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Ashton Bridge Club - We extend a warm welcome to players of all standards
Social Teams


Our next Social Teams will be on Saturday 29th September at 7pm.

We will be eating first and playing bridge afterwards.


Hosting Sessions

A list of hosts required for the next couple of months has been put on the Notice Board so get volunteering!! If every member volunteers JUST ONCE PER YEAR then most of the sessions will be covered although, if you feel that you can manage more than one session then please do!

29 members have so far volunteered, 10 of whom have volunteered more than once.

(PS It's free to play if you are the host and, if you are not required, you will receive a 'free play' voucher to be used at any future session)

Keep an eye on the Notice Board as some sessions will inevitably 'fall through the net' and not be covered.

If you would like to volunteer but are not going to the club in the near future just send an email to

The following sessions already have a host:


Come and Join us at :-
Come and Join us at :-


Visitors are most welcome at our friendly club.  Do come and join us.  All our hands are randomly dealt using a "duplimate machine" and each session is scored using "bridgemates" so that you know your result before leaving at the end of each session and, if you wish, you can take away a copy of the hands you have played.

For further details (times, costs, location etc.) click on "Club Information" in the menu on the left hand side of this page.

To contact us please email


Beginners Course

Beginners Lessons

Tuesdays from 1pm until 3:30pm

A new course starts on Tuesday 5th June

Anyone interested, or who knows someone who might be interested, should email

or contact Gordon on 07530 553594 for further details.


Monday Afternoons

1pm to 4pm

These afternoon sessions include supervised play suitable for beginners with some experience who wish to build up their confidence. Gordon Bickley will oversee the play and advise as required. Come along with or without a partner.


Friday pairs
Director: JP
Thursday pairs
Director: GV
Wednesday pairs
Director: GB
Tuesday pairs
Director: JP
Monday pairs
Director: GB
Friday pairs
Director: JP
Thursday pairs
Director: IH
Wednesday 12 September
Director: PSH
Tuesday 11 September
Director: gb
Monday 10 September
Director: gb
Friday 7 September
Director: JP
Thursday06 September
Director: Gv
Wednesday 5th September
Director: PSH
Director: JP