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Important Bridge News

Next Mixed Duplicate games are on July 17 and July 24.  These are sanctioned games.    We have temporarily moved the Men's Duplicate game (1st and 3rd Mondays to the Tuesday game in order to create more tables during the summer months.)  The website calendar will be adjusted accordingly. 

The "News Page" tab on the left provides a summary of website objectives and various bridge games.  The "Calendar" tabs will show you scheduled games. 

Latest scores and information

Rankings and Travelers for the Mixed Duplicate game on July 10 are now posted in the "Results" section.    Great game with 7 tables.  The list below is only for the "A" stratification level.  Be sure to look at the complete list to see the B stratification ranking and associated masterpoints.  The overall winners are:

N/S - 1st: Herb Zimmerman & Bob Doughty - 63% - 0.35 MP
N/S - 2nd:  Susan & Guy Matthews - 60% -  0.25 MP
E/W - 1st:   Jerry Long & Richard Distlerath - 62% - 0.35 MP
E/W - 2nd:  Gerard Gardner & Kristi Menees - 60% - 0.25 MP 

Rankings and Travelers for the Women's Duplicate game on July 9 are now posted in the "Results" section.    The winners are:

N/S - 1st:  Jackie Christiansen & Phyllis Duffie - 63% 
N/S - 2nd:  Meg Canfield & Edie Rea - 58
E/W - 1st:  Sonia Abernethy & Mary Jones - 65%
E/W - 2nd:  Pidge James & Beth Rocco - 59% 

As a reminder... Effective March 1, Mixed Sanctioned games will be conducted on every Tuesday assuming a Director is available.  Just mark your calendars for Bridge on Tuesdays. There really is no reason for you to abstain from the "sanctioned" games.  You do not have to be an ACBL member to play and Ted Cooley and I are both dedicated to making both of these events enjoyable.  I will change the Belfair Bridge site's schedule accordingly.  

We want your feedback

We're always looking for new ideas and suggestions for how to improve Belfair bridge.  Please send your emails to Tony Schlegel and we'll be sure to pass them on to the appropriate coordinator.   

Belfair ACBL Sanctioned Duplicate Games

These invitational games are conducted at Belfair's Clubhouse and are for Belfair members and invited guests.  Non-members should call Ted Cooley at 843-816-1809 or Tony Schlegel at 843-815-3011 to check on availability as a guest. Starting in February 2017, these sanctioned games will be normally scheduled on all Tuesdays of the month and start at 6:30 PM in the Old Tabby room. 

Belfair's Life Masters

Belfair members who have been awarded ACBL's Life Master designation.  They are:

  • Brian Bennett
  • Earlene Bennett
  • Jackie Christiansen
  • Betty Cooley
  • Ted Cooley
  • Lenore Dimon
  • Richard Distlerath - Silver
  • Pam McKenney - Bronze
Men's & Mixed Duplicate Bridge combined
Director: Ted Cooley
Women's Duplicate Bridge
Men's & Mixed Duplicate Bridge
Director: Ted Cooley
Host: Bob Kefgen
July 12, 2018
Women's Social Bridge
Ladies Card Rm 1:00 PM
July 16, 2018
Women's Duplicate Bridge
Ladies Card Rm 12:15 PM
July 17, 2018
Men's & Mixed Duplicate Bridge combined
Old Tabby Room 6:30 PM
Director: Ted Cooley
Host: Bob Kefgen