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My beginner led the isolated K from K865. This was killed by the A and promoted the Q for declarer.
I extolled the virtues of 4th highest leads and after some thought he said that he was ashamed to have commited regicide!

Yes indeed. Poor Reg.

Daffodil between two thorns!
Daffodil between two thorns!

Who is Jonathan texting - or is he playing Candy Crush!

Its not easy this TD'ing stuff. Tuesday morning training boot camp in Great Kimble
Where's the coffee?

Bournemouth Bridge Holiday
Bournemouth Bridge Holiday

Our own Mike Dobson has taken over from Richard Czapski in running what used to be called Elwyn's bridge Holiday. (Do keep up!)
Unless global warming takes a hike in the next eight months we cannot guarantee that the weather will look like the picture:-)
Click on the text to find out more.

Wessex League

9th March 2015

In our final match of the season, we secured an impressive victory by 31 IMPs against the (then) league leaders Wantage 'B'.

This secures our position in the middle of the table, safe from relegation (and indeed from promotion), with a very good chance that we will stay ahead of Thame 'B'.

Congratulations to Richard Plummer for his successful organisation of this year's campaign.

See the full league table by clicking here.

19 Jan 2015

A narrow victory over Thame "B" means we are still in middle of table.


A narrow loss to Wallingford 'D' might have been mildly disappointing, but it means that we retain our position in the middle of the table.


Our Wessex League team were brought down to earth with a 17-3 loss to Witney, despite holding a very narrow lead at half time.

The season began well with a resounding away win against Frilford 'B', and continued two weeks ago with a close victory over Oxford 'E'.

Chief Host Angel !
Chief Host Angel !

Our club has always been a great advocate of 'everyone gets a game'. Just turn up and a partner will be found - every time.
It particularily suits people graduating from courses who have yet to find a regular partner and people new to the area who want to try our club (good choice!)

Our lovely Maureen is our Chief Host Angel.  Her task is to allocate volunteer hosts to session dates.
She looks a bit shocked here actually:-)

Bad Weather Cancellations
Bad Weather Cancellations

If the weather is a bit tricky a decision whether the session will be held will be taken no later than 5pm on the day of the session and posted here on the website.

Hello Stephen!
Hello Stephen!

A very warm welcome to our new TD. We all know and love Stephen of course and it's not easy this TDing stuff. He handled everything so well on his first night in charge. It didn't help that the centre's WiFi was down but the results were still in the player's boxes by 11pm. Very well done Stephen! 

Am livid because you went to bed with an Ace!

Sue's next cruise
Sue's next cruise

Cruise number Oriana X511 - June departure
click for details

Cruise number Aurora R518 - round trip Carribean -
November departure


Announcing this that and the other
Announcing this that and the other
We have all got used to 'announcing' the range of partners opening bid of 1NT. Now the rules have been extended to announcing the range of the opening bid of 2NT.
Subsequent transfers and Stayman also require an announcement.
Additionally those of us that play 5-card major suit openings, a minor suit opening that could be two cards or fewer should be announced even if it is non-forcing. 

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Come and join us!
Come and join us!

New to Buckinghamshire and played a bit before?
Or maybe played ages ago and want to get started again.
Or perhaps you play at another local club that plays on a different night

Whatever your reason visit our friendly club. You will be more than welcome.
We promise it won't be like the cartoon.
We meet every Tuesday evening at 7.30pm. Town centre location. Bags of parking space.
A partner will be found, no need to pre-book - or bring your own partner.
 EBU affiliated. Instant scoring with hand records.
Our club specialises in newcomers and improvers.
Beginner's courses and improvers seminars

New!  Commentary of the session's hands (as well as the results list) will be emailed to the players immediately after the session. By the time you get home the commentary will be in your inbox. The commentary includes suggested auction and some play and defence points on each of the deals.
Contact sue@aylesburyvalebridge.com - and lets see how we can get you started. Or just turn up!

    We are just so friendly - honest!

Seminar in Southampton
Seminar in Southampton

Seemed strange to be doing a seminar in Southampton this weekend and not being on a ship!

Grand Slammer (well done Eddi and Elizabeth!)

Congratulations to Eddi and Elizabeth and Graeme and Peter for getting to the grand slam last night.
Eddi and Elizabeth have not been playing twelve months yet and did exeptionally well to get to 7
Graeme and Peter got the top match points though as they bid to 7NT on this hand.

East is minding his own business when this happens. Partner is sitting bolt upright. You haven’t seen him so alert for weeks

When partner opens 1NT, 3♣ / is always a slam try with six+ diamond cards which is why East should acknowledge the diamond fit straightaway rather than respond 3NT. With only five diamond cards and the same point count West would have raised 1NT to 6NT.

