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  Minutes of Executive Board Meetings 2018




Barrie Bridge Executive Meeting

Monday, July 2, 2018

Present: Gary Hesson, Jayde Gibbs, Dale MacKenzie, Mary Ellen Dale, Marc Brenner, Phyllis Chenoweth

Regrets: Frank Mustoe, Leigh Ives

Call to Order: 4:40 by Dale MacKenzie

Discussion Items

1.  Art Work

There has been some discrepancy between the artists displaying their work as to the amount of commission to be paid to the club. The board decided that all artists will pay the club 10 per cent commission when their work sells. An Art Policy needs to be drawn up and signed by the artists. The club will not be liable for any theft or damage due to fire or other reasons. The artists will be responsible for hanging their art at their own expense and repair any damage done to walls when a piece sells. Jayde has offered to be the liaison between the club and artists.

2.  CRA Appeal

Joffre has written a letter to find out if the  board was interested in trying to recover more GST money back from the CRA. The board at this time does not feel it is appropriate to further the appeal. However if Joffre wishes to continue the appeal, he has our full support, but the board is not in a position to finance such an appeal. A letter will be sent to Joffre to inform him of our decision. He can be invited to make a presentation to the board about what information he intends to present to the CRA. Joffre would also like John to be disciplined for his response to Joffre's letter to the CRA.

3.  Left Over Construction Material

Jayde wishes to purchase the remaining drywall and screws. Some material will need to be returned for a refund, ie 2 by 4 studs. As well the bathroom walls that did not get used can be posted for sale on Kijij.
A member has taken a table that was for sale, but to date has not paid for it.

4.  Communication between Board Members

Our president believes there should be more communication between board members before decisions are made.. A defibrillator was offered to the club at a price that could have been lower if the club or board members were asked about obtaining one. The defibrillator is being financed strictly through member donations at no cost to the club. Dale pointed out that the Club Manager has a mandate to make decisions that do not involve the board. The board needs to thank Jenny for taking the initiative to obtain the defibrillator for us and for organizing the training for our club members.

5.  Financial Report

To date- July 2- we will have $2200 in the bank after July's rent is paid. 
The Summer Party netted $109 profit. Thank you to Mary Ellen for organizing the event.

A list of the Lease Hold Expenses since May 1st needs to be posted.

Financial statements should be made available on our website. Our treasurer will have an up to date report available for the Semi Annual General Meeting to be held Wednesday, July 11.

6. Damage to Walls

It has been noted that because our chairs rub against the walls that some damage is occurring. It was suggested that a chair rail be installed. A list of items needed to complete our renos along with associated costs should posted to see if our members can help us out.

7. Board Minutes

All Minutes should be posted on the web. A hard copy should be posted in a binder and made available to all members.

8. Facility Rental

Our treasurer would like to rent out our facility for other functions to raise money. She is preparing a Rental agreement and organizing photos for a flyer to advertise. The board agrees that Rental cannot occur till all renos are completed.

9.  Club Initiative

Jayde has been in contact with the presidents of the Orillia and Midland Clubs to see if there was interest in initiating a club completion between the three clubs. Both expressed interest. Details will have to be worked out, but members could complete to represent our club at these completions. 

Meeting adjourned at 5:50.

  Executive Meeting Minutes 2017


October 24, 2017 Communication with Victoria Village

Thanks for the update Fred.

---------- Original Message ---------- 
From: Fred Clark <
Date: November 23, 2017 at 8:18 AM 

Thank you Marc, have not forgotten about the lease. We haven’t established the cost of the hall if rented, this of course pertains to any extra games the bridge club would need. Once I have the figure approved we have a starting point to negotiate any extra use, we have had some discussion about this already and want to ensure we are prepared.


Fred Clark

Director of Operations,

Victoria Village

74 Ross Street – Box C

Barrie, ON  L4N 1G3

Telephone:  (705) 735-1314


From: Marc Brenner [
Sent: November 21, 2017 4:48 PM
To: Fred Clark <>
Subject: Re: Bridge Club December


We do not have any games scheduled for those dates. Our valuables will be locked in a closet. 

