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Friday afternoon Supervised Play will be on  6th April:          Your 1NT gets doubled!

This session, run by Chris Kinloch, will start at 1.00 pm and finish about 4.15 pm

Please e-mail Chris ( or telephone 01264 333175 if you wish to attend, as it is important to know numbers.


Congratulations to George Collins & Karen Healy who have won the Whitbread Trophy for the highest internet score in the

Charity Challenge (45th over all). 

Also congrats to Gill & Steve Woodward who won at Basingstoke with 65%, but finished 55th

How to handle a hesitation

If you make a bid after your partner has hesitated and then passed, you need to be able to justify it. It’s no good protesting: “I was always going to bid that!” The fact of the hesitation means you are now in a position where what you might have thought of bidding becomes much more difficult for you ethically, as you are sure your partner has something useful in his hand that you didn’t know about before. If you really were always going to make the bid, then go on and bid it, but don’t be in any way upset when your opponents reserve their rights and eventually call the director. He may rule in your favour. 

Read Helen's article in the February 2016 newsletter for more reasons and explanation on hesitating and asking questions.

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New Forest photos
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