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Summer Schedule 2018

Monday 1.30pm : Duplicate Pairs - Queen Square

Please Note: Monday evening 'Assisted Play' sessions have finished for the summer but will resume on 1st October

Teaching sessions will commence the first week of October


Janet, Liz and Frances promoted to Master
Janet, Liz and Frances promoted to Master

Congratulations to Janet, Liz and Frances who have acquired over 5,000 masterpoints and achieved 'Master' status.  It has taken many years to achieve this elated status but hopefully it was worth it!

Social Club Weekend to Bournemouth - March 2019
Social Club Weekend to Bournemouth - March 2019

We are planning a return visit to the Elstead Hotel in Bournemouth the weekend of 22nd to 24th March 2019.  At this stage we are simply collecting names in order that we can confirm our booking requirements with the hotel.  Can you let me know by the end of September if you think you would like to join us for this social weekend away?  The emphasis is on 'social' so I have only invited our students and club members.  We are hoping to keep the price the same as last year; £195 per person.

Bridge Holidays Lookahead
Bridge Holidays Lookahead

2nd to 4th November 2018: Bridge weekend at Paignton with Bath Bridge Club

4th to 28th January 2019: Cruise to Carribbean on P&O Ventura (ref N901)

22nd to 24th March 2019: Bridge weekend at Bournemouth (Elstead Hotel)

16th April to 5th May 2019: Cruise to Central Med on P&O Arcadia (ref J902)

1st Sept to 1st October 2019: Cruise to Canada and USA on P&O Aurora (ref R917)

General Information
Bridge Etiquette *1
Bridge Etiquette *1

Table Manners –Playing the Hand.

As Declarer, you should call for the card you wish dummy to play; do not touch the cards on the table; do not touch any cards while deciding (dithering) about what to play.

When play commences, do not detach a card from your hand until it is your turn to play.  Do not pull up a card, push it back into your hand, and then pull up another card.  Never rearrange your hand when you are out of a suit.  All these manoeuvres provide unsolicited information.

Do not look to see the place in his hand from which another player pulls a card, nor draw inferences from them.

Once a trick has been won and the lead made for the next trick, it is not permissible for any player to point out that a card is wrongly pointed (turned the wrong way).  You are responsible for keeping track of your winning and losing tricks.

You are not permitted to ‘take a quick look’ at tricks previously won or lost. 

A player can re-examine his last card played until the lead is made to the following trick.  A player who has not yet turned his card over may request all cards just played to the trick to be refaced.  Get into the habit; don’t face your card untill you are ready to play to the next trick.

Last updated : 29th Jun 2012 16:21 BST
Bridge Etiquette *2

Table Manners - After Bidding Commences:

You are responsible for ensuring your opponents see your "Alert" card.

You may ask questions at the end of the bidding but it is incorrect to point to a specific bid.  The correct procedure is to ask for an explanation about the sequence of bidding.  If you must ask a question during the bidding (because it may affect your bid) be aware you are allowing the opponents to communicate with each other by explaining their bids.

Leave the bids on the table until the opening lead is made then put them away.  Do not leave bids visible during play; adjacent tables may see them.

Lay out Dummy with the trump suit (if any) on your right; Declarer's left.  All cards must be on view with highest cards at the top.

Don't waste time; lead first (or put Dummy down first) before writing the contract on your personal scorecard.

Declarer should always say "Thank you partner" on seeing Dummy's cards.

Last updated : 29th Jun 2012 16:23 BST