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 The latest EBU "Rules on Alerting & Announcing" are available in the above menu  "EBU Information". They are not all necessary at Aylsham  but players should make sure less experienced players understand any conventions, weak bids, cue bids etc. that may be used by explaining (Announcing) not just alerting.
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  Andrew Robsons's Daily Bridge Column in the Times.


Andrew Robson

  Andrew Robson Biography

About Andrew Robson

Andrew Robson is widely regarded as one of the finest Bridge player/teacher/writers in the world today. He has recently starred in the first ever learning Bridge DVD, Play Modern Bridge, which can be bought via this website. When not at his Club, Andrew travels the country, inspiring thousands at the many Charity functions and Master Classes he leads.

As a player, Andrew won the world Junior Championships in 1989, the European Championships in 1991, and the list of tournament successes during and since is too long to list. His finest achievements over the past three years are to win the British Gold Cup twice (with David Bakhshi, the lead-teacher at ARBC); and to win the Silver Medal in the 2004 World Individual.

As a writer, Andrew began in the early Nineties writing for the Oldie, the Spectator and the Express on Sunday, and has now been writing for Country Life for a decade. He is most famous, however, for his daily column in The Times. His clarity of style has seen him become universally acclaimed, and a compilation of his Friday Columns for the “less experienced” entitled “Common Mistakes…and how to avoid them” will be published (by Harper Collins) this September.

Andrew’s teaching is also legendary. Entertaining, simple, brilliant…his teaching has been described as this and much more over the years. Having constructed all the courses taught at ARBC and constantly fine-tuned them, Andrew has ensured a most rewarding – and very feasible - passage for the complete beginner on their path to achieving what they wish from Bridge; whether it be an accomplished Duplicate player or a happy social player.

When not Bridging, Andrew loves to ride his mountain bicycle, many of his other sporting pursuits being made less possible by a serious mountaineering accident in 2001. Andrew lives in Putney with his wife and two young daughters, Hannah, aged five and Mimi, aged three.

  Andrew Robson's Masterclass 4 Dec 2008

On Thursday, 4th December 2008 Cathy and David attended the “Andrew Robson’s Masterclass” held at the Norwich Girl’s High School.  It was a very informative evening attended by approximately 100 people from all the local bridge clubs in the Norwich and surrounding areas. 

The main topic for the Masterclass was “Defending Trump Contracts – Observing Dummy”, in which after the opening lead and dummy is tabled, defenders are encouraged to make a decision as whether to:
a)      Attack by switching suits if dummy has a long powerful side suit 
      where declarer can discard his losers,
b)      Lead trumps if dummy has a ruffing value,
c)      Go passive, if neither of the above.

Prepared hands illustrating the above were available and each table had the opportunity of bidding and then playing them out – A.R. continued to circulate around the tables offering his expert help and advice during this period of the evening.

During the mid-session interval light refreshments and wine was provided, together with a selection of Andrew’s books and DVD’s available for purchase.

Andrew Robson proved to be an extremely entertaining host and the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The event was organised be the "Bridge Circle at The Norfolk Club" and hosted by Graham Grist.

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