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Many thanks once again to everyone to contributed to and helped out on the night! The Committee were delighted to be able to raise almost €1,000 for our three chosen charities.

Margaret presented cheques to Barbara for Meals on Wheels, Deirdre for the Cancer Society and Maura for Alzheimers Meath Branch.

Thanks to the GAA for sharing the cost of the refreshments and a special thanks to all Members who are involved in Charity fundraisers in our Community.


Upcoming competitions & congresses
Upcoming competitions & congresses

Navan Bridge Club hosts the Laur Sheerin Trophy (Master & A's) & Navan Open (B's and Novice) on Good Friday 30th March 2018 in the Ardboyne Hotel, Navan @ 6p.m. Entry fee is €15 (including supper). Pre booking to Peter 086 8049531 before 8p.m. on Thursday 29th March.

Ratoath Bridge Club hosts their Charity Night on Thursday 5th April at 7p.m. sharp.  Members are invited to support the evening, which is in aid of the Gary Kelly Support Centre in Drogheda.€10 per player - there will be a raffle (please bring a little something as a raffle prize) with refreshments.

Kells Bridge Club will host the Kells Cup Competition on Sunday April 8th in the Newgrange Hotel in Navan @ 7.30p.m. sharp. €10 per person - all welcome. Entries to James on 086 1030409

Royal Tara Bridge Club will host the Dalgan Charity on Friday April 13th in Dalgan Park, Navan. €10 per person (refreshments served).

Regional Novice Championship will be held in Virginia on Friday 4th May @ 7p.m.

For further information on these, please check the CBAI's competitions section and the Club notice board.

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Bridge Trivia

An early version of the game was played in England as far back as the 16th Century.

  • Mrs Anthony Fly, of Little Rock, Arkansas, filed a petition for divorce, on the grounds that her husband refused to make up a four at bridge.
  • However, it could be a mistake to play with your husband or wife, as shown by Myrtle Bennett. In 1929, Myrtle shot and killed her husband over his bidding and play of a hand. Mrs Bennett was later acquitted!
  • The odds against four players each holding all thirteen cards in a suit are 2,235,197,406,895,366,368,301, 559,999 to one - or the same as Posh and Becks being out of the newspapers. Such a deal was first claimed in March 1892! Maybe winning the lottery isn't so difficult after all.
  • Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot played Bridge. Interestingly Christie made a mistake in “Cards on the Table”, where the murder was committed during a bridge game, because she forgot to include “50 for the insult” (for making a doubled/redoubled contract) in the scores.
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Joe Brown Winners 2017

Congratulations to the winners of the Joe Brown Cup 2017

Pat Duff & Mary Timoney

Mary & Pat being presented with the Cup by Ashbourne Club President, Margaret Daniels


Congratulations also to Christy Tierney & Deirdre Reid for second place, Kay Coghlan and Jacinta Kangley for third place, Ian Baker & John Fox for best Club Team and to Patsy Donoghue & Jim Wilson for Best A pair!!!!  Well done all!

Full results can be found under the results tab!

The Committee would like to thank everyone who supported the event, both Visitors and Members alike!

Additional thanks to Peter who ensured the event was such a success!

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Law 9 - Procedure following an irregularity

Law 9 Procedure Following an Irregularity

Dummy may now attempt to prevent an irregularity by any player, but is still unable to draw attention to an irregularity once it has occurred until play has concluded, except for correction of a mistaken explanation by Declarer. However Dummy is not allowed to enquire about a revoke by a Defender.

Last updated : 14th Dec 2017 11:31 GMT
Charity Night presentations 2017

Louise presented the two cheques for both Meals on Wheels (Barbara) and St Francis Hospice (Deirdre) on Tuesday.

Many thanks once again to everyone who made the night such a great success!!!!

Last updated : 5th Jul 2017 16:18 BST
Simultaneous Pairs 2017

Congratulations to Teresa and Barbara who were presented with their prize money for coming 1st in the best intermediate A1 section!!

Well done ladies!

Last updated : 5th Jul 2017 16:14 BST
Local Rule for Novices

 Novices do not play North/South in their first year in the Club.

It whas been agreed that Novices have enough pressure on them, playing in a Club environment and learning Bridge. Therefore, when sitting with first year Novices, the experienced Players will take the North/South position. The Club Rule, whereby cards are cut for table position, does not apply to first year Novices. The Committee would like to thank Members for their support on this rule.

Last updated : 7th Nov 2017 13:31 GMT
ABC first Honorary Member - season 2016-2017

Congratulations to Imelda who is Ashbourne Bridge Club's first Honorary Member

 following the new Committee decision to make everyone over the age of 90 Honorary Members!!

Well done Imelda from everyone in the Club!

Last updated : 29th Nov 2016 15:40 GMT

The role of 'Dummy'


The role of the dummy is to be "dumb" (Silent). That's why s/he is called the "dummy."


Basically, the dummy is not supposed to speak or act unless "spoken to." So dummy's powers are strictly limited, but include the following:


  1. Must lay down hand after the right hand opponent leads (but not before).
  2. May not further touch those cards except as directed by declarer. (Ideally, the dummy will have placed the cards in such a way that the declarer can reach them.)
  3. May call attention to a declarer error in progress (leading from the wrong hand, not following suit).
  4. May not initiate a conversation about anything else, including opponents' errors, but may respond to questions asked by a tournament director (TD). (Dummy may not initiate the calling of the TD.)
  5. May not leave his seat or walk around the room except in extreme emergency (fire alarm, and maybe bathroom breaks).
  6. May not peek at declarer's or opponents' cards (until played).


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