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If you wish to play, and need a partner, please send a request by email to all members, or call Janet Easton at 01728 667092 or Veda Crane at 01728 452059

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Welcome to Aldeburgh Bridge Club
About our Club

ALDEBURGH BRIDGE CLUB meets every Tuesday evening at 7pm prompt at The Fairfield Centre, Fairfield Road, Aldeburgh.  Duplicate Bridge is played at between 7 and 10 tables. Play normally ends at around 10pm. The Committee have created an environment in which,although bidding boxes are used and EBU rules are observed, the game is enjoyed by players of a wide range of ability. Guests of Members are always welcome as are applications from potential new Members.

Electronic scoring

Since October the Club has enabled the result for each board to be recorded at the table. This task is undertaken by the player sitting North and confirmed by the player sitting East. Ranking is available at the endof each session and is uploaded immediately to the Web site.

2017 Results

December 19th was the last evening of 2017. Bridge was played on 501 Tuesday evenings at an average of 7.94 Tables per session and chairs were occupied by 1620 persons.

Carol Smith collected 760 masterpoints over 41 sessions, just pipping John Pearson with 750 points. Jacks Morcombe was 3rd with 495 points.

Patrick Grant had the highest individual percentage of 60.21% which he achieved over 21 sessions . Runner-up was Carol Smith  with 59.87% from 41 tying with John Pearson [40 Sessions]

The best pair were Jacks Morcombe and Patrick Grant who averaged 60.21% over 21 sessions. Second were Carol Smith and John Pearson who averaged 59.87 % over 40 sessions. Third were Bob and Judy Gardham who averaged 56.59% over 23 sessions.


Parking can be difficult . Would the more able bodied Members please use the Co-op car park opposite across Saxmundham Rd

Director: Dick Chard
Scorer: Sue Cook
Director: Yvonne
Scorer: Graham
Director: Jacks Morcombe
Scorer: Sue Cook