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Pottage Cup 2017-18

The Pottage Cup is Hampshire and Isle of Wight's free-entry county pairs competition.  Badger Farm held the last of the qualifying heats on Tuesday 27 February 2018.  The semi-final was held on Sunday 18 March.   The final will be at 2pm on Sunday 29 April and will take place at Crosfield Hall in Romsey.

Beginners Bridge Classes

I run six week introductory Bridge courses from time to time.  These are subject to demand and cover all the basics of bidding and play.  Suitable for absolute or near beginners. If you are interested, please ring Fred Hotchen on 01794 301 185 or 07771 854 347 or email 

Improve Your Bridge Workshops

Bridge workshops are held most Wednesdays at my house in Broughton.  From 11 October these will be from 2-4pm.  Charge is £5 per session.  No partner required.

Further details from Fred Hotchen, tel 01794 301 185, mobile 07771 854 347 or ebmail

the subject this week is negative doubles.

Bridge Practice Workshops

I am currently running weekly Bridge play practice sessions at my house in Broughton.  These will be held from 2.45-4.45 on Tuesdays and 10.0-12.0 on Fridays.  No partner required.  Come as often as you like.

For further details please ring Fred Hotchen on 01794 301 185, mobile 07771 854 347 or email

Badger Farm Bridge Club, Winchester
Badger Farm Bridge Club, Winchester

Badger Farm Bridge Club has been providing friendly Duplicate Bridge in Winchester since April 1984.

We meet every Tuesday for a prompt 7.15 start, finishing at approximately 10.15.  Visitors are always very welcome.

We play at the Community Centre which is at the far end of the Sainsburys car park, Badger Farm Road, Winchester.

For further details contact Fred Hotchen on 01794 301 185 or 07771 854 347 or email 

Badger Farm Bridge Club is affiliated to the EBU.

Tuesday 20 March Duplicate

Thanks Jeremy for running Bridge this week and scoring it.  The results will be posted on the website and sent to the EBU early next week.  In the meantime here they are...

1st Tricia and Marian 64.6%; 2nd Helen and Tim 60.5%; 3rd James and Jeremy B 57.9%; 4th Kevin and Martin 56.7%; 5th James and Kathy 52.1%; 6th= Jeremy C and Julia and Jean and Ann 49.8%; 8th Verna and Janet 49.2%; 9th Sally M and Dorothy 47.6%; 10th Tony and John 45%; 11th Wini and Nicky 42.5%; 12th Sally W and Marjorie 42.4%; 13th Christina and Jenny 38.1%.

This week’s ‘Hand of the Week’ is a good example of how easy it is to go wrong in defence but also how to get it right with a little more thought...

Hand of the Week - Tuesday 20 March 2018

The above hand was one of the deals in the Hampshire Congress Green Point Pairs event held on Saturday 10 March.  It demonstrates why the defence is often regarded as the hardest part of the game and how it is all too easy to focus on your own hand rather than thinking about the whereabouts of the cards you can’t see.

The bidding wasn’t the best but North-South nevertheless ended in 3NT which was the right spot.

East led the three of spades on which Declarer decided to play the Jack from dummy, beaten by the Queen and King.  Declarer then played Ace of clubs, a diamond to dummy and then took a club finesse which lost to East’s Jack.  East returned a heart and Declarer then cashed two top hearts and three more top diamonds.

On dummy’s diamonds Declarer discarded a spade and West discarded his two black twos.  Declarer then played a club to his King then exited with the Jack of hearts which West won with the Queen, East discarding the nine of spades.  

The two card ending was as follows:

Declarer held ♠10 ♣9; East held ♠ A ♣Q; Dummy held ♠7 7; West held ♠6 10.

West continued with the 10 of hearts, Declarer discarded the 10 of spades and East went into a huddle.  Eventually he let go of the Ace of spades so Dummy won the last trick with the 7 of spades for a very valuable overtrick and a good score.  Holding 3NT to nine tricks would have earned most of the matchpoints for East-West as there are actually a number of ways North-South could have achieved ten tricks.

East apologised to his partner for losing track.  West’s two black two discards indicated three clubs and four spades.  However West was equally at fault.  If he had been paying more attention rather than just looking at his own winners, he could have prevented his partner from making a mistake.  Surely if Declarer had held either the Ace of spades or Queen of clubs, he would have cashed them rather than play the Jack of hearts.  West should therefore not have taken his ten of hearts but played his spade, allowing his partner to win the last two tricks.  The blame verdict - Six of one and half a dozen of the other!

2017 Bridge Club Champion List

The EBU has just published its Club Champion List for 2017.  For Badger Farm it was as follows:

1st was Fred Hotchen with 1155 (not surprising as I’m Badger Farm’s most regular attendee!!!)

2nd was John Sherringham with 699

3rd was Jeremy Baker with 648

4th= were Marian Rudd and Tricia Brooks with 393


Revoking happens from time to time during the play.  I remember being called once as someone had made an opening lead during the middle of the bidding!!  Anyway when a revoke has taken place,  the Director should always be summoned to resolve or adjudicate.

Basic rules regarding revoking are that if a player won the trick they revoked on, they forfeit two tricks and if they didn’t win the trick they revoked on, they forfeit one trick to the other side.

The reality is more complicated than that.  The above penalties are not supposed to be a punishment or a windfall for the opposition and you have to remember that any score adjustment also affects the rest of the field.  For instance if a revoke occurs and the offending side do not win any further tricks, there is no penalty.

Wherever possible, at Badger Farm I always to try to put things back on track and if it is possible to do so, there may be no further penalty.  In other words, if it is obvious what would have happened had the revoke not occurred, the play is set back on track with no further penalty.  This is of course not always possible and when this is the case, adjustments are made as above and, in extreme cases, where the revoke has completely messed up the hand, an adjusted score may be required.

13th March 2018
Scorer: Fred Hotchen
6th March 2018
Scorer: Fred Hotchen
27th February 2018
Scorer: Fred Hotchen
13th March 2018
Scorer: Fred Hotchen
6th March 2018
Scorer: Fred Hotchen
27th February 2018
Scorer: Fred Hotchen