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Badger Farm Bridge Club, Winchester
Badger Farm Bridge Club, Winchester

Badger Farm Bridge Club has been providing friendly Duplicate Bridge in Winchester since April 1984.

We meet every Tuesday for a prompt 7.15 start, finishing at approximately 10.15.  Visitors are always very welcome.

We play at the Community Centre which is at the far end of the Sainsburys car park, Badger Farm Road, Winchester.

For further details contact Fred Hotchen on 01794 301 185 or 07771 854 347 or email 

Badger Farm Bridge Club is affiliated to the EBU.

Hampshire Bridge Congress 10-11 March 2018

The Hampshire Bridge Congress will take place on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 March in Otterbourne Village Hall.

Saturday will be a Pairs event from 11.30-2.15 and 3.0-6.30 and on Sunday it will be Teams with play at the same times.

Full details can be found on the HIWCBA website. 

Beginners Bridge Classes

I am running an introductory beginners course on Friday mornings in Broughton, near Stockbridge.  If you are interested, please ring Fred Hotchen on 01794 301 185 or 07771 854 347 or email 

Improve Your Bridge Workshops

Bridge workshops are held most Wednesdays at my house in Broughton.  From 11 October these will be from 2-4pm.  Charge is £5 per session.  No partner required.

Further details from Fred Hotchen, tel 01794 301 185, mobile 07771 854 347 or ebmail

Bridge Practice Sessions for Novice players

I am currently running weekly Bridge play practice sessions at my house in Broughton.  These will be held between 3 and 5pm from Tuesday 10 October.  No partner required.  Come as often as you like.

For further details please ring Fred Hotchen on 01794 301 185, mobile 07771 854 347 or email

Pottage Cup 2017-18

The Pottage Cup is Hampshire and Isle of Wight's free-entry county pairs competition.  There are various club heats to qualify and Badger Farm will be holding one on Tuesday 27 February 2018.  The semi-final will then be held at 2pm on Sunday 18 March (changed from the originally planned 11 March) with the final at 2pm on Sunday 29 April.  Both events will take place at Crosfield Hall in Romsey.

Tuesday 12 December Duplicate

This week's hands were fairly lively and distributional.  The cards were probably a bit more North-South than East-West though there was plenty of activity both ways.

There were a few noteworthy hands.  Board 6 normally found East-West in game in hearts making 11 or 12 tricks, once doubled though one South played in 5♣ doubled going two off for a top.

Board 16 was also distributional and nearly all Souths played in 4♠ with mixed fortunes.  On one occasion however East-West competed to 5♣ which was doubled but made.

On board 13 most Wests declared in spades, all making 10 or 11 tricks but several pairs didn't get beyond the two level.  Two North-South pairs however played in 4 the other way.  One went two off but the other made it.

There was one slam, board 21.  Everyone made 12 or even 13 tricks but only two pairs bid beyond game.  West held ♠AK8 AKJ10982 4 ♣32 opposite East's ♠5432 Q4 A76 ♣AK94.  Against us West opened 1 and rebid 3 and they settled in 4.  Personally I think West is too strong to open 1 as you can count eight certain tricks and if you open more strongly, you should sail into a slam with the greatest of ease.  There is only one spade loser though I think you can actually make 13 tricks on a double squeeze by running all the hearts.  South has to keep guard of clubs and North has to hold on to his four spades.  In the process they both have to let go of their diamonds so the 13th trick is one of dummy's small diamonds!

For this week's 'Hand of the Week'  I've picked board 10 where most Wests played in 4 with mixed fortunes...

Well done Jeremy and Jason who were first with 62.2%.

Tuesday 19 December will be our last meeting before Christmas and in 2017 as there will not be Bridge on Boxing Day.  I will be bringing drinks and nibbles so I hope there will be a good turnout with lots of Christmas cheer at the Bridge table!

Hand of the Week - Tuesday 12 December 2017

On board 10 all Wests bar one ended up in 4 one way or another.  The above bidding was James and me but typically with hands like this, the bidding is likely to have varied cosiderably.  On one occasion 4 was doubled and one West allowed North to play in 3♣ which gave East-West a bottom.

Several Wests made 4 but I was not one of them!

If you look at all four hands, you will see there are 10 tricks, losing one diamond and two clubs.  However, if you can't see all four hands, there are some decisions to be made as it looks like the contract is dependent on the Ace of diamonds being onside and therefore not losing two diamond tricks.

