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Check out Unit 146's 2018 Holiday Party
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News and Notes
Rank Achievements Dec 2018

Welcome to New Member

Carole Blalog



New Junior Master

Ruby Center

New Sectional Master

Bayard Kennedy

New Regional Master

Herbert Hurst

New Life Master

Kathleen Haglich

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Pamela Boyce

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Nancy Lowry

Diamond Life Master
Diamond Life Master

A monthly listing of new members and new bridge rank levels has been added to the “News and Notes” portion of the website.  In addition, each month one of the bridge players on the list will be interviewed.  This month Bob Pfeiffer graciously agreed to be the first interviewee.  Bob recently reached Diamond Life Master status .  That’s 5,000 points – quite an accomplishment!


Started in 1960 and played during my last two years of college. Stopped for 15 years due to work and family. Started tournament play about 1990 with Bob Hendricks.


Group bridge lessons given by Jim Murphy and many enjoyable partners over the years.


Two guidelines

  1. Play to enjoy the game
  2. Winning is very important but second to guideline one


The many nuances. For example: Going down in four spades with Jennifer in Florida, after making NO bidding or playing errors and everyone else in the room making four spades, We were down after play to third trick. Pro was on lead.


Bidding to 6NT with Tracy Brines in a platinum event only to double the pair that won the two-day event on the following auction:


                                           TRACY                       BOB

                                N             E              S              W

                                2D*        3NT        4S           5C

                                P             6C           6S           P

                                P             6NT        P             P            

                                7S           dbl

                                                *only alert bid “Flannery type hand”        


Unit 146 2018 Holiday Party

Our Unit 146 Holiday Party was held December 2. After enjoying a potluck meal and good fellowship, we played an open stratified pairs game directed by Bob Hendricks.

Congratulations to B pair players Jackson Bell/Peggy Willet who came in first overall in the A and B strata and to C pair players Lois Fairbanks/Michael Fairbanks who placed second overall in A/B strata and first in C strata.

Thank you to all the people brought in food and to those who helped with setup, service and cleanup. A special thank you to Carolyn Riegle for coordinating the event  that was enjoyed by all attendees.

STaC Event Nov 2018

The district runs an event called a STaC. When a club participates, they play the same hands as any other club that participates. Each club awards its winners, the results are compiled from all participating clubs and then the district awards overall winners. The points awarded are silver points. For a club's players to be considered for the district overall awards, there must be at least 5 tables playing.

Nancy Lowry will be the Director for two Unit 146 games. The first was held on Nov 17 (Saturday). The second will be held on Dec 15 (Saturday). This is a great opportunity to earn silver points at the Bridge Center.

Congratulations to A players Gloria Brown and Pat Lang for placing first overall in the district and C players Sid Cervarich and Tom Potter for their second place in A overall in the district. 

Unit Challenge May 19th 2018

 We won the Unit Challenge !!!!!!!

I want to thank every single one of you who played.  Our teams did great.  I especially want to thank our last minute fill-ins -- Gloria Brown, Doris Jordan, and Susan Beller.  The way the Challenge works every Victory Point that each team earns is equally added to the total.  So the pts earned by the lowest levels count equally to those in the highest.  Average for a team was 40.  Our unlimited teams ranked 1st and 3rd.  One 8,000 level team ranked 2nd.  One 5,000 team ranked 2nd.  One 2,500 team ranked first and had the highest scure for our unit, 58.  And our under 1,000 and under 500 teams were 2nd and 3rd.   Results can be found in the results calendar.  The trophy is resting comfortably in my purse until I get it to the Bridge Center.

Well done,


Unit Challenge Results and Wrap-up

Unit 146 brings home the Unit Challenge Trophy!


The 2016 Unit Challenge was held April 30 in Virginia Beach.  Twelve teams represented each Unit, divided as follows: Flight I: Strat A (unlimited) – 2 teams and Strat B (under 10000/team) – 2 teams; Flight II: Strat C (under 8000) – 2 teams and Strat D (under 5000) – 2 teams; and Flight III:  Strat E (under 3000) – 2 teams and Strat F (under 2000) – 2 teams.


In each of the 3 Flights, each team played eight 6-board matches against other Units’ teams: 4 against each of the other Units.  Here are the Final Results:


1st Place – 1013 VP: Virginia State Unit 146

2nd Place – 936 VP: Peninsula Unit 110

3rd Place – 931 VP: Richmond Unit 109


Complete results are posted on our website.


Before all the well deserved congratulations to our teams, I would like to give special thanks and recognition to Stephanie McLeod, KennethNowitzky, Henry Vicceillo, and Mary Dennis Kelley for standing by, on call to fill in, just in case we were a team short.  When Unit 109 ended up a team short, you came in on short notice and filled in the field.  We all know what a four board sit out is like…try a 6 board match sitout.  You willingly gave up your day to help make the event a success.  Thank-you!   You held your own against stiff competition.


Congratulations to our teams that placed in their Flights/Strats:


ToRobert Cobb, Tom Hirsch, David Zimmer, and Beth Reshefsky for their 2nd  place finish in Flight I (1st place in Strat B).


To Ben Pope, Richard DePaulo, Brial Schoenfeld, and Muh-Sha Crawford for their 3rd place finish in Flight I.


To Anne Duty, Nicholas Leshkow, Marc Allen, Louise Gordan, and Frank Guido for their 1st place finish in Flight II.


To Carolyn Riegle, Nancy Dempsey, Jack Mallery, and James Edwards for their 2nd place tie in Flight III.


To John Maynard, Linda Ankers, Rose Ward, and George Holiday for their 2nd place tie in Flight III.


To Brian Boyce, Pamela Boyce, Susan Chambers and Iris Siqueira for their 1st place tie in Strat F.


To all our other teams for their contributions toward those 1013 victory points!


As the event organizer, I owe thanks to many people, especially Barbara Duer who worked tirelessly to fill out our teams AND organizing an extra standby team.  Barbara also brought two lovely cakes as a food donation.  It’s too bad they were gone before I knew they were out!  I apologize for not remembering who brought the 3 dozen donut donation, but thank you very much.  Thanks to all who pitched in to keep the food tables going while I was busy.  Finally, thanks to Ed Kinlaw and Dianne Morton for organizing teams for Units 109 and 110.


As Director, thanks are due to many others: to Jim Vroom for getting out Sanction, entertaining our early guests from Units 109 and 110, and for helping during event start up; to Jennifer Christman for arranging the terrific caddies; to Anne Duty, who helped filling in and checking the game file; and to all of you that helped with the cleanup and resetting the room.  You put away all the extra tables and chairs, cleaned up the food tables and set the room back to normal.


Everyone enjoyed the camaraderie.  We all look forward to next year’s event hosted by Unit 110.


Wrus Kristiansen

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