February Supervised Play Schedule


Beginning: Monday @ 3:30 - 11th, 18th, 25th

Intermediate:  Wednesday @ 2:30 - 13th, 27th

UNIT Game - Sunday, February 17th

This month's UNIT game will be held a week from Sunday and will feature a tribute to our good friend and long time member, Sanford Lebow!  Lunch will be served at noon with a few minutes to remember Sanford before we start the game.  Brian, Steven and Carol (Sanford's children) will be on hand for lunch and remembrance and the menu looks absolutely delicious:  Brisket, Cream Horseradish, Scalloped Potatoes, Carrots, Peas, Salads, Fruits, Chocolate Dessert, Kugel and Fruit Dump Cake.  How could you possibly pass that up??????  The 2 section game will start at approximately 12:45pm....PLEASE sign up on the UNIT bulletin board!  Alan




Welcome to Bridge Academy II

77 Rolling Oaks Road    Thousand Oaks    CA    91361    (805) 495-0385   bridgeacademy2@verizon.net

Let's Play Bridge!
Let's Play Bridge!

Bridge Academy II has a game almost every day of the week. Even special games for 499ers and 749ers. We are a ZERO TOLERANCE CLUB offering the friendiest game around! We hope you'll join us.

Practical Tips to Speed Up Your Play

Being stuck behind a slow pair can be frustrating.  There are a few practical things many pairs can do to speed up their game without detracting from the time dedicated to the bidding and play.


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Bob Gruber's Bits and Pieces

New Ranks Achieved:


Sin Orensztein


Special Games!
Feb 1st Birthday Cake & Free Play Draw
Feb 13th Club Championship
Feb 14th Club Championship
Feb 15th Club Membership
Feb 17th UNIT Game - Tribute to Sanford
Feb 18th Charity Game
Feb 19th Charity Game
Feb 20th Charity Game
Feb 21st Charity Game
Feb 22nd Charity Game
Feb 23rd Charity Game


Open Pairs - Stratified
Director: Linda Beutel
Open Pairs
Director: Peter Knee
749 Pairs
Director: Alan Curtis
Feb 16, 2019
Open Pairs & 299 Pairs
10:30 am
Feb 17, 2019
Lunch @ noon; Game @ 12:30 - Tribute to Sanford!
Feb 18, 2019
Open Pairs
10:30 am
Charity Game