Afternoon Bridge Club
All Day 28th July 2011
All Day Bridge 28th July 2011
  • A welcome visitor - Edith Pleasance partners Kerry Grainger
  • Andrea and Dick Middleton with Sue Hutchings
  • Andrew puts Chris and Jo straight
  • Bestest friends - Christine Darwood and Jenny Jones
  • Cheers! L-R Kerry Grainger, Masuma Ali, Edith Pleasance and Hazel Tindal
  • Christine Buchanan collects her prize
  • Deb and Robert
  • Eileen Townsend has it all figured out
  • First come first served
  • Hao and Jane
  • Hao looking inscrutable
  • Jacqui collects her prize
  • Jan Wells selects an unpretentious little number
  • John Cass partners Jenny Jones
  • Maureen Dewhurst
  • Melvyn admires Suzanne\'s new frock
  • Peter and Robbie - just take my advice and you\'ll make 3NT!
  • Real men eat quiche - Colin gets stuck in
  • Robert in his element with Suzanne Gill and Christine Buchanan
  • Strictly between ourselves ...
  • Sue Falgate, Colin Harrison and Iris Green prepare for the fray