April Supervised Play Schedule


Beginning: Monday @ 3:30 -9th, 16th, 23rd

Intermediate:  Wednesday @ 2:30 - 11th, 25th

Bring Home a Cure

As many of you know, our good friend Jean Jolin has a grandson Connor who has been stricken with a rare and to date, incurable form of cancer.  His name is Connor MacLea and April has been dubbed as a fundraising month to help find a cure for Connor.  Bridge Academy II wants to help in every way possible.  On Sunday, April 22nd, we will be holding a game here at the club with 2 sections - a sanctioned 499er game that will be upgraded (extra master points) and a non master point supervised play game.  Diane and I will be here and if there are any of you experienced players who would like to swing by to donate and or help the students....please do.  ALL proceeds from this event will go towards a cure for Connor.  Lunch will be provided at 12:30 with the games to start at 1pm.  Then from April 23rd through the 26th, we will run charity games with Connors fund being the benefiting local charity.  Please check out their website at www.BringHomeaCure.com for a list of activities or to make a donation.  THANK YOU for your support!

Welcome to Bridge Academy II

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Let's Play Bridge!
Let's Play Bridge!

Bridge Academy II has a game almost every day of the week. Even special games for 299ers and 749ers. We are a ZERO TOLERANCE CLUB offering the friendiest game around! We hope you'll join us.

Types of Doubles

At the onset of bridge, when the only meaning of the term “Double” was to increase the penalties if a contract was defeated, there was no confusion as to its intent.  Now, however, the large variety of doubles that are similar in nature, yet different, often present a problem to the beginning bridge player.  Perhaps, some of the confusion can be alleviated by assembling some of these doubles in a table.


Bob Gruber's Bits and Pieces

New Ranks Achieved:


Connie Mundell



Larry Doose



Special Games!
Feb 14th Club Championship
Feb 15th Club Championship (both AM and PM)
Wk of Feb 19th Charity Games
Mar 1st Birthday Cake/Free Play Draw
Wk of Mar 5th Charity Games
Mar 10th Pre-game tribute to Gerry plus pizza
Mar 16th Club Championship
Mar 17th Club Championship
Wk of Mar 19th STaC
Mar 25th UNIT Game - Lunch @noon; Game 12:30


Open Pairs
Director: Peter Knee
749 Pairs
Director: Diane Gunther
Open Pairs & 299 Pairs
Director: Alan Curtis
Mar 23, 2018
Open Pairs
10:30 am
Mar 24, 2018
Open Pairs & 299 Pairs
10:30 am
Mar 25, 2018