January Supervised Play Schedule


Beginning: Monday @ 3:30 - 14th, 21st, 28th

Intermediate:  Wednesday @ 2:30 - 9th, 23rd

Beginning Bridge Lessons by Peter Knee

Peter's next series of beginning bridge lessons is scheduled to begin on Monday, February 4th - 7pm here at BA II.  If you know of anyone who might be interested, PLEASE contact either Peter or myself.  Cost for the 9 week course is $120 per person plus $20 for the text book.  You know Peter as a great player and director but he also a very effective instructor who has helped launch literally thousands of bridge players on their way to enjoying our wonderful game!  Thanks so much,  Alan




Welcome to Bridge Academy II

77 Rolling Oaks Road    Thousand Oaks    CA    91361    (805) 495-0385   bridgeacademy2@verizon.net

Let's Play Bridge!
Let's Play Bridge!

Bridge Academy II has a game almost every day of the week. Even special games for 499ers and 749ers. We are a ZERO TOLERANCE CLUB offering the friendiest game around! We hope you'll join us.

Last Round Scoring

“We got 2 out of 2 cold tops on the last round.  How come our percentage didn’t go up more?  We were at 66.3% going into the last round.  I thought we’d make it to 70%.  Instead, we only went up to 68.1%!  How can that be?”


Ever had those thoughts yourself?  Are you still wondering:  “How can that be?”  If so, let’s see if we can shed some light on this mystery.


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Bob Gruber's Bits and Pieces

New Ranks Achieved:


Lilian Jiang


Shirlee Berger

Connie Raabe

Keith Selbrede


Tom Temaat


Gabriella Amadeo

Bill Carlson

Special Games!
Jan 1st CLOSED for New Years
Jan 14th Club Championship
Jan 15th Club Championship
Jan 20th UNIT Game
Jan 21st Junior Fund Game
Jan 22nd ACBL Wide Jr Fund Game
Jan 23rd Junior Fund Game
Jan 24th Junior Fund Game
Jan 25th Junior Fund Game
Jan 26th Junior Fund Game


Open Pairs
Director: Alan Curtis
Open Pairs
Director: Peter Knee
749 Pairs
Director: Diane Gunther
Jan 19, 2019
Open Pairs & 299 Pairs
10:30 am
Jan 20, 2019
Lunch @ noon; Game @ 12:30
Jan 21, 2019
Open Pairs
10:30 am
Junior Fund Game - Additional $1 Fee