Thursday, January 22, 2015


PRESENT: John Robertson, Bruce Richmond, Treasurer Marabeth Sharp, Secretary Marilyn Patterson, Doug Souliere, Ted Martin, David Riddick, Bill Nash, Dave Chiasson, Mark Brown


1.       President John Robertson called the meeting to order at 5:30 P.M. John noted that Mark Brown is new and will be replacing David Riddick.


2.      Minutes of the May 3, 2014 Meeting were distributed by computer previously, and also available. Two corrections were noted and made in the final copy of those minutes before filing. MOTION: by Bruce Richmond, seconded by Doug Souliere to accept as corrected. Carried. 


3.      Business arising from the minutes:

#4 … “a committee was formed to appoint people to come on to the Unit Board”.  Many members were asked to take on the President position and 100% rejected the offer. John will stay on, only if Bruce Richmond will continue to search for a president.  Arlene Smith has consented to become the new tournament chair. Gunnar Kristiansen and David Chiasson will assist her. MOTION: Dave Chiasson and seconded by Bruce Richmond to accept the recommendation of the committee.  Carried


4.      Treasurer’s Report: Marabeth Sharp: Report up to Dec 31, 2014 was distributed and will be filed with these minutes.


       Summary           : TOURNAMENT account has $5,731.85

                                       :Investment TA-03-06-2015 @ .8% $ 7,813.02

                                       :Investment Dec. 16/15 @ .8 % $4,972.26

                                        : US Bank account $123.64

                                        : CHEQUING Bank Account $6,741.86

                                        : PETTY CASH   $100.00

                                        : total cash $12,697.35

                        TOTAL ASSETS: $ 25,482.63

                       TOTAL REVENUE: $1,146.64

                        TOTAL EXPENSES: $897.84

                         NET INCOME: $248.80


MOTION to accept the Treasurer’s Report by Marabeth Sharp and seconded by Doug Souliere to accept treasurer’s report.  Carried.  MOTION: by Marabeth Sharp and seconded by  Bruce Richmond to close the US Bank account.  Carried.






David has resigned this position and Mark Brown will fill this chair. Much THANKS to David for the great job he has done over the past many, many years!


ELLIOT LAKE CLUB (Doug Souliere and Ted Martin):


Their attendance numbers are down lately, due to weather.





Next Regional Tournament is scheduled for July 21 – 26, 2015 at the Seniors’ building.  This is to avoid other tournaments in our area.


The Algoma/Cambrian Club Sectional will take place May 8-10, 2015.





The AGM will be held February 7, 2015.  There are vacancies on the board and they feel there are people willing to fill them.  They are planning to purchase a dealer machine. In general, the club is doing well.


6.      NEW BUSINESS: 


A.    Nominations for election to the Unit 212 Board for the Unit AGM (15.01.22):


John Robertson, Bruce Richmond, Marabeth Sharp (Treasurer), Arlene Smith (Tournament Coodinator), Bill Nash (Algoma/Cambrian Club President), Judy Penno, Doug Souliere (Elliot Lake Club President), Ted Martin (Elliot Lake Club Manager), Gunnar Kristiansen.


Non-voting nominees:  Mark Brown (Electronic Unit Contact), Marilyn Patterson (Secretary)


Endorsement of this proposal by Bruce Richmond and Doug Souliere.  Carried.


7. Adjournment: Motion by Bruce Richmond. Carried


The meeting closed at 6:30 P.M. 


NEXT MEETING: Saturday, May 9, 2015.  Time TBA.    



  Marilyn Patterson Secretary

  Marilyn Patterson