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Click on the link below to view the photos of the trophy winners from the 2017 AGM.

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Welcome to Allendale Bridge Club

This new Dorset competition, on Sunday 15th April 2018, is aimed at novice, intermediate and other players with little or no tournament experience. Entries are invited from non expert players who have less than 10,000 Local / 10 Green Points and/or have a NGS ranking of 2-9 can be made on the Dorset web site

Hosting System

Hosting is available at every session except the 1st Thursday (O'Driscoll) and 3rd Monday (Teams). This means that members can come along to these sessions without a partner and be guaranteed a game i.e. there will always be someone available to make up a pair. Members should continue to fix up a game if possible, using "Find a Partner", as necessary.

Competitive and friendly Bridge
Competitive and friendly Bridge

Novice Friendly

Duplicate, Teams and Rubber Bridge

EBU Affiliated

Visitors and new members welcome

Partners found

Large Car Park (Free after 6pm)

The Allendale Bridge Club combines friendly bridge with competitive bridge. So we welcome all bridge players, from the most experienced to the keen beginner. We have about 200 members – some are extremely competent, others are relatively new to the game.


The Club actively discourages any aggressive behaviour. Our qualified tournament directors ensure that bridge is played by the EBU laws in a friendly atmosphere. We support the EBU's BB&B code - Best Behaviour @ Bridge.

Duplicate is played on Monday and Thursday evenings and Rubber bridge is on Tuesday afternoons. We also run various teams events. 


We would like to thank the following companies for supporting the club.

Lester Brunt Wealth Management, Longham Motors, Carpet Barn and J&B Plumbing. 

Arrival Time/Late Arrivals

Please do not arrive before 6:45pm as the room may be being set up. To allow for a prompt start, please be ready to play at 6:55pm. This allows the Director and Scorer sufficient time to set up the session. If you know you will arrive late, please call Robin on 07884-103911 so that you can be accommodated in the movement. If you arrive late without notification, the Director may exclude you from play. Thank you for your co-operation. 

Congratulations to members who have achieved an EBU rank promotion this month :-

Mary Stebbing                               6* Regional Master

Sorin Butiu                                      District Master
Heather Tarbard

Trevor Cherry                                 Local Master
Anna Tao

Click Title to view who has achieved an EBU rank promotion during the last year.

Click to view the Masterpoint ranks .

Transport Difficulties
If any member has difficulties in getting to a Bridge session, please contact a member of the committee who will try to help.


Duplicate Pairs
Director: James Dutton
Scorer: John Gardner
Teams Cup
Director: Mark Hooper
Scorer: Robin Wright
Teams Plate
Director: Mark Hooper
Scorer: Robin Wright
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Geoff Cave
Scorer: John Gardner
26th Mar 2018
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Barry Watts
Host: Geoff Bell
29th Mar 2018
Random Teams (Pivot)
Director: Richard Vessey
Host: No Host
2nd Apr 2018
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Geoff Cave
Host: Peter Mallett
5th Apr 2018
O'Driscoll Cup
Director: Mark Hooper
Host: No Host
9th Apr 2018
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Richard Vessey
Host: Kelly Courtney
12th Apr 2018
Duplicate Pairs
Director: Hugh Kevill-Davies
Host: Matt Phillips