By the way you promised us a draft lease to review, about 2 weeks ago.

There is a puddle on the floor by the side door entrance. Just noticed today.

---------- Original Message ---------- 
From: Fred Clark <
Date: November 21, 2017 at 2:02 PM

We have a booking at the church Dec 23-24-25th . Lets have a quick discussion about bridge games, tables, chairs etc. and ensuring the bridge club items are secure. Please keep the booking confidential at this time while I finalize details.


Fred Clark

Director of Operations,

Victoria Village

74 Ross Street – Box C

Barrie, ON  L4N 1G3

Telephone:  (705) 735-1314



>  Barrie Bridge Association Executive Meeting
> October 24, 2017
> Call to Order : 4:40'pm by Marc Brenner
> Present: John LaMarre, Dale MacKenzie, Marc Brenner, Evelyn Caroline, Gary Hesson,
> Mary Ellen Dale, Leigh Ives, Frank Mustoe, Jerry Jeffries, Melissa Crossland, Phyllis Chenoweth
> Absent: Jayde Gibbs
> Guests: Maggie Sparrow, Sue Bracken
> MInutes  of last meeting were approved as yet as not everyone had had a chance to read them.
> Officer Reports
> 1.  Financial: A. Evelyn presented the budget for 2017 and 2018. See attached Profit and Loss Statement. As of September 30, 2017 there is $5039.66 in the Association bank account as well as a GIC for 10, 871.13. There is $3408.07 in the Branch /Beginner bank account.
>   B. CRA Appeal Update: John's request for an appeal for the HST we have paid has been granted. CA Andy Riseman and Pat Robbenhaar will assist with the process. We can go back to 2010 for a refund of all the HST paid. The CRA has accepted the Branch Office concept. Evelyn will need to redo the HST forms dating back to 2010 in order to ask for a refund.
> 2. Chief Director: A. Leigh has most of Director schedule for 2018 completed but needs an updated list of all special games and dates before it will be published. Evelyn will provide this info. She made note that we are in dire need of new directors as many of present directors head south for the winter. A few members have expressed interest in taking the test. Previous club directors have offered to help with director calls and collecting money, but do not want to deal with the computer.
>   B. Leigh would also like the TV to be activated to enable the clock indicating the length of rounds to be seen by players. Dale will get the TV installed. Clock to be set for 23 minutes for 3 board plays and 15 minutes for 2 board plays.
> Dale will also purchase a karaoke machine to enable the directors to use a microphone for announcements. The maximum to be spent is $500.
>  C. There was discussion about late plays and it was decided that there would be no more late plays. The two teams would assigned a no play.  The no play will not affect the team scores.
> 3. Social Convenor: Mary Ellen reported that the price per plate has gone up because she had to get a new caterer for this year's party on November 29 th. Last year the $20 collected provided the members with both the dinner and the game. This year the club will subsidize the game.
> Mary Ellen has a committee to help with the party preparations.
> Other Business
> Addressing 299er concerns:
>  Several of our 299ers have voiced concerns over feelings of being ignored during the games. They feel the directors who are playing in the open game are not answering their calls. They cannot hear the announcements. They have mentioned it being too noisy.
> The board has decided that  1. All directors will use the karaoke machine to make announcements.
> 2. Until the clock is up and running someone from the group will monitor the play and then tell the players to move for the next round. This will hopefully cut down on the noise level from the 299 ers.
> 3. When there is a director call from the 299ers, the director for that group will immediately go to the table and hear the issue, even if he is in the middle of a hand.
> 4. The 299ers will be made aware that there are two directors for the Monday games and who is directing their section. We cannot ask the directors to not play when directing. We are short of directors as it is.
> 5. Any other bridge issues can be emailed to Leigh.
> 6. Melissa suggested we implement a suggestion box where the members can express concerns anonymously.
> 7. While there is only one Novice/ Intermediate coordinator on the board, several of the other board members are in that group as well, so representation is adequate.
> 8. A few games in the recent pass have not been able to be scored due to human error. This has happened in both sections. While this is upsetting, we cannot do anything about those games. Many of our directors are still learning and we value and appreciate what they do for us. Without directors we have no club.
> The Branch Office
> Members of the Branch Office have been appointed and not voted into their positions. Therefore they cannot vote. The board feels that with the number of Novice/Intermediate officers already on the board, the status quo should remain.
> Club Manager
> Our club manager is going to be away for approximately 6 months. He recommended  rather than  replacing him, that his time away be shared with appointed, acting Club Managers. This job will be shared by Dale, Rick Beaver and one other. John will be returning sometime after March.
> Victoria Village Update
> Our rent in the space will be the same but only for the hours we use the facility for regular games. Use for other reasons, ie Maggie's lessons, weekend games, may require an extra fee.
> Parking will be provided in the upper level lot and in the present parking lot till the building is demolished. Parking will be tight.
> Access to the building will be by key fob only, and the doors will lock automatically when closed. This is not practical for our needs. Any memberswho wish to tour the facility can do so at 5:30 on November 8 th, before our AGM.
> Annual General Meeting
> The meeting takes place Wednesday, November 8th. Dale MacKenzie will draw up an agenda.
> Melissa has resigned her position as Novice coordinator. Frank Mustoe will stand for election for that position. Other than that the slate of officers remains the same for 2018.
> Ajournment: By Marc Brenner at 6:30.
>Communication October 18, 2017

