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Beginners Bridge Classes

I will be running a 6 week introductory beginners course later this autumn in Broughton, near Stockbridge.  If you are interested, please ring Fred Hotchen on 01794 301 185 or 07771 854 347 or email  Day, time and start date yet to be determined.

Improve Your Bridge Workshops

Bridge workshops are held most Wednesdays at my house in Broughton.  From 11 October these will be from 2-4pm.  Charge is £5 per session.  No partner required.

Further details from Fred Hotchen, tel 01794 301 185, mobile 07771 854 347 or ebmail

Bridge Practice Sessions for Novice players

I am currently running weekly Bridge play practice sessions at my house in Broughton.  These will be held between 3 and 5pm from Tuesday 10 October.  No partner required.  Come as often as you like.

For further details please ring Fred Hotchen on 01794 301 185, mobile 07771 854 347 or email

Solent Trophy 2017-18 season

The Solent Trophy is Hampshire and Isle of Wight's teams of eight inter-club knockout competition.

Badger Farm's first match will be against Basingstoke on Monday 30 October.

Pottage Cup 2017-18

The Pottage Cup is Hampshire and Isle of Wight's free-entry county pairs competition.  There are various club heats to qualify and Badger Farm will be holding one on Tuesday 27 February 2018.  The semi-final will then be held at 2pm on Sunday 11 March with the final at 2pm on Sunday 29 April.  Both events will take place at Crosfield Hall in Romsey.

Badger Farm Bridge Club, Winchester
Badger Farm Bridge Club, Winchester

Badger Farm Bridge Club has been providing friendly Duplicate Bridge in Winchester since April 1984.

We meet every Tuesday for a prompt 7.15 start, finishing at approximately 10.15.  Visitors are always very welcome.

We play at the Community Centre which is at the far end of the Sainsburys car park, Badger Farm Road, Winchester.

For further details contact Fred Hotchen on 01794 301 185 or 07771 854 347 or email 

Badger Farm Bridge Club is affiliated to the EBU.

Tuesday 17 October Duplicate

There were some quite interesting hands around this week yet at the same time the cards were rather anti-social.  Boards 7 to 9 spring to mind.  On board 7 the cards were lying badly so Declarer was destined to go one off in 3♠ although three pairs nevertheless made nine tricks and one even made ten.

On board 8 East-West were this time ill-fated and those who reached a perfectly reasonable 4♠ were disappointed when North led a singleton club, got a ruff and then the King of trumps was also offside.

Board 9 on the otherhand was quite the opposite.  Many Souths opened 2NT and played there, often making nine tricks.  A club lead by West would have defeated the contract but naturally a spade lead was made from KQ10xx rather than a club lead from Kxxx.

Board 1 was passed out three times which was a reasonable result for East-West as, apart from a couple of North-Souths making a part-score in No Trumps, everyone else went down in something.

At the other extreme there was a Grand Slam on board 27.  North-South were missing the Queen of clubs and Jack of diamonds.  North held 19 points and South 18 and 7NT was laydown but only four pairs bid to 7, three times in spades which was fair enough.  Another four pairs got as far as 6♠ and one pair only reached 4♠.

South held ♠KQ984 K984 Q ♣AKJ Opposite North's ♠ AJ765 AQJ5 AK9 ♣ 8.  There are so many tricks it's almost impossible to lose one!

On board 5 6♠ could be made though it required the Queen and Jack of trumps to fall in two rounds so not a great slam and I'm not surprised nobody bid it but I'm equally surprised that one pair only reached 2♠.  Very conservative!

For 'Hand of the Week' I've picked out board 2 which is interesting from both a bidding and play point of view (see below).

Well done Jeremy and Julia who were first with 63%.

Hand of the Week Tuesday 17 October 2017

Board 2 above was an interesting hand for a number of reasons.  Some may open the East hand 1NT but most would opt for 1♠.  After a response of 2 from partner, showing a 5 card suit, some Easts would nevertheless prefer to rebid their spades rather than support partner's hearts.  That's an unfortunate decision as West is likely to give up at this stage, sensing a misfit.

On the otherhand, any Easts who are courageous enough to support partner's hearts are well rewarded as West has little hesitation in bidding to 4.

Unfortunately 4 is doomed to failure on a diamond lead with a loser in every suit as unluckily both red kings are offside.  However, why should North find a diamond lead and in fact North (Mary Killick) made a perfectly reasonable lead of the King of clubs which I won with dummy's Ace.  What next?

At this point some Declarers would attack trumps.  I decided instead to play a spade to my singleton King.  You never know it might be allowed to win.  It didn't and Mary took it with her Ace and made the correct switch to a diamond.  That could have been a crafty play away from the King but I decided it wasn't and went up with the Ace then played off Queen and Jack of spades, discarding my two losing diamonds.  Luckily nobody ruffed.

At long last it was time to play a round of trumps.  I took a losing finesse to Mary's King and she played back a spade which I had to ruff in hand.

The timing of the play is now critical.  Having already lost the Ace of spades and king of trumps, there is a club to lose but still the possibility of losing either another club from hand or a spade from dummy.  If you draw the remaining trumps, you also cut the communications between the hands.  I therefore played a club towards dummy's Jack.  Mary went up with the Queen and played back a trump, revealing a 3-2 break but also noting Dick's 10 which probably meant Mary had the last trump.

Winning in hand, I played a club to the Jack, then finally played a heart back from dummy to draw the last trump but more importantly this was an entry to my hand to make the 13th club.

So 4 had mixed fortunes, two badly placed kings but then a lucky 3-3 break in clubs and luckily not an opening diamond lead.

The results on the traveller were 2♠ by East going one off, 2♠ by East going two off, 4♠ by East making (incredible!), 2♠ by East going one off, 1NT by West making with two overtricks, 3NT by East going two off, 3NT by West making, 2♠ by East making with two overtricks and 4 by West making.

As East you take a view as to what to rebid and the consequences are huge; support hearts and West's hand improves, rebid spades and West downgrades his hand.  Personally I would support partner's hearts as John did mine.

17th October 2017
Scorer: Fred Hotchen
10th October 2017
Scorer: Fred Hotchen
4th October 2017
Scorer: Roland Richardson
17th October 2017
Scorer: Fred Hotchen
10th October 2017
Scorer: Fred Hotchen
4th October 2017
Scorer: Roland Richardson