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Congratulations to Helen on winning the Individual with an overall score of 55.65%.

Second was Sean Haffey with 55.3% and David Lewis third.

Well done to all who played in the competition this year.


Congratulations to Gary Stevens and Mike Nunn who recently won the Bourne BP for the second year running.

Well Done

An exciting Solent Final

The final of the Solent Trophy was yet again versus Petersfield. After the first session, Basingstoke  were 8 down but after the second session, 8 up making a draw. Unusual for teams of 8.

So another 4 boards had to be played. Unfortunately we lost mainly due to the following hand:-


S AQ1065,  H,xxx, D Kxx, C AQ (15 points)

South (dealer)

S KJxx, H KQxx, D AJx, C Kx (17 points)

After 1H open - 1S - 4S - 4NT - 5H - 6S

Well of course all of us were in 6S and because the AH was over the King and we had duplicated shape in Clubs, It went down, If South has 3 clubs then a losing heart can go away.

In the other room, after a 1S opener (why!!!), they stayed out of the slam presumably because N was loking at 3 poor hearts and thus a swing against.

An exciting final which could have gone our way but that is Bridge. We wish our Basingstoke Cup Team good luck in their final.


How to handle a hesitation

If you make a bid after your partner has hesitated and then passed, you need to be able to justify it. It’s no good protesting: “I was always going to bid that!” The fact of the hesitation means you are now in a position where what you might have thought of bidding becomes much more difficult for you ethically, as you are sure your partner has something useful in his hand that you didn’t know about before. If you really were always going to make the bid, then go on and bid it, but don’t be in any way upset when your opponents reserve their rights and eventually call the director. He may rule in your favour. 

Read Helen's article in the February 2016 newsletter for more reasons and explanation on hesitating and asking questions.

Welcome to Basingstoke Bridge Club

Bridge for all players

Basingstoke Bridge Club, the largest club in Hampshire with its own premises and licenced bar, welcomes all bridge players, from complete beginner to expert.

We play duplicate pairs on Monday, Thursday and Friday evenings starting at 7.30pm. Please be seated at 7.20pm to ensure a prompt start. Alternately the first Monday or Friday of each month is scheduled for teams of four. There is also duplicate bridge on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons starting at 1.00 pm.

Mondays and Fridays are our main evenings with Thursdays being more relaxed with less experienced players and playing fewer boards.

Table money is £2.00 for members. Visitors and prospective new members are always welcome, (table money £3.00). On most Monday and Friday evenings and Tuesday afternoons there is a host, so any player arriving without a partner can always get a game. However please check the calendar to make sure there is a host on the relevant day. There is always a host on Thursday. There is no host on Wednesday, but please telephone Viv Morris (01256 889946)  and she will try to arrange partners.

All sessions are scored electronically by Bridgemate and printed hand records are available.

A beginners' course (running from September to July) takes place on Tuesday evenings, 7.15 - 10.15. Please contact Chris Kinloch (01264 333175. email ) for more information.

Supervised play sessions with some teaching topic (1.00pm - 4.00pm) are planned for Friday afternoons and are posted on the calendar. Members intending to attend these sessions should contact Chris Kinloch (as above) or Christine Ray (02380253239. email )

The chess club meets on Wednesday evenings. For information please phone John Shaddick on 01256 469749. There is also a link to their web site -

The club's telephone number is 01256 541988.

If you would like to know more about our club, please ring me on 01264 333175, or e-mail

Helen Kinloch    Chairman

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Sad News
Sad News

We are very sad to report that Betty Annamanthodo passed away on Tuesday 17th April.

Betty had been a member of the Club for many years and was a regular player on Mondays and Fridays until a few years

ago when she became too frail. However she continued to enjoy the game at home with friends.

She was a wonderful lady with a keen interest in current affairs, a wide general knowledge and immense affection for her

friends and close family.

She will be greatly missed by all who were privileged to know her. We send our condolences to her family.

 The funeral will be on Tuesday 8th May at 2.00 pm at the Basingstoke Crematorium and afterwards at Audley Wood Hotel. Members wishing to join the family at the hotel should telephone Viv Annamanthodo on 01159704433 as she would like to have an idea of numbers. 

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Date for your diary.

It may be a long time away but get this date in your diary.

The Xmas Party this year will again be combined  and held at Sherbourne St John on Wednesday 19th December.

It was oversubscribed last time, so make a note and get your name down when the list appears.

Last updated : 21st Apr 2018 15:01 BST
No Fear Pairs 26th April

No Fears Pairs 26th April

For all members below the EBU rank of Regional Master: 

please come along and compete in the Hampshire

”Bayer No Fear” competition which will be played at

the club on the normal Thursday Night time of 7.30 on 26th April

Great opportunity to play in a friendly competition environment, as those who have played before will know.

The same hands will be played at various clubs throughout the county. Scoring will be done by Ecats and there will be a cup for the overall winners.

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Unable to win back Mollie Simmons Cup
Unable to win back Mollie Simmons Cup

Unfortunately, the club was unable to win back the Mollie Simmons cup from Newbury who have retained it for the second year running.

However, the match was played in friendly, albeit competetive, manner with an excellent tea at half time.

Congtratulations to Newbury.

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26th April 2018
Bayer No Fear (county sims) Session 6944
Director: George Collins
Host: Partners available as usual
27th April 2018
Director: Jean Babb
Scorer: Stan Babb
Host: Sandra Ruffell
30th April 2018
Director: George Collins
Scorer: Andrew Ferguson
Host: Jim Elberson