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Dr. Colin Depradine

The President, Board of Directors and Membership of the Barbados Bridge League, announce with deep sorrow the death of Dr Colin Depradine.

The funeral service is to be on Wednesday, 28 June at St Paul's Anglican Church at 2pm.

Colin was a long-standing member of the Barbados Bridge League and sat for many years on the Board of Directors. At the time of his passing he was Chief Tournament Director for the League and Chairman of Tournament committee, in charge of the scheduling of the annual programmes and conduct of League games. He was also a long standing member of the Morning Bridge Club, Hastings Bridge Club and the Cave Hill Bridge Club.  He sat on the Board of Directors of all of these clubs and in the case of the latter two, he was Vice President for many years. He was Director for the games of the Morning and Hastings Bridge Clubs and from time to time also directed the Cave Hill games.  As Chief Tournament Director, he also directed the Barbados Bridge League Games.

Blessed with an affable disposition, an even temperament, and a great sense of humour, Colin was everyone's idea of what a good Tournament Director should be.  He never raised his voice or appeared to be angry and dealt with all problems presented with an equanimity and fairness which was apparent to all involved.

He was a very popular player among the bridge cognoscenti and had many successful partnerships.  Among the longest lasting and most successful was his partnership with Roglyn Hinds, with whom he represented Barbados on many occasions.  He also had successful partnership with many other bridge players and was a virtual fixture on National Teams through the ages.

The Bridge fraternity in Barbados and the Diaspora will miss him greatly.  

We offer his wife and family our deepest and sincerest condolences.

May he rest in Peace

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Mrs. Roglyn Hinds (reelected)


Vice President:

Mrs. Yvonne Seale (reelected)


Miss Sian Lange


Mr. Adrian Lovell (reelected)

Floor Members:

Dr. Colin Depradine (reelected)

Mr. Morris Blenman (reelected)

Dr. Harley Moseley (reelected)

Mr. Douglas Rotchell

Mrs. Patricia Greenidge.

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