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Gold Cup

2018 Round 3 Draw 13 Feb

2018 Round 2 Results 13 Feb  **Complete**

2018 Teams List updated  8 Jan 

2018 Camrose Teams updated for revised 2nd weekend  12 Mar 

2018 Lady Milne Teams 13 Mar 

 2018 Lady Milne Systems Complete  14 Mar 

BGB Picture Gallery updated with Junior Camrose & Peggy Bayer Pictures 2018   05 Mar 

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14th Mar 2018 16:48 GMT
Bridge Great Britain
8th Mar 2018 09:29 GMT
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Camrose 2nd weekend re-arranged for 6-8 April
Camrose Cancellation

BGB made the decision to cancel the second weekend  (2-4 March) because of adverse weather conditions and difficulty of travel. 

♠ The event has been re-arranged for Fri 6th-Sun 8th April at the same venue.♠ 

Last updated : 8th Mar 2018 09:29 GMT
Junior Camrose & Peggy Bayer 2018
Junior Camrose & Peggy Bayer 2018

♠ England have won the Junior Camrose and the Peggy Bayer Trophies

♠  Photo is the winning 2018 English Peggy Bayer Team

♠  l-r Theo Gillis, Sam Anoyrkatis, Theo Anoyrkatis, Michael Byrne (npc), Jack Ronayne, Harry Madden, Kripa Panchagnula

  Junior Camrose Results

Peggy Bayer Results

 Event Webpage

 YouTube Link

  Pictures and video courtesy of Nicole Cook

Last updated : 20th Feb 2018 10:59 GMT
Welcome to Bridge Great Britain
Welcome to Bridge Great Britain

Bridge Great Britain was formed following the devolution of the British Bridge League into its individual unions at the end of 1999. At that time, the English, Scottish and Welsh Bridge Unions won the right to have teams representing them in European and World events, instead of playing as Great Britain. However, should bridge ever be represented in the Olympic Arena, it will be necessary for the countries to join together again and participate as Great Britain, since this is the body recognised by the International Olympic Committee.

How BBL became BGB

In addition to the need to have the infrastructure to select a representative team in this eventuality, there are two events which remain British rather than belonging to any one Union, notably the Gold Cup, which is the British Knock Out Teams of Four Championship and The Home International Series,comprising the Camrose, Lady Milne, Teltscher Trophy (Senior Camrose), Junior Camrose (U26) and Peggy Bayer (U21's).

 How Wales won the Lady Milne for the first time in 1967

Bridge Great Britain is run by a Committee - there is a Core Committee comprising three members, one from each of England, Scotland and Wales, and the full Committee, which meets annually, where the Core Committee members are joined by delegates from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. 


The British Simultaneous Pairs are administered by the EBU on behalf of England, Wales and Scotland. 


SIMS Results available here


Last updated : 13th Nov 2016 10:24 GMT

BGB's Chairman for 2017/2018 is Mike Ash


Our secretary is Sandra Claridge

Her email address is: 




BGB Picture Gallery
Image result for clipart photo frame
BGB has a photo archive and any contributions to it would be welcome covering any of the Home Internationals or Gold Cup.  Please contact the webmaster if you can help


The BGB Picture Gallery  Updated  5 Mar 2018  with Junior Camrose and Peggy Team Photos 


BGB Gold Cup Statement

Statement from the Chairman of BGB

BGB regrets that there was controversy involving fines imposed for slow play in this year's Gold Cup semi-final. 

 We are completely satisfied that the regulations were followed correctly. 

 We also wish to confirm that the responsibility for players sitting in the correct seats is solely that of the captains, although organisers will do their best to avoid mistakes.

 However it has been accepted that the language on slow play and late arrival could be clarified, particularly distinguishing the situations where these are being applied as part of a weekend event rather than in a private head to head match. 

 BGB has established a review and will publish revised Conditions of Contest by 1st May 2018.  Members of BGB will consult on any drafts through their NBO's before that date. Until then existing regulations apply.


Mike Ash

Chairman BGB


Teltscher Trophy 2018 Age Restrictions
Teltscher Trophy 2018 Age Restrictions

♠ The WBF and EBL have changed the regulations for Seniors events as from 1 Jan 2018.

♠ BGB has followed suit and this will affect the 2018 Teltscher Trophy. The regulations have been updated to reflect this.

The schedule for change is

Senior Age Regulations 

The WBF Executive Council has decided to raise the age requirement for Senior players to 65 over the next 8 years in accordance with the following schedule: 

From 1st January 2018, a Senior player must be aged 61 in the year of the Championship in which he is going to play 

On 1st January 2020 it will be raised to 62 years of age 

On 1st January 2022 it will be raised to 63 years of age 

On 1st January 2024 it will be raised to 64 years of age 

On 1st January 2026 it will be raised to 65 years of age

BGB Archive

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♠  BGB has an archive of the past results of the Home Internationals and the Gold Cup.

   Anyone who can spot any error or give information about the missing results is invited to contact the webmaster.
 The archive of past Camrose Matches is now complete where detail is known. Obituaries of players are now being linked where they are known 5 Oct 17
Junior Camrose/Peggy Bayer
Holiday Inn Coventry
Camrose Weekend 1
La Mon, Northern Ireland
Gold Cup Finals 2017
Young Chelsea Bridge Club
Teltscher Trophy
La Mon Hotel, Belfast
Lady Milne
Ramada Hotel Wrexham
Camrose 2nd Weekend
Holiday Inn, Edinburgh
14th Mar 2018
Submission Deadline for Systems for Lady Milne
6th Apr 2018
Camrose Weekend 2 **Re-arranged**
CityNorth Hotel, Gormanston, Co Meath 19:00
& 7th 8th
13th Apr 2018
Lady Milne
Edinburgh Holiday Inn 19:00
& 14th/15th Apr Holiday Inn website: http://ladymilne2018.sbu.org.uk
18th Apr 2018
Submission Deadline for Systems for Teltscher Trophy
22nd Apr 2018
Gold Cup 2018 Round 3 closing Date
18th May 2018
Teltscher Trophy
Beaufort Park Hotel, Mold 19:00
& 19th/20th May
Director: Fearghal O'Boyle
1st Jul 2018
Gold Cup round 4 closing date
12th Oct 2018
Gold Cup QF Closing Date
13th Oct 2018
Gold Cup Finals 2018
Young Chelsea Bridge Club 11:00a.m.
& 14th
12th Oct 2019
Gold Cup finals 2019
Young Chelsea Bridge Club
11:00 a.m.
& 13th