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New Life Masters


 Leigh A Malcolm  Monroe   GA

Kopie O'Neal  Perry, GA

New Members


 Welcome to Unit 114  


Lynda Brown-Macon, GA                 

Allen Haas-Bishop, GA                   

Leigh Wilson-Gainesville, GA


Sammie Clark -Fayetteville, GA 

Donna Kelly -Columbus, GA    

Katherine Lindgren -Griffin, GA         

Thomas Lindgren-Griffin, GA         

Sylvia McMillian- Dalton, GA

Welcome to ACBL Unit 114 Georgia State's Website

 ACBL Unit 114 is part of District Seven which includes Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, and the western tip of Virginia. Unit 114 consists of one hundred twenty-three counties and twenty-four clubs.  


♠   Congratulations ♣  


 ♥ May is for Mentoring ♣ 

Written by David Newcomer

Once again Unit 114 will be sponsoring a "May is for Mentoring" program which encourages experienced players to play with new players and reimburses clubs for the entry cost of the mentor. The program will run during May 2019 and all clubs in the unit are encouraged to participate. It's a good way to build skills and confidence in new players and create some new partnerships. Details will be emailed to Club Managers in March. Or contact the Unit Treasurer, David Newcomer, with any questions.


Spencer Hurd from Meigs, Georgia is a new Emerald Life Master.

Lynn Ogden from Macon, Georgia is a new Sapphire Life Master.

Richard M Nichols from Gainesville, Georgia is a new Gold Life Master.

Did You Know?

A lot of players do not know the correct procedure to make an Alert or to Announce during a tournament.

How to Alert

An Alert is made by tapping an Alert card on the table or by tapping the Alert strip on the side of the bidding box. Also, the Alerter must say "Alert."

How to Announce

The Alert strip is tapped, and the appropriate spoken statement is announced.

It is the responsibility of the Alerter or Announcer to ensure that the opponents are aware that an Alert has been made. When in doubt whether to Alert or not, Alert!


Contact Us

If you are an Unit 114 member and would like to recieve email about unit activities and elections, write your full name , email address, and home club name in the comments box.

Unit Tournaments


Feb 4-10, 2019




August 9-11. 2019


\December 16-22. 2019