Jayde asked me to send out an email calling an executive meeting for next Tuesday at the conclusion of the game.  Dinner will be served.

Lots to discuss prior to the annual general meeting.  We need to put an agenda together.  I propose the following items to get things started:

1. Addressing 299er concerns of being a fifth wheel at the club.  We want them fully connected and involved at the highest level. Nail down who their reps are and devise a plan to keep everyone happy.

2. Allowing the exec members of Branch Office full voting rights at exec meetings.  This will help 1. above.  May or may not need a constitutional amendment to do this.  Hopefully figure this out prior to the meeting.

3. Find a new Club Manager or share Club manager duties among a number of willing individuals. There are already two individuals interested in finding out more and helping if they can. I may be disappearing for a 6 month period to help out my daughter in the states starting in a month or so.  Not for sure yet but likely at moment.

4.  Putting together a first aid kit for the club.  We had a bleeder at the club today (Jayde). Claimed the opposition got a little rough lol.

5.  Update on our Appeal with the CRA of past taxes we were forced to pay which has been approved to go forward.  Joffre has been instrumental in getting this moving with our local MP.

6.  Update on the move to Victoria Village and other potential sites.

7. Concerns with Swiss Team games.

8.  Need for more Directors!!  We brought John, Dale, Susan, Jane, Leigh, Paul and Bob into regular rotation which was a huge step forward over the previous year.  Unfortunately, most are going south for the winter or working full time or ill etc creating a small crisis.

9. Christmas Party update.   

Please feel free to suggest and add more items!  We have had a big year with lots of changes and need to nail everything down before the next executive moves in.










Melissa Crossland   10/18/17

This may be a small thing but, I thought we decided to stop the use of styrof...

brenner   10/18/17

All players not only 299ers feel disappointed when a game is squashed due to ...

brian evelyn caroline   10/18/17

Mark, you are so good with words and say things so well. I wish I had that ab...

Dale MacKenzie   10/18/17

Evelyn is a suck up

Dale MacKenzie   10/18/17

I believe that the Styrofoam cups that we use do not harm the environment and...

Melissa Crossland   10/18/17

I was told that “styrofoam”is unrecyclible . It goes into the landfill.

Maggie Sparrow   10/18/17

It is my understanding that the styrofoam cups were left over by the church, ...

jaydeg55   10/18/17

This will be a subject we discuss on Tuesday. We do keep saying we have to cu...

brian evelyn caroline   10/18/17

I believe there is a triangle on the bottom of the free Styrofoam cups left o...

Maggie Sparrow   10/18/17

I looked at the cups tonight, and yes, there is a recycling symbol on them. S...

Frank Mustoe 



to brian, Maggie, Melissa, me, Gary, Gerry, Ives, Jayde, Joffre, John, Maggie, Marc, Mary, Phyllis, rick.beaver

Styrofoam is recyclable, but the recycling process (paper, aluminum cans, etc) always requires the use of energy and some additional resources. That is why re-using is always the better option. There is no reason why members could not use their own containers for coffee or tea.

