Spade Heart ACBL Unit 533 Diamond Club
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Welcome New Members

Joan Duncan
Tom Duncan
Fred Taylor

Rank Changes

Gold Life Master

Bev Hartin

Ruby Life Master

Paul Maudslien

Silver Life Master

Bob Wernick

Bronze Life Master

Bill Musch

Life Master

Jane Witous

NABC Master

Brock Armstrong
Mary Lee Guiss
Janet Harvey
Mark McGree
Nancy Peckham

Regional Master

Margaret Cleveland

Sectional Master

Judith Morley

Club Master

Ann Brown
Bruce Korter
Skip Mauser
Barbara Syrdal

Junior Master

Robert Gwyn
Norman Isaacs


Kudos to All!

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Unit 533 Annual Awards

Unit 533's Annual Awards Program and Unit Game takes place every April. To see photos and a list of all 2017 Winners, click on  Awards and Races  at the upper left of this page.

Board of Directors
  • Anne Lund
  • Carol Wilkinson
  • Georgia Jones
  • Judy Searle
  • Randy Bissett
  • Sandy Hertz
  • Vicki Graves
  • William Stine

Unit 533 Board of Directors - 2018

Randy Bissett Director 916-616-7813
Vicki Graves Director 760-564-6224
Sandy Hertz President 760-328-8146
Martha Jenkins Director 425-785-3306
Georgia Jones Secretary 562-665-3489
Anne Lund Director 760-772-8701
Judy Searle Vice-President 760-537-1110
William Stine Director 562-965-9400
Carol Wilkinson Director 760-565-6388

Unit Treasurer: Bill Dani 760-345-0303
Unit Webmaster: Mac Becket 760-699-7187