Beach Cities Sectional 299r
Daily Bulletin

I thank all of you who made this a very special first day of the Beach Cities Sectional Tournament.  We had a 34 table game this morning and another 28 in the afternoon.   Only one other non-life master tournament had a larger Friday morning Sectional game in the 2015.  Those wishing to see their results, please visit, click the results tab and then "Click here for game results". 

At 9am tomorrow, Joan Johnson starts us off.  Yehdit Hasin reviews the Saturday morning hands at 1:40pm.  Here is to Gerri Carlson and Marjie Michelon who gave our tournament such a boost today!


Friendly beach bridge.  Lovely park surroundings within 1 mile of sandy beach ocean water bathing.  Come try itl

Contact Us
Contact Us

Tournament Chair:

Jeff Grotenhuis (310) 600-4275


Jan Drayer (707) 478-6654 “Bridge” in subject

Card Fees:

Pair Games - $14 per player

Sunday Swiss - $56/4 person team

$4 surcharge per session for unpaid or non-ACBL members

Pre-dealt hands for all pair games