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The Centenary Cup for teams of 8 players was once again hosted by the Royal Automobile Club  on 14th May.  9 teams competed for the trophy, the Reform Club running out winners with +98 IMPs.  The Athenaeum team comprising Messrs Llloyd & Cooper, Ricketts & Thornton, Shanahan & Oppenheimer and Singer & Neilson finished 7th on -27 IMPs, a disappointing result though by no means a disaster.  The results can be found here


Club Matches

A game of two halves
The Athenaeum entertained a strong team from the Oxford and Cambridge Club on 25 October, losing by 74 IMPs after being in contention at the interval. Our team was:
Pascal Ricketts & Geoff Lloyd
John Neilson & Donald Singer
Keith Robertson & Bill Shanahan
Richard Collins & David Morriss


Narrow victory vs House of Lords
The home match against the House of Lords (captained by on-loan James Cooper!) produced a nail-biting finish, the Athenaeum overturning a half-time deficit to scrape home by 1IMP.  Our team was Geoffrey Lloyd (captain) & Pascal Ricketts, John Neilson & Donald Singer, Hazelanne Lewis & Charles King-Farlow and Keith Robertson & Richard Collins




Welcome to Bridge at The Athenaeum
Inter-Club Duplicate at the Athenaeum
Inter-Club Duplicate at the Athenaeum

This is the website for inter-club duplicate tournaments, generally held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Athenaeum Club in London's Pall Mall.  The Athenaeum is a private members club.  Anyone wishing to play should contact Geoffrey Lloyd at


Hands are pre-dealt and scored electronically at the table. Results are available immediately after the final hands are played, together with a copy of the hands.  Results are also posted to the Bridge at the Athenaeum website.  These events start at 18.45 prompt.  Please arrive by 18.35 to allow time for registration etc.



The Sir Basil Hall Challenge Trophy is awarded to the player with the highest average percentage score over their best 5 appearances during the season, not more than 3 of which are with the same partner*.  To see the running scores, click on Competitions in the box on the left of this page, and then on Challenge Trophy.


 The next 3 events are on 15th January, 19th February and 19th March 2019


*Subject, of course to a minimum of 5 appearances; the winner must be a member of a St James's or kindred club



2011 Challenge Trophy winner down with the kids!
2011 Challenge Trophy winner down with the kids!
Peter Lennon & Ian Coleman win November Inter-club Pairs

The November Inter-club Pairs was a close run thing, with Peter Lennon & Ian Coleman (66.2%) finishing just ahead of Tessa Blackstone & Paul Thornton (65.8%).  Jeremy Willans & Tim Smith completed the podium places with 62.3%.  There was scarcely a slam bid all evening despite the cold 6 on Board 21 and 7 on Board 11.  On the latter, what's wrong with 1 - 1 - 1NT - 4 - 4 - 4♠ - 5♣ - 6?  By by-passing 3NT, 4  shows a strong hand with 4+ Diamonds and slam interest.  The next 3 bids are all cue bids.  I know, we didn't dind it either!  Thanks to Paul Russell for directing.

Peter Lennon and Ian Coleman have also taken the lead in the competition for the Sir Basil Hall Challenge Trophy 2018/19.  However it is still early days and one or other of them will have to play with at least 2 other partners to be eligible for the trophy.

Director: P Thornton
Scorer: P Thornton
Inter-club Pairs
Director: Paul Russell
Scorer: Paul Russell
Director: Victor Lesk and Caroline Bottoms
Scorer: Victor Lesk and Caroline Bottoms
15th Jan 2019
Inter-club Pairs
19th Feb 2019
Inter-club Pairs
19th Mar 2019
Inter-club Pairs
21st May 2019
Inter-club Pairs
18th Jun 2019
Inter-club Pairs