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2017 Big Games

Sarah and Stan Manow
70.94 - September 28

Ann-Marie McBride & Dave Lehrer
77.38 - July 31

Lloyd Weinerman & Lee Wilcox
71.00 - July 25

Max Shaw & Paul Westervelt
70.14 - June 29

Howard Berkowitz & Bert Hall
72.92  - April 12

Barry & Linda Curtis
72.62 - January 6

In Memory
Remembering Asheville Bridge Room Players


(Listed Alphabetically)


Gerre Cahan

1925 or 1926-2015


♠   ♣ 


Jeanne Kaunitz



♠   ♣ 


James McCain



♠   ♣ 


Bieman McKenzie



Asheville  Bridge Room has lost one of its most respected and colorful players, Bieman McKenzie. Equally at home on the golf course, in the bridge room or at the bar! - Bieman was always at the head of his game. A one time director and game owner,  Bieman always did what he could to support ABR games. I am sure Bieman has renewed his partnership with his best friend Blanton Wright in the heavenly duplicate game!! (by Nick Frost)


We initially met Bieman as our next-door neighbor when we moved to Asheville in the early '70's.  He soon introduced us to the Asheville bridge club, where we learned that he was not only a champion golfer, but one of Western North Carolina's finest bridge players.  And yet, beyond these talents, he will always be remembered by us as the consummate gentleman. (Gail & Alan Marshall)


♠   ♣


Chuck Murdock

passed away on April 12, 2016


♠   ♣


Cynthia Nolan



♠   ♣ 


Ernest Rosenau



♠   ♣  


Margaret Stone



♠   ♣ 


Bob Williams