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Release 2.19k
Etiquette Tip

Try to wait until you have played all boards in the round before discussing them, you will then know how much time you have for the discussion.

EBU Ranking
EBU Ranking
Premier National Master
Marjorie Rowledge
6* + Premier Regional Master
Shirley Urquhart
3* Premier Master
Diana Harvey
5* Master
Ken Sinden Muriel Hayden
3* Master
Phil Cretch Sue Cretch
2* Master
Janet Wright John Wright Sheila Wilson
1* Master
Dympna Moloney
Advanced Master
Reg Tripp Ron Turner Sarah Burt
Ann Penn Denise Cavanagh Grace Pilbeam Mary Crook Peter Lang
County Master
Catherine Cretch Graham Morgan Mandy Bristow Mike Bowler Mike Hawthorn
Sharon Lang
District Master
Barbara Thomas David Day Gary Ellis Hazel Reyne Jane Boulger
Janette Bartholomew Jim Bartholomew Les Angell Martin Gillie Maureen Clark
Morris Hopkins Neil Thomas Nora Turner Peter Sheppard Rosalind Sheppard
Wendy Crozier
Area Master
Barbara Amos Eleanor Robertson Hugh Butcher Jerry Ogilvie Mike Cowell
Club Master
Irene Midmore Jacky Gillie Janet Meager Lois Pope Malcolm MacNaghten
Patrick Burridge Richard Crook Sally Leech Sandra Bean Sue Craft
Local Master
Penny Stanton Scilla Winchester