Phyllis Chenoweth

to me, brian, Marc, Maggie, mesprezz44, fmustoe, Melissa, John, Jayde, leigh7nt, gerryjj, gmhesson









July 17, 2017

Phyllis Chenoweth

to Jayde, John, gerryjj, Joffre, me, mesprezz44, Maggie, Melissa, fmustoe, Marc, leigh7nt, brian, gmhesson
Minutes of the Monday, July 17th, 2017 Barrie Bridge Executive Meeting

Call to Order: 12:05 by Marc Brenner

Attendance: Dale MacKenzie, Phyllis Chenoweth, Gary Hesson, Marc Brenner, Gerry Jeffery, Leigh Ives, Jade Gibbs, Mary Ellen Dale, Frank Mustoe

Absent: John Lamarre, Melissa Crossland, Evelyn Caroline

Guests: Paul Campbell, Joffre McCleary

MInutes of the last executive meeting: motion needing amendment:

 Since the new name tags have retail cost of just over $10 each taxes in, and we only collected $5 from our members, Marc suggested the motion made on June 5 th that we only subsidize them by $2.00 is to be replaced with name tags to be subsidized up to $5.00 each. Carried

Discussion Issues

1. Mouse excrement has been found in our new kitchen. There are health concerns. It was suggested that we notify our Landlord to find a solution. Marc Brenner has written an email to Fred to inform him of the issue and ask for direction. In the meantime we will put all of our food in tightly closed containers.

2. Our Summer BBQ and bridge party was very successful. Lots of favourable feedback. Dale MacKenzie raised the issue of purchasing a BBQ for future social functions. It was decided that we would just continue to have BBQs brought in by members when and if needed.

3. The issue of our pencil sharper was discussed. In fact it is not the pencil sharpener but the poor quality of pencils we are using. It was decided to use up what we have and purchase better pencils when the old ones are gone.

4. Maggie has asked if it was possible to have two stand bys available on Mondays as some of the 229ers do not feel comfortable playing in the open game if the volunteer has more than 299 points. It was decided that we would continue with  just one stand in on Monday, but the volunteer would play on the side that the player felt most on. So if a 299er needed a partner, and only someone with more than 300 points was available, they would play together in the 299er game, with the understanding that they could not be awarded points. We want to promote the game to encourage people to come out.

Leigh also mentioned that when a player makes use of a volunteer,  that player is to be encouraged to be a volunteer another time. We need more volunteers so that the same people are not doing it all the time.

5. We need to make up volunteer lists for the dealing machine. People need to trained and the instructions for the computer written down.

6. Our Constitutional Review committee members are: Paul Campbell, John Lamarre, Evelyn Caroline, Marc Brenner and Peter Archibald. They will report back to the executive when complete. It was decided that both the Barrie Bridge Association and the Branch Office Barrie Beginners Club will have the same constitution.

7. Joffre and John Lamarre have a meeting set up with John Brassard, our Federal MP to discuss an appeal of the $18000 HST paid by our club to CRA.

When Joffre first contacted the CRA  to ask for an appeal he was informed that he had missed the deadline. His name was not on the executive, therefore he could not be involved in the appeal.

The meeting with John Brassard is to solicit help in dealing with the CRA's decision and seek an extension to the appeal timeline. The meeting is Wednesday, July 19 th. Since John Lamarre is unavailable for the meeting, Dale as a member of the executive, will attend the meeting with Joffre. An updated list of the 2016 and 2017 executive will be provided to Joffre to take to the meeting. Joffre submitted a copy of the letter he will give to John Brassard requesting the extension. Jayde signed the letter.

Everyone on the executive was in favour of this initiative by Joffre and John. It was felt though that since none of us had heard about this till just this meeting, we need to be more transparent and all executive members need to apprised of what is happening with the appeal by John and  Joffre.  We wish them luck!

Adjournment:  Jayde made the motion to adjourn at 12:35. Seconded by Marc.


