and children. 

In September, I learned that the VA Volunteer Services office had depleted their entire fund designated for meals, and when I brought it to the attention of our Board, they quickly responded with a check for $500, which was put to immediate use. Starting this week, we will begin collecting money for additional funds to present to the VA the week after Veteran’s Day, November 11. You will again have the opportunity to contribute in the name of a loved one that served our country. This year we are asking that if you want to contribute by check that you make it out to the BDBC, with designation for “Meals for Homeless Veterans.”

Thank you in advance for your continued outstanding support to our veterans who served our country and have fallen on hard times.  If you have any questions, please contact me at 305-0979.  Larry Angell

*THANK YOU, LARRY, for spearheading this outstanding charity. We are proud to be a part of a much-needed program for our local veterans. The Tuesday 11/11 morning and afternoon games will also benefit “Meals for Homeless Veterans” as charity games.






Once again the Birmingham Duplicate Bridge Club is honored to be a part of the Belk Charity Sale. We will be selling $5 tickets from now until the day before the sale on Nov. 8, and 100% of each ticket sold will benefit BDBC. In other words, all of your $5 will stay here at BDBC. On top of that you will receive $5 off of your first purchase that day. You will be giving BDBC $5 and then getting it right back at Belk…a win-win for everyone. In addition, you will receive all kinds of additional discounts, with discounts on items that are not normally marked down. AND, if you cannot be at Belk that morning from 6-10am, no worries, because you can pre-purchase your items at the sale price and pick them up later. HOW GREAT IS THAT??? Ask your director for a ticket soon!

PS. We are working on a time slot for working at a table at the store prior to the sale, which enables us to have a portion of the entire sale of tickets at the store. If you are willing to help man a table, please contact Sandy at bhambridgeclub@bellsouth.net or Beth atstewbew@aol.com.  Thanks!



DENNIS’ DEFENSIVE TIPS: TIPS will take place on Tuesday, October 14 at 12:30. Free, as always. See you then!



The newest class at BDBC, Continuing Construction, will be starting Tuesday afternoon, October 21 at 2:00 pm. This 8 week class is geared toward helping the advancing beginner learn new skills and conventions, but is also helpful to other players who would like to learn new concepts, or refresh their knowledge about conventions they know. The eight week course will explore the Unusual 2NT & Michaels Cuebids, reveal more aspects of Stayman and Jacoby Transfers, will introduce Cappelletti, Defense to NT Interference, Inverted minors, Two-way Drury, New Minor Forcing (how many of that major does my partner have?),  and will reveal the most common forms of Signaling - what should we be telling each other? What are the opponents telling each other?!  The two hour class will consist of a lesson followed by supervised practice of newly learned skills. Each session is $8.00; a sign-up form is in the front entry. If attendees will include email addresses, they will receive reminders and emails of interest to the class.  For more information, please contact Jeanne at 823-1514 orjwamack@aol.com. See you soon!



The Education Committee is continuing to poll members regarding a potential class starting in January. Two class topics are being considered, and the topic that receives the most interest will be taught. The two subject possibilities are “TWO OVER ONE,” and “CONVENTION COURSE”(covering many commonly used conventions). Two sheets in the “Education Sign-up Notebook” near the sandwich board are available to sign-up for your favorite topic. The class (whichever one receives the most “votes”) will be taught by Dennis Luft on Thursday mornings starting in January. Fee information will be forthcoming, as well as text information, once the subject matter is determined. Remember that if you don’t vote you can’t complain, so VOICE YOUR OPINION and plan to attend a great class taught by Dennis! And if you have ever attended one of his classes you will not be complaining, we promise!

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October 21, 2014
Tuesday Morning Session
9:00 am
750 limited game
Director: Clay Hall
October 21, 2014
Open Pairs
Director: Sandy Smith
October 21, 2014
Tuesday Evening Session
6:00pm & 6:30pm
299er Game at 6:00 pm and end no later than 9:30 p.m. Open Game at 6:30 pm and end no later than 10:00 p.m.
Director: Dennis Luft 661-2369
October 22, 2014
Wednesday Morning Session
930am 299er 10am Open
Director: Bonnie Jung
October 20, 2014
Open Pairs @ 10am and 99er pairs @12:30
Director: Ann Richmond
October 19, 2014
Sunday Afternoon Session
Director: Ann Richmond
October 17, 2014
Friday Morning Session
Director: Ann Richmond
October 17, 2014
1499er Pairs
Director: Ann Richmond
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