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See you all again on Sept 10th, have a great Summer.

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Welcome to Ballineaspaig Bridge Club Cork, Website. We hold our weekly Bridge events on Monday evenings at 7.30pm in Bishopstown GAA Club from September to May. New members welcome (all grades from Novices to Seniors). Contact our Club Secretary Tim McCarthy at


Members News GDPR


What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new EU regulation which comes into effect on 25 May 2018. GDPR will update existing data protection laws and will place greater accountability and transparency obligations on organisations when using a member’s personal information. It gives the individual greater control over their personal information.

This will apply to all clubs, groupings of clubs e.g. Counties / Regions and the Contract Bridge Association of Ireland.. Each of these is identified as Data Controllers and has responsibilities in respect to the data they hold. It is possible that the entity operating as the first grouping of clubs, (County, region, etc) may not require separate identification as a Data Controller from  the NBO, but the responsibility of safeguarding personal data is in no way diminished.

Overview –

All information that is collected on an individual member is regarded as Personal Data. It must be kept secure and only to be used for the express purpose for which it was collected – bridge or other activities for the body involved.  Similarly, if you have a visitor/guest to your club, their information is also personal data.

Do not pass on any Personal Data to anyone unless the purpose was specifically covered when the information was collected.

Maintenance of Records

If you keep paper records, they should be kept in a secure location, e.g. locked in a cabinet, with regulated key holders for the location. If you dispose of any of these paper records, they must be shredded before disposal.

If you keep your records on a computer, they should only be accessible by authorised people; the computer and/or folders in which the information is kept should be locked and/or encrypted.

Access to records should only be available to authorised committee members, Officers or managers. When new individuals take up these positions access methods e.g. passwords, should be changed,

Usage of Personal Data

 When using personal data entrusted to you, care must be taken not to share any information with others, either deliberately or by accident; for example, if sending a group email, the blind copy (Bcc) facility or a mailshot programme that does not show other addressees must be used.

Clubs should not circulate lists of members with contact details within their own membership – unless they have specific agreement from their members. Clubs should regard this time as being a completely fresh start for all their practices, seeking specific permission from members to make use of their personal data. Previous practice of “opting out” will no longer apply – all members must be asked to “opt in” – by specifically giving permission to use personal data.

You must inform everyone from whom you collect data:

  • The legal basis for doing so;
  •  What data you collect;
  • How it is stored;
  • To whom you pass it on and for what purpose;
  • For how long you keep the data;
  • What they can do to limit how you use your data.

This will usually be done via a Privacy Notice, which may be on your club’s website, but a printed copy should also be available in the club and be sent to those who request it. Your members should be directed to this Privacy Notice on every occasion when you collect data, so it should be referred to on your membership application form. A Privacy Notice will also be displayed on the CBAI Website.

Publication of Personal Data

In a situation where a member is an office holder in a club or other grouping, and it is necessary to publish contact information for them either on paper or on another medium, specific permission must be sought from the individual for that purpose.


Your application form for membership at Club level should contain a request for permission to use Personal Data for purposes of bridge and include a request for permission to reproduce photographs of members to record their winning of a prize or prizes for bridge and promotion of bridge.


An individual has a right to data protection when their details are

  • held on a computer
  • held on paper or other manual form as part of a filing system and
  • made up of photographs or video recordings of their image or recordings of their voice

Data Protection rights help the individual to make sure the information stored about them is

  • factually correct
  • only available to those who should have it
  • only used for stated purposes.

The bridge grouping (Data Controller) who holds information about the individual must –

  • obtain and use the information fairly
  • keep it for usage only for bridge purposes
  • get permission before sending emails to your computer or text messages to your mobile phone.
  • keep the information safe
  • make sure that any information is relevant, factually correct and up-to-date
  • give the individual a copy of their personal information when requested.


Bridge organisations do not fall within any category that requires registration with the Data Protection Commissioner, so that is usually not necessary. To satisfy yourselves that this is the case, check with the Regulator. (Website details below)






& Hannah Lane Plate
Scorer: Eleanor Hipwell
Joe and Sheila Lane Cup Final Result
Scorer: Eleanor Hipwell
Joe and Sheila Lane Cup Final Result
Scorer: Eleanor Hipwell
6th Aug 2018
Weekly Bridge
Bishopstown GAA 7.30pm
Director: Noelle Twomey
13th Aug 2018
Weekly Bridge
Bishopstown GAA 7.30pm
Director: Noelle Twomey
20th Aug 2018
Weekly Bridge
Bishopstown GAA 7.30pm
Director: Noelle Twomey
Club News
Club News

Presentation of the Joe and Sheila Lane Cup  to 2018 Winners Mairin Heffernan and Eileen O'Sullivan by Lane family members Ruth, Joe, Judith (holding Cup) . Also in the group is our incoming President Kay Doyle.



Club News
Club News

Presentation of Hanna Lane Plate to Deirdre Murphy & Mary M Shanahan (Absent from photo) by Ruth Walsh (née Lane) and incoming Club President Kay Doyle.