Barrie Bridge Society Executive Meeting Minutes

Date: Monday, June 5, 2017

Called to order at 4:42 by Dale MacKenzie

Attendance: John LaMarre, DaleMacKenzie, Evelyn Caroline Elsey, Phyllis Chenoweth, Jade Gibbs, Leigh Ives, Mary Ellen Dale, Marc Brenner, Gary Hesson

Jerry Jeffery 

Absent: Melissa Crossland 

Guest: Frank Mustoe

Motion to accept the minutes of the last executive meeting made by Gary. Passed

As a result of the resignation of  Pat Robbenhaur from the board of the Branch Office Barrie Beginners Club Gary made a motion to invite Frank to step into that position. Seconded by Phyllis. Frank accepted the invitation.

Officers Reports

  1. A. Marc reported on his meeting with Fred Clark, Operations Manger for Victoria Village. The new venue is not ideal for our purposes and we will have to be creative in the set up of our tables. We may need to remove tables if other events are happening.  Please see attached report for additional information. It was suggested that we continue to be on the lookout for for more suitable accommodations for our club. Our lease expires in May of 2018. It was suggested that we do not sign a long term lease till we see how this space works for our club.

       B.  Our move downstairs is targeted for the evening of the 25 th of June, a 

       Sunday. We will ask for volunteers from the club to facilitate this event. Members 

       with teenage children or grandchildren will be encouraged to bring them along to help. The move is to be completed Monday morning the 26th, so that our afternoon game can carry on as usual. We will also leave two tables set up in the foyer for those members who may not be able to do the stairs.

  1. Treasurers Report: Treasurer's report is not complete at this time. Please see attached Balance and Profit and Loss Sheets January through April 2017. Both clubs are doing well and there is presently $10, 858 in a GIC in our account. Evelyn also asked that the directors put all expenses into the open game. Memberships need to be divided into to sections, Regular members and Beginners ie those with less than 300 points.

  1. Social Convenor: Mary Ellen will plan a summer party for the evening of Wednesday July 12th.  It was suggested that steaks, and salads from Shaws be the menu. Members will  be charged $20 for dinner and the game.  Non members will be charged an additional $2.00.  We need to ask the members to bring the BBQs. Mary Ellen will investigate.   A suggestion for another time was a pot luck party. The club provides hot dog, hamburgers  and fixings, and the members bring a casserole, salad or dessert. 


  1. Chief Director: Leigh mentioned that the director fees were confusing on paper. Dale made a motion that the fee be $43 plus a free game. Passed. Leigh also recommended two directors for the Monday games as they are exceeding 17 tables. When the club loses players to the sun in the south during the winter we can go back to one Director.

New Business

  1. Constitution:   It  was suggested that our executive needs to creat a new constitution to accommodate both clubs, the Barrie Bridge  Club and the Barrie Beginners Branch Office Club. The same constitution could work for both clubs. Evelyn made a motion to create sub committee to update our constitution. Seconded by Mary Ellen Dale. Passed
  2. George Knight:   As has been voted on at previous meetings, if George would like to return to our club, he needs to apply in writing.  Leigh will pass this along to George.
  3. Name Tags: John has been collecting names of members who would like new name tags. Jayde recommended using local businesses to create them. Dale made a motion to subsidize the cost to members by $2.00. Seconded by Marc Brenner
  4. Mention was made of a Contract Bridge Tournament on June 23rd. It will cost our members $15 to join the OSGA and $5 to play. The flyer is on our website.
  5. Dale asked if we could investigate getting new boards. Some of ours are getting old and open easily. All of us to be on the lookout for deals.

Adjournment: Motion  by Phyllis to adjourn at 6:10. 




MInutes of the Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 Barrie Bridge Executive


Phyllis Chenoweth <>

Apr 28
to meJaydebrianmesprezz44MarcdalesmackenziegmhessonMelissaMelissaparobbenhaurgerryjjmaggie.sparrow1phyllis.chenow.leigh7nt
MInutes of the Wednesday, April 26th, 2017 Barrie Bridge Executive

Call to Order: 5:07 by Dale MacKenzie

Attendance: John Lamarre, Dale MacKenzie, Phyllis Chenoweth, Melissa Crossland, Gary Hesson, Evelyn Caroline-Elsey, Marc Brenner, Pat Robbenhaar, Gerry Jeffery

Absent: Jayde Gibbs, Leigh Ives. Mary Ellen Dale

Motion to accept the agenda made by John LaMarre, accepted by Evelyn Caroline

Motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting made by Phyllis Chenoweth, accepted by  Evelyn Caroline. John to provide a copy to Dale for inclusion on the web site.

