Spade Heart  Diamond Club
HOSTED YOU can come without a partner

and we will find one for you.
If the Play session in NOT hosted
it means you must come WITH a partner.
Please call if you are unsure
Tel: - 07831 841185 Thank you

HOSTED YOU can come without a partner

Andy or Mo Hill
Tel: - 07831 841185
Tel: - 01380 724725


Club Address

Bridge for All Marlborough,
Manton West, Elcot Park

Elcot Lane, Marlborough, Wilts
England, SN8 2BG

What I Should Know All Ready
Which Course?

If you look at the menu to left and select the 

(WISKA) What I should know already
For the different level of course you may be able to gauge
which course may suit you.
If you're having problems please give me a call, so I can help.
Thank You
Andy   07831 841185