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Bridge Lessons in Solihull at Arden School of Bridge (Click on the link near the top of the left hand column & below)
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WCBA Mentored Pivot Teams 2018 - Congratulations to the Arden Teams 1st Lynda Williams, Minu Nathwani (guest), Terry Halliwell-Ewen & Jenny Middlemiss; 3rd Enid Thorley, Alan Raymant, Jay Kavi & James Medhurst; 6th Sue Hughes, Suzanne Naylor, Karen & Neil Bartlam out of 22 teams

Congratulations to Cyril & Jane Hall on winning the Arden Shield

Congratulations to Margaret Crangle, Ian & Jane Follett and John Illingworth on winning the Pivot Teams

Congratulations to Neil & Sue Ford and Ian Follett & Mike Thorley on winning the Pot Luck Teams (Ann Townsend Vase)

Congratulations to Jenny Allen & Angela Norman and Angela & Neville Chambers on winning the Handicap Teams

Congratulations to Mick Connell & Glynis Nicholson on winning the Morris Hughes Plate

Congratulations to Dave Pratt & Dave Rutter on winning the Dennis Witcomb Jug

Congratulations to Tony Boyer & Ken Richardson winning the Terry Keogh Trophy

Congratulations to Suzanne Naylor and Jackie O'Sullivan on winning the Dave Narbett Plate

Congratulations to Andy Clifford & Mike Thorley, Carolyn Fisher & Tony Boyer on winning the Terry Jones Multi Teams Trophy

Congratulations to Graham Essex & Ian Follett on winning the Fred White H'cap Pairs Trophy

Congratulations to Jo Hudson & James Medhurst coming first and  Jenny & Piers Cockcroft winning the Warwickshire Beginners Pairs Trophy for 2017

Congratulations to Jackie O'Sullivan, Suzanne Naylor, Mick Connell, Glynis Nicholson & Karen Bartlam on winning the Warwickshire Non-Expert Teams 2016/17

Fred White Handicap Pairs (4 of 5)
D Narbett & T Keogh Trophies (6 of 8)
Tue 26th Feb 2019
Thu 28th Feb 2019
Thu 7th Mar 2019
Ecats Sims & Fred White
Tue 12th Mar 2019
D Narbett & T Keogh Trophies (7 of 8)
Thu 14th Mar 2019
Terry Jones Teams Cup
Thu 21st Mar 2019
Thu 28th Mar 2019