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Welcome New Members

Deborah Ganz
John Shea
Lynn Shields
Dolores Storch

Rank Changes

Diamond Life Master

Neil Stern

Gold Life Master

Mary Goulet
Barbara Sue Seal

Ruby Life Master

James Maniscalco

Life Master

Scott Magged

Advanced NABC Master

Kay Walters

Sectional Master

Kurt Schoenhard
Barbara Wegener

Club Master

Gail Baum

Junior Master

Didier Bloch
Matt Oclarit
Mary Rodeberg
Richard Scudder
Sherry Stevenson
William Stevenson


Congrats to All of You!

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Unit 533 Annual Awards

Unit 533's Annual Awards Program and Unit Game takes place every April. To see photos and a list of all 2017 Winners, click on  Awards and Races  at the upper left of this page.

CVBF299er-Gitt Award
Marilyn and Jerry Gitt 299er Races

Links to current standings:




Link to Award description and rules.


Summer 2018 Marilyn and Jerry Gitt Award Winners:

0-49     Joy Baron

50-149     Joyce Gannon

150-299     Judy Searle

(l. to r.) Joy Baron, Joyce Gannon, Director Jamie Alperin, Judy Searle, Club Manager and Director Sean Lui,
CVBF President Bev Hartin, CVBF Director Barbara Hopewell