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You do not need to be a member of the Senior Activities Center to play bridge there (although they would appreciate it if you choose to join...).  If you are not a member, don't forget to sign in when you come to play.

Classes & Lessons

You are defending on two of every three hands that you are actually playing.  Would you like to learn to take more tricks and improve your score?  Then learn to Love To Defend.


Improving your defense is the surest path to better scores.  In this class you will learn basic defensive strategies and when to apply them; you will improve your opening leads; you will make fewer discarding mistakes in the end game.  Defensive play is not random — learn to recognize what is happening at the table and how to counter the intentions of even the best declarers!


  • The first workshop (four sessions) will cover opening leads and play by third hand — the opening leader's partner — as well as general defensive card play.
  • The second workshop (four sessions) will cover overall defensive strategies and when to apply them. 
  • The final workshop (four sessions) will cover signals, discarding, deceptive play, and drawing inferences. 


Classes begin June 19.  $10 per session or $35 for four.  Classes will be limited to four tables.  For additional information call 360 656–6976 or email





Beginning May 22


Develop and hone the skills you have learned in the beginning classes or at the table.  Ouida, an ACBL–accredited instructor, will cover all three aspects of bridge — bidding, declarer play, and defense — in a relaxed, non–competitive, unpressured atmosphere. 

Tuesday afternoons from 4–6 at the Bellingham Senior Activity Center.

$10 per session.


For additional information call 360 656–6976 or email