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The annual competitions will run from Sep 1st thru June 30th.
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Supervised Play

Wed 2-4pm, first and last Wed in month. Cost £3, no partner required.

Next session: 31st Jan


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Winners 2008-9
Competition Winners 2008-2009

Monday Pairs

Gold Section - Mary Hughes, David Owen
Silver Section - Maeve O'Neill, Audrey Steele

Monday Individual

Ladies - Mary Hughes
Gentlemen - Barry Read

Tuesday Pairs

Gold Section - Mary Hughes, David Owen
Silver Section - Audrey Steele and William Smyth

Tuesday Individual

Ladies - Pat Jones
Gentlemen - Vernon Bates

Other competitions

Mabel Cory Individual, 2nd Sept 2008 - Dave Calcutt

Jubilee Pairs, 5th May 2009. - Adrian Smith & Wendy Sherwin

Pivot Teams, 2nd June 2009. - Barry Read, William Smyth, Addis Page & Phil Adler
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