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For suggestions and improvements,

Use the "Tell Us What You Think!" bar above.

Or see President,  Frank Galloway Jr.,

or our club manager,  Sandy Smith,

or our webmaster,  Clay Hall.


We have many overdue books. Please look under your pillows for any club books. Thank You.


We need YOU as a host at your favorite game.  All games are in need of hosts, and the respective directors would appreciate having you on the host schedule.  Check with the directors of the games in which you are interested in hosting, and let them know you want to volunteer.  (Game hosts need to arrive a little earlier and be prepared to play with a person they have not met or played with before. Hosts are allowed a free play, and in the event a host is not needed that day the free game may be applied later.)

Welcome to Birmingham Duplicate Bridge Club
Special Games this week

Monday 5/21 12:30 PM 99er, 1 PM 999er, and 1 PM Open Grass Roots FUNd Games ($8 card fee)

Tuesday 5/22 9:30 AM 999er Grass Roots FUNd Game ($8 card fee)

Wednesday 5/23 12:30 PM 299er and Open Club Championship Games

Thursday 5/24 9:30 AM 1999er Club Championship Game

Thursday 5/24 6:30 PM 8 is Enough Team Game Grass Roots FUNd Game ($8 card fee)

Saturday 5/26 10 AM No 2 LM Grass Roots FUNd Game ($8 card fee)

Director Substitutes this Week: 5/26 No 2 LM Game - Dennis Luft

Monday Afternoon Game Parking

Please Note:


1) If you are physically challenged, plan to arrive AT LEAST 20 minutes early.

2) Carpool, have lunch before the game, or meet your partner elsewhere and drive one car to the club.

3) NO PARKING AT THE CREDIT UNION. We have been warned that future violators will have their cars towed.

4) Additional parking options:

- on the street (only on our side of the street) but no parking south of our property (towards Valleydale) and not in front of the drain at the north end of our property

- at Vision Security Technologies across the street but only in the parking spaces adjacent to the street (approximately 5) and not at the front or side of the building

- at Chappell Accounting across the street, REVISED RULES, in the parking spaces, parallel on the side of the building, and parking spaces in the back of the building but not in front of the building(by building OR facing street).

- in the lot at the top of the hill where the Montessori school was previously located (often used during tournaments) 

PLEASE abide by these guidelines and do not park elsewhere as we strive to be a good and courteous neighbor.


Our 8 is Enough Team Game is THIS Thursday 5/24 at 6:30 PM. It is a Grass Roots FUNd game so there will be extra points for your $8 card fee. Each team may have no more than 8 points: A players (2000+ MPs) count as 3 points, B players (LM-2000 MPs) count as 2 points, and C players (NLMs) count as 1 point. There are hand records, no shuffling, done by 9:30ish, and we've even figured out a way to use the BridgeMates. What more could you ask for? Want to play but need help getting a partner or teammates? Contact director Sandy and she will get a team for you. 602-7823 or

Alzheimer's Fundraiser!!

It's time for our annual fundraiser for Alzheimer's. Once again, we will have a Silent Auction (chaired by Marsha Crowder assisted by Beth Stewart), Memory Cards for sale, and a week of charity games to support Alzheimer's of Central Alabama (see paragraph below for more detail on their organization and what our fundraising provides). We'll cap off the week with The Longest Day on Thursday 6/21 with games from sunrise to sunset to benefit research activities by the national Alzheimer's Association. A new addition this year is a kickoff bridge game for social bridge players on Thursday 6/14. Stay tuned for more information on all our planned activities but for now, start bringing items, soliciting services and gift cards for our silent auction. Because of YOU, we can exceed our $5,200+ amount raised from last year. A ring, necklace, and sweater were donated this week for the Silent Auction. What can you contribute?
Alabama ranks 9th in the nation for the death rate from Alzheimer’s disease, making our state one of the most impacted by this devastating disease. Alzheimer’s of Central Alabama is a local organization that supports local families by providing education, services, advocacy and research. The heart of what we do is helping families keep their loved one at home. Our mission is to support families living with dementia who cannot afford the most basic necessities. Last year BDBC’s awesome Alzheimer’s auction contributed to our service programs allowing ACA to provide over 98,000 continence products and 58,000 hours of respite care. Thank you for this partnership and support!

Save the Dates for these Upcoming Events

Saturday 5/26 AM No 2 LM Game

June 28 – July 1, 2018 Sectional at our club (SILVER points)

August 17-18, 2018 NLM Sectional at our club (SILVER points)

November 8 – 11, 2018 Sectional at our club (SILVER points)

It’s never too early to start planning on playing in our tournaments.

Put them on your calendar, schedule events and trips around them,

and line up your partners for a fun and successful time.

Education Opportunities



Wednesdays 9:30 - 11:30 AM on May 2nd, 9th, and 16th

Instructor: Bonnie Jung

Cost: $10 per class or $25 at first class for all 3 plus $10 for the textbook by Audrey Grant (available at first class)

This course will cover takeout doubles, advancing takeout doubles, doubler's rebid and subsequent auction.

Target Student: Advancing beginner (completed a beginning bridge class and currently playing at least once a week in a beginner game or higher)

A minimum of 12 students is required to offer this class.  Please register prior to April 27th as time is needed to order the textbooks.   The sign up sheet is in the blue notebook on the counter by the white sandwich board that announces our classes.

Sign up and mark your calendars now

Next New Class!! -- Roman Keycard Blackwood

Are you ready to learn and add another slam bidding tool to your toolbox? Roman Key Card Blackwood (aka. Key Card, RKC, RKCB, 0314, 1430), a variation of the Blackwood convention, is used when the partnership has agreed to a trump suit and is interested in slam. Learn how to ask for aces and the King and Queen of trumps. There are two versions of RKC: 0314 and 1430. Class will be based on 1430 but you will also learn to convert to the other version.

Instructor: Keith Henderson Date and Time: Thursday May 24th and 31st from 2:30 to 4:00 Stay for the 8 is Enough Team Game after the class on the 24th plus some "social" time and eating between the two! Cost: $10 for both; total amount due at 1st class



The Friday night Open game will be on hiatus until June 1.   Stay tuned for its return!

Quiet Please!

Players should not speak so often or so loudly.

We have done much to curb noise from players, so the only way to solve the problem is with the cooperation of our players. Please speak as little, and as softly, as possible. Without voluntary compliance we may have to consider corrective measure similar to those imposed for the ringing of cell phones.

A quiet atmosphere will make for more enjoyable games for everyone.


We are a 501c3 charitable status organization, your donations to our club are completely tax-deductible. A letter of confirmation will be provided for tax purposes. Please remember your bridge club as you plan your giving.

Accuracy Please!
MEMBER NEWS Please, Please, Please be accurate in entering and checking scores in the BridgeMate.
So N/S please be accurate in entering the information and E/W please carefully check the entry, especially the direction.
Your fellow players and the directors will thank you.
Friday Morning Session
Director: Ann Richmond
Director: Bonnie Jung
8 Is Enough
Director: Sandy Smith
Wednesday Afternoon Session
Director: Bonnie Jung