Spade Heart  Diamond Club

Roundswell is not available on 14 June as the Blood Donor Service is using the hall. There will be no bridge then. The Championship Pairs will now be played on 7 and 21 June as 31 May is the Whit Week half-term. We are sorry for the alteration.

The Anoyrkatis family won the Swiss Teams at The EBU Riviera Congress in Torquay at the end of June 2017, following Sam & Theo's triumph in the Under 21 Championship Pairs at The Easter Festival in London. In July Theo played in The England Team at Under 16 level in the European Youth Championships in Slovakia. The team was fourth out of sixteen countries. In December 2017 Sam & Theo played for the England Under 21 team in The Channel Trophy near Brussels, their team coming second in a four nation competition. Sam & Theo represented England in February 2018 in The Peggy Bayer, the Under 21 Home International Series, beating both Scotland and Northern Ireland 60-0 and Ireland 50.55-9.45. An outstanding performance. They have now been selected to play in the Under 21 team in The World Youth Championships being held in China in August 2018

Prize Nights

Are regular open pairs nights when all are welcome and non-club members may win the prizes.   There will be prizes for the pair with the highest aggregate score and for the pair with the highest score after a handicap has been applied based on the two players playing record.  Visitors will be allocated an appropriate handicap. 

This year's singles competition

March 16th saw the concluding round of this year's singles competition with 21 individuals qualifying overall. Six pairs exceeded 58.5% with 3 pairs either side of 60%, Below 60%, Fay & John had a good outing a little shy of 60 and just ahead of John & Regina. 2% the other side of 60 were 2 Stephens in third place behind Brent & Penny who just trailed winners Sam Mckibbin & Chris Bray. In the overall competiton, as anticipated Alison was much too far ahead of the field to be caught although Penny & Brent had a good stab at it pushing Richard W to fourth spot. 

Singles 4/DAA SIMS
Teams 6/Div 1
Scorer: Carol Ritzen
Teams 6/Div 2
Scorer: Carol Ritzen
North Devon Congress 18
North Devon Congress
Open Pairs
Open Pairs
Singles 3/Open Pairs
Teams 5/Div 1
Scorer: Carol Ritzen
22nd Mar 2018
Open Pairs/ Prize Night
29th Mar 2018
Open Pairs
5th Apr 2018
Open Pairs
12th Apr 2018
Open Pairs
19th Apr 2018
Teams 7/Div 1
19th Apr 2018
Teams 7/Div 2
26th Apr 2018
Ladies and Gents Pairs
3rd May 2018
Open Pairs