Having collected all the Aces and Kings in a couple of rounds of Blackwood and knowing that the diamonds will run (which is why you should acknowledge the diamond fit) West will go for the match points and bid 7NT rather than 7  
Very often with grand slams there is nothing to the play and after winning the lead and cashing a top diamond declarer can claim.


Oh My Goodness!
Oh My Goodness!

It was the Night of the Stars when our Nick Stubbs and Ray Heath played Zia Mahmood.
With a field that boasted at least a dozen household-name world champions our intrepid duo played in the event which raised over £50K for four charities.

Ray picks up the story ..
"After an energy-sapping evening the last two boards were against Zia!

Nick bid and declared what felt like the most nerve racking game of his life.  When he finally made it with an overtrick, he mopped his brow out of relief it was over.


Then the final board of the evening.  Zia asked "Is this the last of the evening?"  Ray said "Yes, so impress us."  Zia's partner opened the bidding 1 with Zia responding 1 . The auction continued to 1NT.
At this point a director asked if anyone had mislaid a spectacle case and Ray briefly looked up from the table.  At this precise moment Zia bid 6
.  "Did I miss something in the bidding?" Ray exclaimed! 
Nick and Ray were suitably impressed and never happier to have received a joint bottom".


Our featured board was board 2.
East/West were playing 5-card majors and a strong no trump and so East had to open a short 1
A nice quiet 1 response from Zia followed by a 1NT rebid (now 12-14) bid by East and Zia flies into action!
The contract needs both the K
♠ and the K right.
Zia would be fairly confident that the K
♠ was right as Ray had overcalled a spade. In value terms the K♣ was probably marked with the overcaller too. He has no other finnesing position anyway so needs must!
I am assuming that Ray led the K
. Zia will win, ruff a heart to get back to hand and play a small club to the Q♣, when the K♣ pops up with North it just remains to win any return then ruff a couple of losing clubs in dummy (before drawing trumps) take the spade finnese and claim the contract. 
It is a cheeky slam. Against the odds. But it is the last hand of the evening and Zia's partnership needed to get some imps on the board. Thats Zia.

6 bid and made losing just to the K♣. 


Simply the Best

Chris Ainley and Geoff Warburton scored a magnificent 74% - not quite a club record as Jonathan and Rosalie scored 75% last year - recently playing North/South at our club.
Just to prove that it is not all luck they were the only pair on board 11 to evaluate their hands correctly. Chris opens this magnificent hand with 1
I am assuming the actual auction but this is how it probably (should) have gone.
Most Souths passed but Geoff realised that the singleton club added much value to his hand and so even with only three spade cards managed to squeak 2
It was a great squeak!
Chris's hand now improves with the known spade fit and the singleton diamond and has no trouble in reaching for the 4
Winning the lead (albiet a bizarre 10
 rather than the more natural Q) Chris must now optimise the dummy's singleton club and start ruffing away those club losers rather than draw the trumps. Most made eleven tricks but only Chris and Geoff bid it. Worthy winners.

41st best place to live!
41st best place to live!

Aylesbury Vale has been voted the 41st best place to live in the UK.
We have no doubt that our bridge club of the same name has contributed to this bestness.

The Way we Were
The Way we Were

Sue looks back at how things were when she first started at a bridge club nearly forty years ago (I know!)
Somethings never change of course. There are still 52 cards in a pack. And still the odd joker down at the club.
But the way we access our information has transformed the way we view things.
Click on the picture to read the story.


National Treasure RIP
National Treasure RIP

Tony Priday who died this week was one of the last of the greats. It was such a privilege to spend time with him last year .

Dinner with a national treasure is always a treat. On board ship was Tony Priday and his wife Vivian. We heard great stories of legends such as Stan Stayman and Omar, Reese and Schapiro.

Tony with his wife Vivian beat everyone in sight in the daily duplicate and even gave us all a seminar on hands played. 

Farewell Mike and Jeanne
Farewell Mike and Jeanne

We are so sorry to see you go - but we wish you much love and happiness in your retirement and new life in Somerset

Our Club Says Thanks Mike!
Our Club Says Thanks Mike!

Forty four people turned up to say goodbye to Mike on his last night at the club. A cut glass fruit bowl engraved with ' More Than Just A Game - Aylesbury Vale Bridge Club' was presented on behalf of our club by Sue, Richard and Ian.
In presentating the bowl Sue said that we all loved him and will all miss him.

caption competition

All caption suggestions on a postcard please!

caption competition
Click for the latest results
Guest Commentators Andrew Kambites and Brian Senior join us

Our club has engaged the services of two of the countries top bridge authors to write the club commentary.

