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Club Policies

ALERTS & ANNOUNCEMENTSThe ACBL requires players to make an Alert by tapping the Alert card on the table while saying “Alert.”  To make an Announcement the Alert card is similarly displayed and the Announcement (such as “Transfer”) is made.  

BEHAVIOR: Our club observes the ACBL Zero Tolerance policy for unacceptable behavior (

CELL PHONES: Must be silenced prior to start of play. If you are expecting a very important call, notify the director who will suggest a solution. 

CLEANUPAll players are asked to help cleanup at the end of the game.  Remove trash from the tables and floor, place boards and bidding boxes on the large table, and return tables and chairs to their proper location.

CONVENTION CARDS: One completely filled out convention card that both players follow should always be on the table.

FRAGRANCES: Some players have extreme sensitivity to fragrances. Please, if you’re going to play in our club don’t wear fragrances.

LATE PLAYS: One late play is allowed per pair, if opponents are available to play. Boards not played are scored as “Not Played,” which has NO effect on your % score.

NOISE: Players should keep their voices down at all times and refrain from discussing boards and results at the table.

SITOUTS: Our club uses a NS sitout when there is an even number of whole tables (e.g. 8.5, 10.5 etc.) and an EW sitout with an odd number (e.g. 7.5, 9.5 etc.). Special circumstances may result in a director or other individual needing to have the last sitout.

SLOW PLAYThe guideline for ACBL events is 15 minutes per two boards. Pairs who take more than the allotted time are subject to penalty. First offenders will be warned and informed that procedural penalties may be assessed for future offenses. In general pairs who are rarely late will be warned while pairs who are habitually late will be penalized.

SPECIAL REQUESTS: Players with special requests (seating, late arrival, etc.) must email the club ( the day before the game, or call JoAnne (443-417-3107) or Clint (443-528-7454) at least one hour before the game starts.