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Welcome to ACBL Unit 114 Georgia State's Website

Welcome to the website of ACBL Unit 114.  Our 1,160 member unit consists of the state of Georgia except for Coastal Georgia and Metro Atlanta, both of which are separate units.


2018 World Wide Bridge Contest

           Friday; June 1, 2018         Saturday; June 2, 2018

   Congratulations to two Unit 114 pairs For winning the top spots in District 7 in the ACBL competition. Each pair won 10 MPs.

Friday:  Joseph Brogdon from Macon GA and Samuel Murray from Griffin GA ranked first with a 70.74% game. Both players are members of Macon Duplicate Bridge Club.  RESULTS

Saturday:   Gail Coogle from Oglethorpe GA and Connie Haugabook from Montezuma GA ranked first with a 66.67% game. Both players are from Robins Duplicate Bridge Club.  RESULTS


 You can win gold from the comfort of your local club in the ACBL-wide Instant Matchpoint Game. Play Wednesday afternoon on October 31 and have the chance to earn one gold point when you win a section top at the club. 

The winners will be recognized in the ACBL Bridge Bulletin and on the ACBL website.

 Each player receives a printed booklet with detail analysis of each hand from Larry Cohen.                                                                                        Unit 114 Participating Clubs 

Did You Know?

A lot of players do not know the correct procedure to make an Alert or to Annouce during a tournament.

How to Alert

An Alert is made by tapping an Alert card on the table or by tapping the Alert strip on the side of the bidding box. Also, the Alerter must say "Alert."

How to Announce

The Alert strip is tapped, and the appropriate spoken statement is announced.

It is the responsibility of the Alerter or Announcer to ensure that the opponents are aware that an Alert has been made. When in doubt whether to Alert or not, Alert!


North American Pairs

A highly prestigious “grassroots” event, the North American Pairs starts at the club level in June, July, and August. Club-level qualifications may be earned at any club in any unit in any district. A player may qualify as often as desired and with as many different partners as desired. District 7 will not have Unit finals. Click on the links below for more information or contact Joan Braender; (770) 252-2287 or (404) 825-6398.                                         

2018 NAP Flyer

Conditions of Contest

2017 District Winners


Unit Tournaments


December 10-16, 2018

STaC                         RESULTS                               

February 12-18          

  ♠ Unit 114 Members Highest MP Winners

STaC         RESULTS

August 20-26, 2018

    Unit 114 Members Highest MPs Winners