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To be fair to your fellow players, please make yourself available until 1pm each Monday.

Honour Board
Summer Pairs

2016 Not Played

2017 Winners: June Tooze and Margaret Newell Runners Up: Anne and Allen Fletcher

Autumn Pairs

2016 Winners: Robert Shearer and Dennis Forsythe  Runners Up: Pam Ingham and Trish Thomas

2017 Winners: Kerrie Forrester and Alan Lehrle        Runners Up: Helen Black and Don Nisbet

President's Trophy

2016: not played

2017 Winners: Pattye Laing and Jack Carson Runners Up: Eileen Lewis and Helen Black 

Spring Pairs

2016 Winners: Jack Carson and Anne Reilly Runners Up: Robert Shearer and Dennis Forsythe

2017 Winners: Jeannette Magill and Jeff Bishop Runners Up: Deidre and Paul Rheinberger

Winter Pairs

2016: Winners Helen Black and Eileen Lewis Runners Up: Anne and Allen Fletcher

2017 and after to become President's Trophy

Anne Reilly Memorial Trophy

2017 Ingrid Del Bianco and Ester Muraro