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Bidding Topics

Explore a number of new(er) developments in bidding

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Become the Shark
A 10 week series to improve your defense - both play and bidding

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2018 Friday Mini-Lessons

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2018 Big Games

Richard Hudspeth & Sally Boerschig
80.83 - May 26

Stan & Sarah Manow
75.80 - April 6

Ann-Marie McBride & David Lehrer
82.50 - March 24

Tom Milton & Kathy Yurchenco
76.32 - March 24

Xander & Craig White
73.33 - March 3

Picture Gallery

Richard Silverstone Day

March 12, 2018

Richard and his partners play one last game


Evelyn Weinmann achieves Sapphire Life Master status
with 3500 Masterpoints

Congratulations to Barbara Lilenfeld and Mark Whipple for earning Life Master status at the Gatlinburg Regional

Youth Bridge
Youth Bridge
Mentoring Game Director Nick Frost
Mentoring Game Director Nick Frost