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Welcome to ACBL Unit 146
The Summer Sectional is Over

We want to thank all of you who so generously gave stuff for hospitality.  It all was appreciated but we specifically want to thank three sets of people.  Those who actually baked or made something – pate or deviled eggs or various cakes, cookies, or brownies; those who donated money because they wanted to participate but are not cooks; and those who helped clean up, serve, and other un-glorious jobs .  We know who you are and we and the participants at the Sectional, whether they know it or not, appreciate it.  See you in September.

Barbara and Muh-sha

The Dummy Speaks

The Dummy Speaks - Barbara Duer

Bridge is a timed event

As I started to write about this I went on the ACBL website to find some wording to back me up.  I had already had a discussion with two other directors – one claiming it was in the rule book and the other quickly getting the rule book and of course we could not find anything definitive.  All I could find on the website is that the timing is set by the organizer and that usually at tournaments pairs games are set at 7 ½ minutes per board.  And people kept bringing up knockouts which can be very short or excruciatingly long.  I wanted to find the YOU MUST.  There is not a you must.  But it still a timed event and we all want it to be.  A director could set the pace at 10 minutes per board.  That is 2 ½ minutes slower than normal.  Doesn’t sound like much until you realize that the entire game would be an hour longer for the shortest game.

What is important is that each pair be given the same amount of time.  If I get 3 minutes and you get 10, then I am not likely to do very well.  But things happen – perhaps a very long director call, a lost card, a unplanned bathroom run – and we want the game to go smoothly for all. How can we balance these competing forces?

My favorite tool and quite underused in Virginia Beach is the Late Play

With a late play the pairs unable to finish a round in a timely manner – no matter the cause – are given a late play on the unplayed board and move on to the next round.  Thus all are caught up and able to move forward.  They then play the skipped board at the end.  Being given a late play is not a punishment.  It is a tool the director can use to keep the game running smoothly.  The first time I gave a late play in the Tuesday night game, you would have thought I had utilized my entire unvocalized cuss word vocabulary on those involved.  In that game, as there is an absolute you must exit by time, it meant that the entire field got to play 28 boards and those two pairs got to play 27 (no time for the late play).  Otherwise all would have only played 24 boards (no time for the last round).

Other things that really speed up the game

  1.  Lead before you do your bookkeeping.  And while you are at it, think about what you are going to lead while the bidding progresses.  Most of the time you should know what you are going to lead well before the end of the bidding.  A quick review, card on the table, face down, and then enter information in your score card.  It is amazing how much time this saves. 
  2. East West, having finished playing a round should exit the table in a timely manner.  Not a game goes by that someone tells me they cannot move because the pair they are following are still sitting.  If all waited for the next before moving, would they sit until we all turn to skeletons?  I like to chat as well as the next but at about the 2 minute warning, chat should finish up.

2018 Membership Game

The Annual Unit 146 Membership Meeting and Game will be held on Sunday, October 7, 2018 at Westminster-Canterbury.

The doors will open at 09:30 and the game will start at 10:15.  Buffet lunch will be provided. Light snacks, coffee, tea, iced tea, and water will be complimentary. Cash bar for beer, wine and soda will be open throughout the day.  Valet parking will be used. Remember to tip the valets.  The cost is $100 per team / $25 per person.

Saturday Games Start at Noon
Saturday Games Start at Noon

The Saturday Game:  attendance permitting, there will be a NLM as well as an Open game starting at 12 Noon. Masterpoints will be awarded to the open game based on the number of tables in both sections. If not enough NLM or open pairs attend to run separate games, the C strat in the open game will be restricted to NLM and the winners in C will receive 1/2 price vouchers for a future open game.  Last Saturday of each month will be a charity game awarding extra points.  Come out and help build this game up!

How to register in the Member Area

Email me at, include your ACBL number and I'll send you the instructions.

Security and Safety
Security and Safety

For the Safety and Security of the Bridge Center the rear door will be locked when there is no game in that area. Do not unlock or use the door without the director's permission. Also, do not adjust the thermostats. Ask the director. Finally, ensure the refrigerator door is fully closed and do not use the warming oven without the director's permission.

Announcing a News and Notes Page

enlightenedTo replace the Echo, we've added a "News and Notes" Tab. Here we will post recent news and other info about the Unit and the Bridge Center. If you have something to contribute send it to and we'll add it (as appropriate) to the "Notes" section. enlightened

AED Debrillator
AED Debrillator

Automatic External Defibrillator

The Bridge Center has an AED or Automatic External Defibrillator. This life-saving device is located on the wall just inside the main entrance.    We also have a teaching kit including a video and instructions.  This kit is on the bottom shelf of the bookcase.  I will be happy to demonstrate the AED and other aspects of resuscitation.  When you see me at the Bridge Center, just ask or you can e-mail.

Carolyn Riegle

Need to Know More?
Need to Know More?

Are you interested in learning more about the game of Bridge or our Bridge Center? There are daily games at the bridge center and other games in the area on certain days (Suffolk, Outer Banks, Eastern Shore, Virginia Beach). There are also special games for newcomers. There are lessons on Saturday mornings at the bridge center and many of the club games include short lessons before play begins. Click on the "Information" tab for more details.

July 18, 2018
Unit 146 Bridge Center 7:00 PM
Director: Wrus Kristiansen
July 18, 2018
North American Pairs
Bridge Center 10:15 AM
Director: Jim Vroom
July 19, 2018
Jen's Bridge Club
Unit 146 Bridge Center 11:00 AM
Director: Jen Christman
July 20, 2018
Bridge Center 10:15
Director: Anne Duty
July 21, 2018
Saturday Pairs NLM & Open Club Championship
Unit 146 Bridge Center 12:00 PM
Director: Barbara Duer
July 22, 2018
Unit Championship
Bridge Center 1:30 PM
Director: Jackson Bell
Jen's Bridge Club
Director: Jen Christman
Va Beach Duplicate Bridge
Director: Beth Brown
Bob's Bridge Club
Director: Beth Brown
No Game/Sectional
Director: Virginia Beach
No Game - Sectional
Director: Virginia Beach
Saturday Morning Session
Director: Virginia Beach