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The next meeting will be Friday 3rd May at 10am.

Important events coming up over the next weeks:

Wednesday April 24 - Open & Restricted in Paynesville

 Monday April 29/May 6 - Riviera Teams in Bairnsdale

 Friday May 3 - Charity Day Red in Bairnsdale

 Saturday May 11 - Nationwide Pairs in Bairnsdale

Tuesday May 14 - Club Championship Teams Red in Lakes Entrance

Sat. & Sun. May 18/19 - Congress in Sale

 Monday May 20 - Regional Novice Pairs Bairnsdale

Wednesday May 22 - Regional Novice Pairs Paynesville

 Saturday May 25 - Nationwide Pairs Bairnsdale

 Monday May 27  - Australian Wide Novice Pairs Bairnsdale

Tuesday May 29 -  Open & Helen Cantwell Pairs U10 Mpts

 Saturday June 8 - Nationwide Pairs Bairnsdale

Wednesday June 12 & 19 - Club Championship Pairs Paynesville

 Friday June 21 - Nationwide Pairs Bairnsdale

 Saturday June 22 & 29  - Anniversary Pairs Bairnsdale

Wednesday June 26 - Against the World Pairs Paynesville

 Saturday July 6 - Nationwide Pairs Bairnsdale

Sunday July 7 - Lakes Entrance GNOT in Bairnsdale

 Saturday July 20 - Nationwide Pairs Bairnsdale

Best Monthly Players
Best Monthly Players



Tim Watford & Maureen Hack 62.21%

George Campbell 58.06%

Robynne Owen & Chris Heesom 50.64%

Need A Partner?
Need A Partner?

Jean Macleod - 51523176

Welcome to the Bairnsdale Bridge Club - Duplicate Bridge Monday, Friday and Saturday
Bairnsdale Bridge Club
Bairnsdale Bridge Club

Bairnsdale Bridge Club runs duplicate bridge sessions on Monday evening 7.15pm, Friday 12.00 noon and Saturday 1.00pm. The club runs regular Nationwide Pairs as well as other red and gold point pairs and teams events. Table fees are $5 per player per session, $6 on Nationwide days. Tea and coffee provided all day, hot and savoury food provided on special event days and after play on Nationwide days. Come along and relax in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere and enjoy a game of Bridge.

Session Times

A friendly reminder of the Bridge Session times for Bairnsdale.

Monday: 7.15pm

   Friday:   12.00noon

Saturday: 1.00pm

Please  arrive at least 10 minutes before play. If you know you will be late, phone the club on 51522258 and let someone know.

Number of boards on Fridays

It is up to the director to decide on Fridays which movement and how many boards are played.

When playing a "standard" Mitchell movement the boards played are:

7 tables: 35 boards

8 tables: 32 boards with share and relay

9 tables: 36 boards/9 rounds or 32 boards/8 rounds

10 tables: 30 boards with share and relay

11 tables: 33 boards

extra 1/2 tables are rounded up. e.g.. a 7 1/2 table is set up as a 8 table with a sitout.

To play a different number of boards the movement has to be set up more "non standard", e.g. with a rover or a skip. Directors will have their preferences and we ask you to respect their choice.

Open & Restricted Pairs 9/16th March 2019
Open & Restricted Pairs 9/16th March 2019

Congratulations to the winners of the restricted section of the Restricted/Open Pairs competition.

 Dianne Wyndham (left), Carey Lang(right), pictured with the Jan Sharp shield

Open & Restricted Pairs 9/16th March 2019
Open & Restricted Pairs 9/16th March 2019

Congratulations to the winners of the open section of the Restricted/Open Pairs competition.

 Jean Macleod (left), Joan Courtemanche (right) 

Presidents Pairs 1st/8th February 2019
Presidents Pairs 1st/8th February 2019

Congratulations to the winners of the Presidents Pairs competition:

Sandor Varga (left), Chris Watson (right), pictured with President Ann Gibbs (middle) who presented them with the shield.

Bairnsdale Bridge Club Congress Sponsors

Please support our sponsors,

whom we sincerely thank for their generous support 

Bairnsdale Bridge Club Congress Sponsors


There will be Bridge on Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Monday in Bairnsdale

2019 Committee

The annual meeting of the Bairnsdale Bridge Club was held on 2nd of February 2019 and the following office bearers were elected -

President: Ann Gibbs
Vice President: Alison Farthing
Secretary: Jean Macleod
Treasurer: Brian Sampson
Masterpoint Secretary: Ann Gibbs
Mary Baldwin, Robin Cotton, Jenny Coverdale, Kerry Haywood, Margaret Hillier, Elaine Newcomen, Lou Pemberton, Christa Riedacher, Dawn Wallace

Supervised Bridge

Supervised bridge will resume after the Easter break on Tuesday 23rd April 2019 for 8 sessions with Alison and her team.


Congratulations to the following members who have achieved Rank Promotions :

Angie Duddridge - Graduate Master

Nick Nadebaum - State Master

Phillip Goode - National Master

Kerry Haywood - Bronze Life Master

Fritz Riedacher - State Master *


Psyche Bidding, System Card

Psychic bid (also psych) is a bid in bridge that grossly misstates the power and/or suit lengths of one's hand. It is used deliberately to deceive the opponents. Normally, the psychic bid is made with a weak hand, overstating its overall strength, the length and strength in a particular suit, or both.  

It is considered unsportsmanlike for stronger players to psych against inexperienced or weak players and Bairnsdale Bridge Club strongly discourages psych bidding at any of their sessions. We would like to remind all players to have their system card available at the table. Please call the director and report any psych bidding.

Fri 26th April 2019
Bairnsdale Duplicate Session
Sat 27th April 2019
Bairnsdale Duplicate Session
Mon 29th April 2019
Riviera Teams Red Session 1
Bairnsdale Duplicate Session Easter Monday
Bairnsdale Nationwide Pairs 8
Bairnsdale Duplicate Session Good Friday