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25th April 2019
Bayer No Fear (county sims) (ECats 6944)
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Director: George Collins
Host: partners available
26th April 2019
Individual Round 6
Director: David Lewis
Scorer: Stan Babb
Host: Fil Navarro
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At last! Club wins Basingstoke Cup. Congratulations
At last! Club wins Basingstoke Cup. Congratulations

Basingstoke has won the Basingstoke Cup against Newbury and ended the long run of Newbury triumphing against us

However, it was a close run thing, as after a strong first half the team, they had some wobbles in the second half and nearly let it slip.

However, the final score was 62-56 giving  a 6 IMP win. Phew!! Close in teams of 8.

Congratulations to the team of Andrew & Mary Ferguson, Sean & Colleen Haffey, Sandra Ruffell & Mary Lucas and John Glasscock & Sam Golding.


EBU Shareholder Notes

Many members do not realise what goes on at the EBU and how it interreacts with Clubs and Counties.

Well, it is a membership-funded organisation committed to promoting the game of duplicate bridge. It is made up of 39 County Associations each with nominees holding shares based on the number of members within their respective Counties . At its AGM in November, the shareholders elect a Board of eight directors to run the organisation and determine policy in the government of the game and general matters.

As it happens, our club has 2 (Richard Ray & Keith Bennett) of the 3 Shareholders for Hamshire and attend the meetings.

Richard always compiles notes of the meetings as he believes that the membership needs to know what is going on and that the EBU does work on its members behalf. If you wish to read the latest November notes, click on the link on the LHS under EBU Shareholder Notes. May's notes are also there.



Simmons Cup photos
Club loses the Simmons Cup
Club loses the Simmons Cup

Unfortunately our annual match against Newbury (Simmons Cup for Mixed pairs) resulted in Newbury retaining the Cup for the second year running.

 Congratulations to Newbury for again playing the match in such a friendly manner.

Our team this year was Chris & Helen Kinloch, Bob & Jenny McRobert, Manny & Fil Navarro, Tracey Adams & Steve Tearle, Sean & Colleen Haffey, Gill & Steve Woodward,

Danielle Sissingh & George Collins and Ann Goss & Mike Edwards.


Our players
Bob and Jenny defend
Helen watches Chris play the hand
On opposite sides this time
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