A. Officers Reports

 Treasurer's Report

See draft of the budget presented by Evelyn for the first two months of 2017.
DIscussion of the following topics:

1. Memberships to be sold by both clubs to their own members.

2. Consideration re: deregistering from HST be made at the end of every year. Thus far we are enjoying the HST refund.

3. Charity Games: some members want the charity games, others don't care and don't want to pay the extra dollar. The final motion put forth Marc Brenner was we continue to have half the number of charity games as previous years with the members paying the extra fee. Seconded by Dale. Motion passed by executive.

4. Rocket Stick: Dale would like us to investigate purchasing a rocket stick to access the Internet once we move into the church basement. We do not know yet if we will have access once there.

5. Name Badges: John made a motion that the club subsidize name badges for the members as in other years. Motion accepted

6. Motion by Dale to accept the draft budget as presented by the treasurer. Seconded by John.

B. Club Issues

1.  Noise Complaints:  Our club atmosphere has become very social which many see as a positive. However there is too much talking, sometimes about the hands just played, and this is disturbing to other players. The 49 ers find the noise very distracting. Suggestion was made for the directors to address the issues. The situation may change once we have moved downstairs.

2.  Dealing Machine:  The machine is working well, but more volunteers are needed to help make up the boards.

3.  Guaranteed Partnership Program:  Graduates from Maggie's 49er session and people new to the city are hesitant to play in the open games because they do not have a regular partner. A motion that our club reinstate the volunteer program was put forth by Gerry. Seconded by Evelyn. Volunteers will be given a free game, whether they play or not. A calendar for volunteers to sign will be prepared by Gerry. The executive will show good example and volunteer. This new effort will begin on Monday.

4.  Youth Bridge: The question was asked if we should invite the youth learning bridge at Codrington Street School to our Friendship Day on May 13. John LaMarre will investigate.

5.  Our Tables:  A motion to donate our tables to the Orillia  Regional Tournament Unit 246 at no cost was put forth by  Evelyn, seconded by Gary. Accepted.

6.  A Club Manager course will be offered this summer at the NABC Tournament in Toronto.

7.   Victoria Village Update:  Marc will visit Fred at Victoria Village to see how the renovations are progressing. Lynne Stevenson will accompany him.
Suggestions by the executive for discussion included the following.
-Once the church closes and we move to the basement in June who is responsible for cleaning the bathrooms and providing supplies like toilet paper and hand towels?
-Will we have access to the kitchen? Will the refrigerators still be there?
- If we have to do our own cleaning, can we hire it done?

It was also suggested that when we make the move downstairs to the basement that we find volunteers, perhaps high school students to move our heavy chairs. Many of our members may not be able to help.


Dale made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:43. Seconded by Marc.




Executive Meeting Minutes


Date:        January 30, 2017

Time:        4:30 pm

Present:   Jayde Gibbs, Mary-Ellen Dale, Melissa Crossland, Gary Hesson, Evelyn Caroline, John LaMarre, Gerry Jeffries, Pat Robbenhaar, Andy Risman


Agenda:   Path Forward Recommended by our Accountant


Andy Risman made a presentation to the executive regarding our use of a Branch Office, preparation of the 2016 HST/GST return and de-registration of the club from HST/GST.  Many questions were asked and answered and consensus was achieved on the path forward.  The Main Club will be comprised of the activities surrounding the fully mature open games and all learner activities and learner limited games will reside within the Branch Office.


Jayde moved, seconded by May-Ellen that Evelyn work with the accountant to:

  • Prepare the calendar year 2016 HST/GST return for the Main Club and the Branch Office by the March 2017 deadline.
  • De-register the main club from the HST/GST.

