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The EBU Bridge Shop
The EBU Bridge Shop

The Bridge Warehouse offers low prices to everyone, all the time, and if a competitor is cheaper then they will do their best to match the price. As all profits are reinvested in the EBU why would you shop anywhere else?!

Want a Partner?


Any member who requires a partner  can contact Paul Merrick who is the clubs Pairing Co-Ordinator.

Call Paul on

07979 862896

or email p@merrick.name

Vu-Bridge Beginner's Corner

Vu-Bridge (ACOL version)
choosen by the EBU!

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Saturday January 30th, 2016:
Careful Play by Paul Bowyer

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Vu-Bridge Hand of the Week

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Saturday, January 30th, 2016:
Diamonds, again! By David Bird

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Losing Trick Count


What is it? ~


Partner opens the bidding and you have 4-card support for partnerís suit.  This is a secondary method of deciding what level to support to. ~


Simple explanation.  Losers are missing Aces, Kings and Queens. ~


  A 10 7          missing K and Q
  K J 9 8          missing A and Q
  3 2               missing A and K
                      (don't count the Q as there are only 2 cards in the suit)
  Q J 2            missing A and K ~


= 8 losers, add 7 for partners hand =15
Take 15 from 18 =3 so you could bid 3


Playing Acol, with 11 points this hand is worth a limit raise to 3 (10-12 points), the LTC confirms this.  Some hands are not as clear cut as this and LTC is a very useful extra guide. ~


Basic principal, partner has opened a suit at the one-level with 7-losers.~


1.      Count your losers~


2.      Add to your partners losers~


3.      Subtract from 18~


To read more visit Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia Click here~