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Jul 20, 2014 20:14 CDT
Our Regional begins in TWO (count 'em One - Two) weeks !!!
Special Games this week!

Special Games This Week:

Monday 7/21 AM Open game NAP ($7 card fee)

Tuesday 7/22 AM 750 game NAP ($7 card fee)

Wednesday 7/23 Noon Open Game NAP ($7 card fee)

Wednesday 7/23 Afternoon 49er Game Club Championship

North American Pairs (NAP) qualifying games are here at the club level.  For the next three months(June, July and August) each club session may hold up to two sessions per month.  These NAP qualifying games award extra points that are half Red Points in the overall awards.  In addition, the Unit-level NAP qualifier games will award Gold points to the overall winners.   So make your plans to play in the NAP games to qualify for the unit level.  Card fee is $7. 
Education Opportunities

DENNIS’ DEFENSIVE TIPS: YES, Dennis’ Defensive Tips will take place on Tuesday 7/22 at 12:30 p.m.


Schedule for summer: 

TIPS sessions WILL take place: August 12, 19, September 2.

NO TIPS sessions will be held: July 29, August 5, 26, September 9:






Taught by Dennis Luft, this ACBL course will begin on Thursday, August 14, and will run from 9am-noon with lessons, exercises and PRE-DEALT HANDS TO REINFORCE CONCEPTS BEING COVERED. Text is $20 and each class is $10, or sign up for the upfront cost of $100 for text and all classes.  Please sign up in notebook on the education counter, (hot pink flyers in the rack), or contact instructor Dennis Luft for more information. 661-2369. See attached flyer for more info as well.



From Mentor-Mentee Director Dennis Luft: The Mentor - Mentee Program kickoff game will take place on Thursday, August 21 beginning at 1:00 p.m.  The first game will be preceded by lunch beginning at 12:15 p.m. Once the program starts, a Mentor - Mentee pair can play in any game in which both are normally eligible to play with the Mentor playing free.  They may play as many times per week as they agree, but the Mentor plays with no fee only once per week.  The advantage to playing in the Thursday afternoon game is that only Mentor - Mentee pairs are allowed.   Each pair will consist of an experienced player (generally 500+ master points) and a less experienced player (generally under 500 master points), so there is no competitive advantage for any pair.   This is a great time for aspring players to play in an unlimited master point game but with an experienced partner from whom they can pick up good tips along the way.  I encourage all of the intermediate and novice players to consider participating in this program.  The best way to learn more about bridge is just to play and in this environment there is an experienced player across the table from you to help you gain more knowledge.   Experienced players, do you remember when you were learning to play and there were club members who helped you become a better player?  I am sure this is true for all of you.  Now is your chance to pass that gift along to another newer player.   Please volunteer to be a Mentor.   Club members wanting to participate in this program may contact me directly by email at wbryant5276@charter.net or by telephone at 661-2369.   Participants may arrange their own partnerships if they wish.  Others will be matched up with an appropriate Mentor or Mentee.   Sign up forms will also be available at all club games and should be turned in to the game director, or placed in the blue box.




Jeanne Wamack will be teaching her popular beginning bridge classes this fall on Monday mornings and Tuesday evenings. Classes will start on Monday, August 18, 2014 @ 9:30 am, and Tuesday, August 19, 2014 @ 6:30 pm.  Classes are $8. Materials will be available at the first session.


Let your friends who have always said they wanted to learn our favorite game know about Jeanne’s class! For more information please contact Jeanne at jwamack@aol.com, or 823-1514.


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July 25, 2014
1499er Pairs
630 pm
Director: Ann Richmond
July 27, 2014
Sunday Afternoon Session
1499er pairs & 299er pairs
Director: Ann Richmond 988-5774
July 28, 2014
Open Pairs @ 10am and 99er pairs @12:30
10:00 am/1230pm
Director: Jim Dobbyn 422-3213 & Ann Richmond 988-5774
July 29, 2014
Tuesday Morning Session
9:00 am
750 limited game
Director: Clay Hall
July 25, 2014
Friday Morning Session
Director: Ann Richmond
July 24, 2014
Thursday Morning Session
Director: Bonnie Jung
July 23, 2014
Open Pairs
Director: Sandy Smith
July 22, 2014
Tuesday Morning Session
Director: Clay Hall
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