Motion passed.


John moved, seconded by Evelyn that Gerry Jeffries be installed as the new President of the Branch Office and Pat Robbenhaar be installed as the new Club Manager of the Branch Office.  Evelyn will continue as the Treasurer of both the Main Club and the Branch Office.


Motion passed.


Evelyn moved seconded by Mary Ellen that a sub-committee be formed to work with the Mayor of Barrie to find a new home for the Barrie Bridge Association at Sunnydale Park and/or other potential locations. 


Motion passed.


John expressed his thanks to Andy for coming up to Barrie for the meeting, and to Evelyn for all her hard work in working with Andy to successfully resolve the HST/GST issue that had so deeply impacted the Executive





Phyllis Chenoweth

Jul 18
to me
Minutes of the Barrie Bridge Association Meeting, December 21, 2016

Call to order: 5:45 pm

Attendance : President, Marc Brenner
Voting Members: John LaMarre, Evelyn Elsey, Melissa Crossland, Phyllis Chenoweth, Jade Gibbs
Absent: Leigh Ives, Mary Ellen Dale, John Montgomery
Guests: Dale McKensie, Joffre McCleary,

1.  Marc moved that the minutes of the last AGM be accepted. Seconded by Phyllis

2.  Update on Victoria Village:
     i.  At the December 5th meeting with VV, Fred Clark reduced the rent for the Wednesday afternoon games from $150 to $75. This was determined to be still too expensive as those games were not well attended.  A couple reasons were put forth : not enough advertising, bad time of year. A cheque paying for our use for four Wednesdays will be sent when an invoice is received.

    ii.  In more recent communications Marc was informed that the need to set up and break down tables would be more often than first indicated. VV would like to rent out the room as much as possible. This does not suit our needs. Joffre has been in communication with the Legion. They would have us back Monday and Tuesday afternoons but Wednesday evening is not available. It was suggested by Evelyn that we continue to keep our options open-that certain members communicate with other locations ie Joffre with the Legion, Jayde with VV, Evelyn and Dale with individuals they know that may have rental space available. We really cannot do anything till the HST issue is resolved.

3.  Wednesday afternoon game viability:

      There was not enough interest in the Wednesday afternoon games. Marc put forth a motion to formally cancel them. "The Wednesday afternoon just play bridge game and the 199 er game are terminated affective immediately. A future reinstatement is possible if demand increases and/or if rental costs decrease."

Motion seconded by Evelyn.

That motion was carried unanimously.

4.  Director's fees:

         Our fees seem to be in keeping with other clubs in the area. The suggestion to raise the fees for the two section Monday afternoon game was put forth by Leigh Ives at the AGM. The issue was tabled till Leigh can come and explain her perspective in more detail to the executive.

5. Treasurer's Report: see Evelyn's Report

      i. Tax Update: CRA has cashed the $10,000 down payment for the owed HST. We still owe around $7000.

     ii. We have about $22,000 in the bank after the cheque was cashed.

     iii. The bridge mates have been rented for 6 months at a cost of $180. It was suggested we just keep renting for now rather than purchasing our own.

     iv.  Evelyn asked that if cheques are written to pay bills, could the person writing the cheque please leave a receipt or bill for the treasurer's records.

     v.  Joffre would like to see the bridge club get its income under $50,000 to allow it to be exempt from HST. He suggested splitting our hard costs from soft costs in order to do that. Evelyn will discuss this idea with her daughter who is an accountant to see if this is a legitimate possibility. If it is, Joffre can set up a committee to determine how to lower our income.

6.  Advertising and Promotion:

      Our club needs to advertise more to encourage new members and grow. It was suggested that the Member at Large be given the task of approaching the newspapers with on going write ups in the Community News section promoting our regular games, Friendship Days, Charity Games and other special events. It was suggested that any new players that do come out be given their second game free to encourage a return.

7.  Friendship Day 2017: not discussed at this time

8.  Reinstatement of George Knight:

     The membership ( not the board ) voted at a special meeting to ban him for life. Until George himself makes an application to be reinstated, the issue is tabled.

