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English Bridge Magazine
Access the English Bridge Magazine library of Web articles from here. There are some very interesting topics to choose from and will appeal to players of all abilities. There really is something for everyone.
Information for Tournament Directors

Detailed descriptions of Bridge Movements for a wide range of competitions have now been assembled on a single website.  They include movements for Pairs, Teams, Pivot Teams. Teams of 8, Teams of 12s, Simultaneous Pairs, Individual and a selection of movements for social occaisons.  There are also articles for TDs on the interpretation of Laws and Directives.

Table and Play Etiquette
News Page
This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
Simultaneous Pairs - Questions Answered

Why can my score differ greatly from the club to the overall result?

This is a very common complaint - and differences as high as 20% can occur. This is not an error in the scoring, but something that happens when you combine the scores from all the other clubs onto one result chart. Let me try to show you how it happens.

 In a 6 table section the 'top' will be 10, with other scores of 8, 6, 4 and 2 with a bottom of zero. Overall, the top will be, say, 4000 with scores going down in steps of 2 to zero. A 'top' in the club will not generally score a top overall. It depends where that score fits in with the scores achieved in all the other clubs.

Consider the following board from a fictitious club heat. It is Board One from a 6 Table Mitchell (share and relay). On this board, due to the favourable position of several cards, 13 tricks are generally made in Clubs, but there is a reasonable defence to hold it to 12. 3NT should lose 5 tricks (but pair 1 East/West let it through!). 7NT doubled by Pair 4 North/South was a disaster.

Club Scoring

 N/S  E/W  Score  Score  Match  Points
 Pair No  Pair No  +  -  N/S  E/W
 1  7  400    8  2
 2  9  190    6  4
 3  11  170    4  6
 4  8    1400  0  10
 5  10    50  2  8
 6  12  420    10  0

Overall Scoring

 N/S  E/W  Score  Score  Match  Points
 Pair No  Pair No  +  -  N/S  E/W
 1  7  400    1351  2649
 2  9  190    522  3478
 3  11  170    328  3672
 4  8    1400  5  3995
 5  10    50  136  3864
 6  12  420    1960  2040

As you can see, in the Club, 5 Clubs +1 is top for North/South while overall it is worth less than 50% (scoring 1960) because the most common score overall was 6 Clubs (scoring 2742) with many pairs making 13 tricks (for 3634). The East/West top with 1400 on the other hand was almost a top overall as very few North/South pairs tried 7NT (or they got away with a lesser penalty).

You will see that the two pairs scoring a top in the club (6 N/S and 2 E/W) have vastly different overall scores. This one board will make 2% difference to their overall scores and this effect, were it to be replicated over a number of boards, causes the (sometimes enormous) disparity in the scores.

Last updated : 21st Oct 2009 09:00 GMT
EBU Membership Details

We have voted to stay afilliated to the EBU. Thank you to all the members who let us have their views.

We are currently updating our membership database in order to furnish the EBU with the necessary information in advance of Universal Membership next year.
To assist us in this task, we require each duplicate bridge playing member to fill in a small information slip available at the club. If you have already done so, thank you.

If not, could you complete one as soon as you can and pass it on to Kate. If you prefer, you can fill it in by using the online link here and then email it to Kate.

Last updated : 21st Oct 2009 09:00 GMT