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♦  2017 Round 4 Draw  13 Feb

♠  2017 Round 4 results  22 Apr

Gold Cup 2018 Entry Form available   19 Feb

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BGB Secretary
BGB Secretary

 Please note Sandra Claridge's (Secretary to BGB) email address


Sim Pairs Update


The "British Simultaneous Pairs" have replaced the BGB simultaneous pairs. 

England, Wales & Scotland all participate and the competition is administered by the EBU

It takes place Monday to Thursday of each week 

Further details are posted here.

EBU and British SIMS Results available at

Sim Pairs Information
Sim Pairs Information

Welcome to the information page about the British Simultaneous Pairs.

♠ The Simultaneous Pairs are blue pointed. Scotland does not have blue points.

♠ Details of the awards can be found here

♠ The cost of entry is £2.65 per player. The hands are provided electronically but clubs may also ask for copies of the hands to be provided on paper at £8 per set of 20.

♠ The event is run on Monday to Thursday of each week allowing those clubs.

♠ The event is administered by the EBU but clubs in Wales and Scotland should contact their own unions for detail. Clubs in England should use the online booking system here. They can also contact the EBU on 01296 317200

♠ Email if you need help registering.

♠ Children in Need Sims, the World Bridge Federation and European Bridge League Sims are run by ECATS.