9.  AOB:

         Charity Games:  These games cost both the players and the club more money. Should we continue having them?
PROS: i. more black points are awarded
            ii.  People feel good about supporting charities
CONS: i. Cost increase to players, and the club through dues to ACBL in US funds
            ii. People do not really know what charity they are supporting
Some of our members do not care about points. Many are not even members of ACBL. But others still are trying to reach a certain level and still want the opportunity to get more points.

Evelyn and John will review the paperwork from ACBL to see when and how many Charity games we need to have each year and report back to the executive.

9. Adjournment:

       The meeting ended just before the 7pm game began.




Wednesday November 16, 2016 - 6:00 p.m. 54 Ross Street



Call to Order: Meeting commenced at 6:08 p.m.


Review of Minutes for Annual General Meeting November 18, 2015 :

Moved by Dale Marcotte, seconded by Betty MacMillan the Minutes be accepted as read.   Carried.



Club Manager: John LaMarre became the new club manager on August 11. 2016. He received a lot of help from other managers in Midland and Orillia. He observed that previously one person handled almost 80% of the work. A volunteer group is now running it. There is a need for more directors.  If everyone does his/her part, no one will be burned out. John is going to have an operational manager to help the club run properly.


Chief Games Director: Leigh Ives was also called on to take over the job.  A number of people are trying to become directors.  Leigh has found the job challenging and it involves a lot of responsibility.  Dealing with 2 session games in her opinion requires more than the allotted $50 payment to the director.    Leigh suggested adding a 50% increase, which would amount to a $10 increase. There is a possibility of a director’s course offered by Greg Coles if there is enough interest.


Novice Co-ordinator:  Melissa Crossland stated there were ups and downs during the year.  She feels the key to the club’s success is new members.  The new games on Wednesday afternoon hopefully will help this need.  A 299 game is offered as well as a fun game.


Social Convenor:  Merry Ellen Dale our new social convenor feels that she has been given a tremendous amount of support.  The Longest Day raised approximately $3000.  Sympathy cards are supplied for our members in need.  Derek Egan is our new “coffee man” being as reliable as Big Ben in London.  Our Christmas party is being held on December 7, 2016.  Catering by Colin  is serving roast beef or chicken.  $20 is the cost and it will enable those attending the dinner to have a discount on the cost of the bridge game .The final day for signing up for the party is November 30th.  Many volunteers are bringing dessert.  Aaron Leclair will clean the dishes from the event for $50. Previously Colin said that he had 75- 80 people attend.  We are at about 56 at this point.  The ticket also includes the meal , 3 special raffle prizes as well as poinsettias from the tables.


President:  See the attachment for the report of president Marc Brenner.

Treasurer:  See the attachment for the report of treasurer Evelyn Caroline. 


Immediate Past President:  John Mongomery as past president presided over preparing the list of candidates of the executive of 2017.  The new executive were announced as follows:

President                                                              Jayde Gibbs


Vice President                                                      Joffre McCleary


Club Manager                                                       John LaMarre


Chief Games Director                                           Leigh Ives


Treasurer                                                               Evelyn Caroline


Secretary                                                               Phyllis Chenoweth


Social Convenor                                                   Mary Ellen Dale


Novice Representative                                         Melissa Crossland


Member at Large                                                 Gary Hesson


Past President                                                       Marc Brenner 



The executive is happy to have Dale MacKenzie as our new Web Master.


New Business:


  1. There were questions by Joffre McCleary concerning the need to pay the HST at all.  He is interested in, as part of his role on the executive, exploring the possibility of keeping the prices down so we do not have to pay the HST in the future.
  2.   Sue Elsey stated that in order to get younger members to join our club, we should have a shorter time period of playing e.g. 2 hours.  This would make it more appealing to younger members who are still working but could manage this amount of time.
  3. There was a suggestion of forming a committee of 3 or 4 volunteers who would explore ways to expand the club e.g. advertising, articles in the newspaper and new ways to play.  The new board will decide who will run this committee.
  4.  A meeting about George Knight will be discussed.  A special meeting of all members or the next Annual meeting will be needed to have this information given to the club and voted on.


Moved by Evelyn Caroline, seconded by Leigh Ives the meeting adjou