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Players of the Month - June 2018

Congratulations to the joint winners of this month's Player of the Month competition, Barbara & Paul with an average score of 61.28%, very well done. The prize for the "best regular" member goes to David Fairbairn with an average score of 51.92% and our award for the "Level 8 & Under" Player of the Month goes to Diana Potter with 51.78% Well played to all....please see David for your prizes

We have set the limit for players eligible for this award by using the EBU's National grading system - all members of Grade 8 and under qualify - bear in mind that players' grades can go up & down during a month, so we are taking the ranking on the last day of the month as the member's official grade for that month. 

If you do not know your NGS rating - you can find it on the EBU website in the "NGS" section. Type your surname in the search box once you get to the page & it should appear. Players that are ungraded or suppress their rating won't be included in the monthly competition although will still qualify for the main player of the month. If you can't find it, we have a list of all registered members' ratings - just email and I will find it for you.

Good Luck & enjoy your bridge in 2018 !


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