Saturday, May 8, 2015


PRESENT: John Robertson, Bruce Richmond, Treasurer Marabeth Sharp, Secretary Marilyn Patterson, Doug Souliere, Arlene Smith, Gunnar Kristiansen, Peter Smith, Dave Chiasson, Mark Brown, Judy Penno


1.       President John Robertson called the meeting to order at 1:30 P.M. Lunch was provided.


2.      Minutes of the January 22, 2015 Meeting were distributed by computer previously, and also available.  MOTION: by Bruce Richmond, seconded by Doug Souliere to accept as presented. Carried. 


3.      Business arising from the minutes:

Mark Brown asked if notification of deaths to ACBL was a Unit or Club duty. 

MOTION: Bruce Richmond and seconded by Peter Smith that clubs will notify ACBL of member deaths.  Carried.


4.      Treasurer’s Report: Marabeth Sharp: Report up to Dec 31, 2014 was distributed and will be filed with these minutes.


       Summary           : TOURNAMENT account has $5,731.85

                                       :Investment TA-03-06-2016 @ .65% $ 7,875.52

                                       :Investment Dec. 16/15 @ .8 % $4,972.26

                                        : US Bank account closed

                                        : CHEQUING Bank Account $7,346.82

                                        : PETTY CASH   $100.00

                                        : total cash $13,178.67

                        TOTAL ASSETS: $ 26,026.45

                       TOTAL REVENUE: $619.32

                        TOTAL EXPENSES: $75.50

                         NET INCOME: $543.82


MOTION to accept the Treasurer’s Report by Marabeth Sharp and seconded by Doug Souliere to accept treasurer’s report.  Carried.  QUESTION: Are the supplies we get from the States tax free?  If you are picking anything up, declare it at the border.






ELLIOT LAKE: Doug Souliere

One of their long time players, Dr. O. Doner passed away.



Next Regional Tournament is scheduled for July 21 – 26, 2015 at the Seniors’ building.  Arlene mentioned some things that might attract more people to tournaments.  Small prizes each day, Soo Regional Bucks, Penny sale, sale of 4 game passes at a discount




A. The Unit received a letter from Peter Smith asking the Unit for a donation of $2000 towards the purchase of a Play Bridge Dealer 4+ machine that will meet the needs of both the Clubs and the Unit. The letter and the rational for purchasing this particular machine will be attached to these minutes when they are placed on file. After much discussion MOTION: by Doug Souliere and seconded by Bruce Richmond that the Unit donate $2000 (Canadian) toward the purchase of said machine.  Carried unanimously! Rules for the use of the machine will be established as needed.


B. Arlene and John attended the annual meetings in Toronto.  There were several training sessions including Finances and Attendance. Overall attendance of ACBL tournaments has dropped:  down 3% in regionals and 6% in sectionals. In contrast, London, ON reports a 20% increase in the 0 – 200 events.  Regionals should/could have teaching sessions as part of their program.   We will depend on teaching efforts in the Sault.  A lunch may increase attendance!  Elliot Lake gets into the schools as an extension of math!  The pre-retirement age group should be approached.


C. A letter from Paul Janicki informed us there is $1000 American, available for Charitable donations. The money can be split and can go to any charitable organizations within the Unit.  Certain rules must be followed.  Motion: Gunnar Kristiansen and seconded by Bruce Richmond that we donate 50% to ARCH and 50% to the Elliot Lake Hospital.  Carried.   John will do the paperwork for ARCH and Doug will look after the Elliot Lake paperwork.


D. We must do some serious thinking about our Regional in 2017 as the Nationals are in Toronto a week after our usual July date! Gunnar mentioned spring or fall.  SECTIONAL:  Should it be held every year?


7. Adjournment: Motion by Bruce Richmond. Carried


The meeting closed at 2:10 P.M.


NEXT MEETING: Saturday, July 25, 2015 at ?:00 P.M.


Marilyn Patterson Secretary

Marilyn Patterson