Saturday, July 25, 2015


PRESENT: John Robertson, Bruce Richmond, Secretary Marilyn Patterson, Arlene Smith, Gunnar Kristiansen, Peter Smith, Mark Brown, Judy Penno, Sharon Lessard


Regrets: Treasurer Marabeth Sharp, Doug Souliere,  Dave Chiasson, Ted Martin


1.       President John Robertson called the meeting to order at 1:30 P.M. Lunch was provided.


2.      Nancy, the Regional Tournament Director presented information for:       

                                   NON-CHAMPIONSHIP SECTIONALS

A unit of 200 or fewer members or sectional tournament which averages 15 or fewer tables per session may run up to three non-championship (“ downgraded”) sectionals a year.

  1. A Tournament Director is not required. A qualified club director or local-rated director may be used.
  2. MP awards are .65 of Open Silver Points.
  3. The ACRI  Tournament office must sanction the event and regular sanction fees are collected.                 Board of Directors – July 2000

Discussion followed and will continue at our next meeting.


3.      Minutes of the May 9, 2015 Meeting were distributed by computer previously, and also available.  MOTION: by Arlene Smith seconded by Gunnar Kristiansen to accept as presented. Carried. 


4.      Business arising from the minutes:

(A) The ACBL Grant for a Charitable donation has been forwarded and we are now awaiting  approval.  From the Sault Unit 212, $500 was asked for to go to ARCH Hospice in the Sault and $500 for the St. Joseph Hospital Auxiliary in Elliot Lake.

(B)  The Play Bridge Dealer 4+ has arrived, used by the club and they are looking for volunteers to arrive early to make up boards. It can be used for teaching purposed, producing themed hands.  The Unit was to donate up to $2,000 to help pay for the machine.


5.    Treasurer’s Report: Marabeth Sharp sent in a report up to July 24, 2015 which was distributed and will be filed with these minutes.

       Summary           : TOURNAMENT account has $3911.47

                                       :Investment TA-03-06-2016 @ .65% $ 7,875.52

                                       :Investment Dec. 16/15 @ .8 % $4,972.26

                                        : CHEQUING Bank Account $7,396.30

                                        : PETTY CASH   $100.00

                                        : total cash $11,407.77

                        TOTAL ASSETS: $ 24,255.55

                       TOTAL REVENUE: $980.30

                        TOTAL EXPENSES: $2,207.38

                         NET INCOME: $-1,227.08

QUESTION: Has the Unit donation to help pay for the Play Bridge Dealer 4+ machine been taken from the bank account yet?  As those in attendance were not sure there was a  MOTION by Bruce Richmond to table the Treasurer’s Report until our next meeting..  Carried.  .






Sectional in May: We did lose some money.

Regional Tournament: As of to-day there should be 222 tables, so we should make some money. Arlene has had many good comments about everything including the lessons and the refreshments. There is a disappointment about the number of out-of-towners with only one from North Bay, 2 from Elliot Lake and zero from Sudbury where they are having some problems. Also there is a disappointment in the number of members in our own club supporting the regional. Other comments expressed including to treat new people well and be friendly; develop a relationship with other close clubs; coupons for $2-$3 off at a Regional.  Gunnar mentioned some cost saving ideas to attract more attendees one session free at a Regional, to stop having two directors (have a tournament assistant).

Accolades to Arlene for the fantastic tournament she has managed for our Unit





(A)       Tournaments and declining attendance: Sharon Lessard spoke about programs she is doing to Attract new players to bridge.  The first is Easybridge! where the first four lessons are free and the fifth is a sanctioned game for those with 1-20 points. This continues to keep the players interested and they are playing duplicate before they know it. Accreditation to teach this course can be taken on line at for $100.  She will be attending an instructor’s course for “Learn Bridge in a Day” owned by Whirlwind bridge. She will present this in the fall in Elliot Lake and possibly in the Sault if the clubs are interested in offering the course to local and will follow up with either Easybridge!, ACBL Bidding in the 21st Century or some other bridge program. 

 We have to consider why some people start to play bridge!  They want to socialize, be occupied and they want to eat!  By the way, thanks to the women and the men who bake for the club.


(B)       Our next Regional is one week before the one in Toronto.  The question is, do we continue with the Regional in the Sault? When Gunnar was asked for his opinion he stated as long as we have money we should continue with the Sectionals. The 2017 Regional is ours but no clubs should go against Toronto.  No tournament in the Sault then our next tournament is 2019. Sudbury was down 20-25% last year. Gunnar presented the Attendance History of tournaments in the Sault. It showed a range from 67 tables in 2009 down to 47 tables in 2015 for the Sectional and 580 tables in 1995 down to 307 in 2013 for the Regional.  Arlene stated that the newer people need the experienced.  Perhaps we could partner with Thunder Bay and do a split regional. The District is allowed 2 tournaments a year.  The baking and hospitality is becoming harder and harder to supply.  Bruce said he was looking around the tables and thinking where will these people be three years from now! 


Folders were mailed to all clubs within a 500 mile radius.  There were lots of inquiries but flights to the Sault were a problem. In the States Grand Rapids and Flint were the closest airports.  It would be nice if Porter would become a Sponsor!!!  


(C)             We will have to consider the Non Championship Sectionals.  Bruce volunteered to be a director if we run any.  A sanction must be applied for a year in advance. We need silver point games.  We would have to talk to the clubs to raise the fees.


(D)             Much thanks to the Medicine Shop, Honda, Ontario Lottery, Sault Ste Marie Tourism and the Station Mall for their support.


7. Adjournment: Motion by Bruce Richmond. The meeting closed at 2:10 P.M.


NEXT MEETING: Thursday, Oct 22, 2015 at 6?:00 P.M.    


Marilyn Patterson Secretary

Marilyn Patterson