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Stand-by Partner

We have standby partners available on the last Wednesday of each month as follows. Just turn up and be sure of a game - so long as we can recruit willing volunteers.

Jan Pooley has kindly offered Wednesday 27 February and we are still looking to fill 27 March and 24 April.

Please let me know if you can help!

Many thanks

Jane (Scarfe)



All Day 3rd Nov 2011
And here are the pictures
  • And after that she said ...
  • Cheers from Val
  • Deborah and Barbara - it wasn\'t that funny
  • Deborah and Robert
  • Eileen Townsend - I would have bid hearts ...
  • It was THAT big - Pauline and Sue Falgate
  • The delectable Jacqui with Robbie - don\'t tell the boy John!
  • Jeannette with her bouquet
  • John Bradley
  • Paddy tastes the dressing
  • Ron and Beryl Boote
  • Sarah and Dave
  • Sarah, Eileen Mullett and Liz Portbury
  • Sheila Whitt
  • Suzanne Gill
  • Brenda with eating irons
  • It must be lurve - Robbie and Celia