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Please park considerately to maximise the number of spaces available.  Thank you
Welcome to Bexhill Bridge Club
Welcome to the website of Bexhill Bridge Club.
Welcome to the website of Bexhill Bridge Club.

The club was formed in 1988 and since 2002 has met at St. Augustine's Church Hall, off Cooden Drive, Bexhill.  Most of the members live in Bexhill or Hastings & St. Leonards, with a few coming from Battle or Fairlight.  The club welcomes visitors and now has a host system (see below).  Please make use of the hosts if you haven't got a partner for a particular session. 

Christmas closures

The club will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day, both Tuesdays.

We will be open on Thursday, 27th December but there will be no host.  If you need a partner please contact me.


Table Money

The Committee has decided that table money needs to be increased as income is falling behind expenditure.

From 1st January 2019 members will need to pay £3 and visitors £4.

We regret this increase but we feel that it is necessary.

Simultaneous Pairs

There will be a Simultaneous Pairs event on Tuesday, 15th January 2019

Annual Dinner

The Annual Dinner will be held at Cooden Beach Golf Club on Saturday, 2nd March 2019.

Host system

We have a host for most sessions; please see link just below"Information".

Thursday Pairs
Director: Mike A
Tuesday Pairs
Director: Fergus
18th Dec 2018
Tuesday Pairs
20th Dec 2018
Thursday Pairs
27th Dec 2018
Thursday Pairs