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♠   ♣ Most sessions are hosted, so you may come without a partner

No host on Ladder Competition day ♠   ♣ 



Players of the Month - June 2018

Congratulations to the joint winners of this month's Player of the Month competition, Barbara & Paul with an average score of 61.28%, very well done. The prize for the "best regular" member goes to David Fairbairn with an average score of 51.92% and our award for the "Level 8 & Under" Player of the Month goes to Diana Potter with 51.78% Well played to all....please see David for your prizes

We have set the limit for players eligible for this award by using the EBU's National grading system - all members of Grade 8 and under qualify - bear in mind that players' grades can go up & down during a month, so we are taking the ranking on the last day of the month as the member's official grade for that month. 

If you do not know your NGS rating - you can find it on the EBU website in the "NGS" section. Type your surname in the search box once you get to the page & it should appear. Players that are ungraded or suppress their rating won't be included in the monthly competition although will still qualify for the main player of the month. If you can't find it, we have a list of all registered members' ratings - just email and I will find it for you.

Good Luck & enjoy your bridge in 2018 !


Welcome to Aces Bridge Club
Jean Luboff Trophy 2018
Jean Luboff Trophy 2018

On the second Wednesdays in June, July and August we are holding our annual competition to remember Jean Luboff. There are generous prizes for the leading pairs kindly donated by Jean's family, together with a beautiful trophy that the overall winners keep for a year. You don't need to play with the same partner in all 3 sessions as there are prizes for best 2 from 3 results and for individual results. Non-expert prize as usual - both players 8 or lower on NGS to qualify. 


Congratulations to David Fairbairn and John Duffell & Barbara & Paul on winning the first & second session, they are guaranteed at least a single session prize. See the Jean Luboff tab under "Special Competitions" for the leading combined results after 2 sessions.


Welcome to Aces Bridge Club. We are a friendly daytime duplicate bridge club and we welcome new members and guests to our club. We are affiliated to the EBU and to the Kent Contract Bridge Association and run heats of county and national competitions in addition to our regular events. Master points are awarded for all sessions.

Our sessions are suitable for all levels of player - as long as you have learnt the basics, it is an ideal environment to practice your skills.

Our venue is at Westcombe Park Rugby club - just off the Orpington by-pass - where there is car parking for 200 cars. We play Mondays at 1pm and Wednesdays at 11.30am - refreshments are provided.


Please contact either Catherine Draper 07734053494, Derek Patterson 07894811344 or Jon Chapman 07986340542 for more information - to email go to "contact us"


Dear Members and Guests, please arrive and take a seat a good ten minutes before the start of play.

 If you are definitely coming to play but are running late, please make sure that the director or your partner knows that you are on your way. This is necessary to facilitate the setting up of the computer as it is a lot of trouble to restart the movement to accommodate late arrivals and in some cases might not be possible. A prompt start ensures a smooth session that finishes on time so please help the director and scorers as best you can to do the best job that they can. Thank you and we hope that you like the new scoring facility.

Please remember to let all players at the table see the results.





Player of the Month

Player of the Month

You will have seen the player of the month section in our "Competitions". It is automatically updated each time a session is added by the scorer.

The rules have been simplified - you no longer have to play with different partners, it is worked out on the average percentage achieved & you must play a minimum of 4 sessions ( 5 if there happen to be 5 Mondays or Wednesdays in the month)

NEW - For players that attend every session in a calendar month - there will be a special prize of a free session in the following month for the person with the best percentage. Also there is a prize for the best performance from the players rated NGS 8 or below. 

So, keep an eye on your position in the table. Winners of these 3 prizes will be announced on the website & prizes presented on 1st session of the following month, when it all starts off again

There will also be a special prize for the overall Player of the Year - this is awarded on placing points rather than percentage...8 points for a win, 7 for second place etc 

Scoring Queries

Please contact David on 01322 271700, with scoring queries.

Contact Catherine on 07734053494, with EBU and general queries

Thank you

8th August 2018
Jean Luboff Pairs - Round 3
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