I received a club lead to the Ace and a club was returned at trick 2.  At trick 3 Nadia, sitting North, returned a third club, giving me a ruff and discard.  This turned out to be a Greek gift of the highest magnitude!  

First I had to decide where to ruff and then I had to decide what to discard from the other hand.

Seeing I was looking at eight hearts in my hand, there was a possibility that Nadia held seven clubs (though she may well have bid them if she had).  I therefore decided not to ruff in dummy as Carole may overruff and I would then get no discard.

As I held ten trumps between the hands, I was not unduly concerned about the Queen.  However, if the Ace of diamonds was sitting over the King Queen, I would have two diamond losers so discarding a diamond was potentially very helpful.  I therefore discarded a small diamond from dummy and ruffed in hand, then played a diamond to dummy's King Queen so I could ruff one of my losing diamonds.  Seemed like a good plan but look what happened...

The Ace of diamonds was onside after all so losing a third diamond was not now a problem.  However, having discarded a diamond from dummy, I now had to ruff one of my losing diamonds which meant that when there was an unlikely three nil trump break, I was now unable to catch the queen!  

Had I not been presented with a ruff and discard in clubs (or discarded a spade from dummy instead of a diamond, an unlikely play), I would have been able to play a trump towards dummy's king and when North showed out, I would have been able to play a trump back and take the marked finesse.

Looking at North's hand, a spade or diamond switch actually hand the contract to Declarer on a plate so the ruff and discard was a cunning defence indeed...  Double dummy, the winning line on the defence I received would have been to discard a spade from dummy and ruff in hand.  Now with the trumps three nil and the Ace of diamonds onside 4 can be made - A very bizarre line of play in practice but that is Bridge for you!

The results on this board were 4 doubled making, 4 going one off (twice), 4 making ten tricks (twice) and even 4 making with an overtrick.  Then there was one lucky North who was allowed to play in 3♣ just making.

So if you haven't heard of a Greek gift, now you know what it is, an apparently nice little present which then puts egg on your face!

Wessex Cup 2017

The Wessex Cup Swiss Teams event held on Sunday 3 December with a good turnout of 14 teams.  Swiss Teams is the best kind of Bridge in my opinion and there were six seven-board matches.

Badger Farm was well represented.  Kevin McArdle had a team there.  Jeremy Baker was playing with James Guiton in a team with John Sherringham and Guy Lawrenson.  It was also nice to see Nigel Whiteman there who was partnering his brother-in-law in a Hayling Island team.

Jeremy Crouch was playing with his brother Peter with Bob McRobert and Geoff Oldfield who play at Winchester.  I played my first club duplicate Bridge with Peter in 1980.  Peter now partners Andrew Robson and they have represented England many times internationally.

I was playing with Andy Hughes with Dave Huggett and Steve Preston.  We had a good session and won with over 84% so a very enjoyable afternoon's Bridge with lots of upbeat lively hands.

The next county Teams event is the Yuletide Mini Swiss treats which will be held on Sunday 17 December at Crosfield Hall, Romsey.  It consists of six six-board matches and starts at 2pm, preceded by Christmas drinks at 1.30.  It would be nice to see some more Badger Farm players there.  Further details can be found on the HIWCBA website.

There were a few interesting bidding sequences.  On one hand I opened 1, West bid 2, Andy bid 3, East bid 4 and I bid 5.  East-West then played in 5♠.

We gained a game swing on the above hand which is a good example of a Michaels cue bid where the 2♣ overcall showed 5-5 in the majors. The 3♣ cue bid then asked partner to decide which and the 4♣ cue bid passed the buck.  Neither of us had any intention of playing in clubs!

At the other table, the auction started similarly but after 2♣, South bid 2 and that is where they played.  Apparently he wasn't sure how strong his partner's 2♣ was but I like to play it as constructive with values concentrated in the suits.

Certainly no problem making 10 tricks, 11 if you guess the spade finesse correctly.

12th December 2017
Scorer: Fred Hotchen
5th December 2017
Scorer: Fred Hotchen
28th November 2017
Scorer: Fred Hotchen
12th December 2017
Scorer: Fred Hotchen
5th December 2017
Scorer: Fred Hotchen
28th November 2017
Scorer: Fred Hotchen