Our improvers especially have enjoyed reading the commentaries after each session.
And now they will get a top expert's take on how the bidding should proceed for each deal that they have played.
It is such a good aide to the learning process to find out what you should have bid on a hand. There will also be one or two playing and defensive tips too.

Top authors Brian Senior and Andrew Kambites have each agreed to guest a commentary once a month.

As before the commentary will be in your inbox as soon as you get home from the session on Tuesday evening.

For the other weeks in the month am afraid you will just get me:-)

Sunday Morning Practice Play
Sunday Morning Practice Play

What should I bid now?  What shall I lead?  Should I have made that?
Practice a new system or convention. Consolidate some basics.
This is what practice play sessions are all about.
Topic notes provided on any subject that crops up
Come on your own or bring a partner.


Learn Bridge Now! - Thursdays in April
Learn Bridge Now! - Thursdays in April

Wednesday 16th April 2015 - 8pm - 10-pm
Start at the very beginning - a very good place to start:-)
Brand new beginner's classes starting on Thursday evenings .
sue@aylesburyvalebridge.com to find out more

Brian Senior Team wins the NEC Cup
Brian Senior Team wins the NEC Cup

Brian Senior who was part of an English team, won the prestigious NEC cup at the weekend in Yokohama.
Brian is a new contributor to our club having agreed to do a monthly commentary for us.

Farewell Mike
Farewell Mike

Our club will forever be grateful for Mike's friendship and loyalty.
His contribution to the club has been immense and cannot be understated.
He and Jeanne were founder members in 2004 and Mike went on to be a very capable and charming host/TD.
He also took on the captaincy of our club in the Wessex League and guided us to promotion in the first year and consolidated our position in the second year.
So thank you Mike!  We never say goodbye - just au revoir

Children in Need
Children in Need

£130 was raised from our club on the Sim Pairs night

daft but nice :-)
daft but nice :-)

Am always looking for new clip art images for the game. When you enter bridge into the search engine it pops up with all sorts of images with no relevance to what we do. Pictures of bridges mostly!

Anyway I thought I would share this one with you. Totally useless of course but brightens up the day.


Tessa held a charity bridge drive for Macmillan on Saturday 24th May
Our own lovely Keith Smith won the overall prize with the highest score 

Where Do Our Members Live
Where Do Our Members LiveBuckinghamshire - Oxfordshire -Bedfordshire
Aylesbury. Whichurch. Leighton Buzzard. Buckingham. Wendover. Oving. High Wycombe. Chinnor. Long Crendon Haddenham. Berkhamsted. Mentmore. Tring. Monks Risborough. North Marston. Thornborough. Great Kimble. Gawcott. Bicester. Chesham. Gt Missendon. Ibstone. Brill. Bierton. Haydon Hill. Weston Turville. Marsworth. Aston Clinton. Winslow. Cublington. Waddesdon. Gt Brickhill. Steeple Claydon. Little Horwood.

AVB specialises in seminars for coaching groups, clubs and cruise ships. Anything from 2-hour topic sessions to two-day full seminars. The theme for most of the seminars is how to deploy basic systems such as Acol and SAYC more effectively. With the use of projector and screen, complex issues such as responding to partners overcall, handling big hands and deploying barrage bidding properly are made simple and fun. At a recent 2-day seminar in West Wales, Chairman of Haverfordwest Bridge Club Judith Graham-Jones commented

"so many thanks for your wonderful presentation. Everyone was thrilled with it and asking for more! So many complimentary remarks about YOU. The visuals in particular were marvellous and such fun".
A full programme of seminars are booked well into 2014 with Fred.Olsen and P&O cruises. To find out about dates for these cruises or to enquire about a seminar for your club contact sue@aylesburyvalebridge.com
Mini Bridge Booklet
Mini Bridge Booklet

Mini Bridge is a simple intro to the game used by all good teachers. In fact it is a very good game in its own right. Most established bridge authors don't much bother with the subject, preferring to stick to the intricicies of the big game.
Many of the existing publications are joyless and dire.

Very Easy Mini Bridge is a 20 page full colour, spiral bound, laminated publication. As you would expect from this author, it is full of fun, humour and is very, very easy to understand.
This booklet is ideal if you want to teach your children or grandchildren the rudiments of the game. 
Bridge author, Andrew Kambites comments 'this booklet is typical Sue Maxwell - and that is a compliment'
If you would like a copy, email Sue at 
20% discount applies to all members present and past of AVB, P&O cruisers and EBUTA teachers.

26th May 2015
Tuesday Pairs
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19th May 2015
Tuesday Pairs
Director: Richard Plummer
12th May 2015
Tuesday Pairs
Director: Stephen Marshall
2nd Jun 2015
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