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Many of us have been playing bridge for some time. So why does it seem that we keep making the same mistakes at times ?? (Or, am only speaking for myself ??)

 Vu-Bridge is a fine website where you can practice your bidding and play to your hearts content. There is no software to download and there is no subscription fee.

So, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player there is always room for futher development of the bridge skills.  

 Above is the link to VU-Bridge.. Have fun !

New: Vu-Bridge Defender
Try sample hands: Click here

Click here to play free hands

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Welcome to All Saints' Bridge Club

   We are a well-established bridge club with over 150 members who enjoy playing Duplicate Bridge in a friendly atmosphere.  It is quite normal to have three sections running most Tuesdays.  We currently have a full membership but we are always looking for new members.

Visitors can be sure of a warm welcome but whilst we have a full membership and until April 2018 visitors can only partner a member.

Please see Information for more details about the club.

Establishing a suit.

When Declarer, setting up a side suit depends upon quite a few things such as, how the bidding went and initial play. Having a long suit in dummy is always useful but you must have the correct entries.

It is worth giving that suit careful consideration.


  Having sufficient entries is NOT enough !

      It's using them at the RIGHT time !


A great article has been written by Debbie Rosenberg of the youth team, which is well worth a read. You may well gain that extra trick !!

This particular article covers suit contracts. Your plan may well be different in no trumps - so exercise care.

This is the link to her article - Establishing a long suit - (New Link)


Good shuffling

How many shuffles does it take to randomize a deck of cards and provide better playing hands ?

It has been proved mathematically that seven riffle shuffles (whereby the pack of cards is cut (split) into two halves and then interleaving the two halves of the pack) randomises the cards so that a greater variation of hands will be available for each player.

The overhand shuffle is a really bad way to mix cards: it takes about 2500 overhand shuffles to randomize a deck of 52 cards!

This is the video clip........ How to GENTLY riffle shuffle. .

Duplicate Bridge conventions


This club bases its rules on the Laws of Duplicate Bridge (ACOL) as laid out by the E.B.U. with some minor adjustments. In the main, it follows the Simplified Rules of Duplicate Bridge as defined in the “Yellow Book”.  Any unusual convention should be alerted. Non-ACOL should also  be alerted and described on a convention card for all to read.

The Rules of bridge have been updated from the beginning of August 2017.


Develop Your Bridge
Develop Your Bridge

            For those of you that wish to learn new conventions - and maybe, brush up on the old ones - Andrew Kambites (a well know International and national player) has kindly offered some of his notes. These cover a wide range of topics. Many are quite conventional some are not. So - something for everyone.

Check Useful Links.

Bridge Scoring
Bridge Scoring

When scoring, North should ensure full names are entered on reverse of first traveller. East must confirm all the results entered are correct.

If you sit out on the first round please ensure that your names on the reverse of the first traveller

 ♥ Please ensure you write 'sat out' on the correct line on the face of the traveller   

Section 1
Scorer: Tony Ferneyhough
Section 2
Scorer: Ken Keatley
Section 3
Scorer: Tony Sanders