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Welcome to ACBL Unit 114 Georgia State's Website

 ACBL Unit 114 is part of District Seven which includes Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, eastern Tennessee, and the western tip of Virginia. Unit 114 consist of one hundred twenty-three counties and twenty-seven clubs.  


Time to Nominate for 2019

The Lifetime Achievement Award is nominated by a committee and approved by the Board of Directors. The Sports Person of the Year and District 7 Goodwill Committee member has to be a Unit 114 member and nominated by a Unit 114 member.  ACBL allows Unit 114 one new Goodwill member every two years. The winners will be announced at the General Meeting, January 13, 2019, in Macon, GA   Click on the links for more nominating information.

   Lifetime Achievement Award                 Sports Person of the Year                  District 7 Goodwill Committee.

ACBL-International Fund Game

December 17, 2018(Monday Afternoon)

These games raise funds to defray the expense of North American participation in international competition. ACBL Overall Awards and District Winners will be recognized on the website and in the Bridge Bulletin.

Hand records and analyses provided electronically.       Unit Participating Clubs

Did You Know?

A lot of players do not know the correct procedure to make an Alert or to Annouce during a tournament.

How to Alert

An Alert is made by tapping an Alert card on the table or by tapping the Alert strip on the side of the bidding box. Also, the Alerter must say "Alert."

How to Announce

The Alert strip is tapped, and the appropriate spoken statement is announced.

It is the responsibility of the Alerter or Announcer to ensure that the opponents are aware that an Alert has been made. When in doubt whether to Alert or not, Alert!


Unit Tournaments


December 10-16, 2018

STaC        RESULTS                               

February 12-18          

 ♠ Unit Highest MP Winners

STaC         RESULTS

August 20-26, 2018

  Unit Highest MPs Winners